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Hello APJ Family,

Memes are like 10 second songs, once we would listen to a song that told a story and it could help formulate our vision of the world. Nowadays they put 4 minutes worth of fabulous music and clever lyrics into a short paragraph or sentence. Down the bottom is one that really captures my soul.


Sleep you me FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Surely this is what we all feel.

Portia xxx



Journey Man by Alberto Morillas + Pierre Negrin for Amouage 2014


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Hi there Frag Family,

There is no secret how much I admire Christopher Chong his curatorship of Amouage and think him excellent company. So when I first tried Journey Man, with its spectacular box and signature Amouage man bottle in ruby and gold I was saddened by my lack of instant and all moving lust. Expectation is a funny thing, sometimes I hype stuff in my head so much that they can never live up to the dream. It’s a bit of a killer actually so I thought it a good idea to grab a sample from my mate Nick at Libertine Parfumerie recently so I could revisit the fragrance with less expectation….

Journey Man by Amouage 2014

Journey Man by Alberto Morillas + Pierre Negrin

Journey Man Amouage FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Sichuan pepper, Bergamot, Cardamom, Neroli
Heart: Juniper berry, Frankincense, Geraniol, Tobacco leaf
Base: Tonka bean, Cypriol oil, Leather, Ambrox

Journey Man smells quite like a lot of other niche offerings for men, a hark back to the woodsy tobacco and smoke fragrances so popular for men in the designer genre. If GUCCI hadn’t forgotten how to make perfumes this could easily have been in their line-up and it sometimes through its life smells like it should have come from Tom Ford. I know we try to shy away from sexual mandate here at APJ but Journey Man really feels rugged, rough and ready yet smooth and cozy. Through the sharp and bitey pepper which tickles my throat just like it does in food, the tobacco that has a faintly green resinous quality and the brand new leather and woodsy burn the whole fragrance feels calm and unruffled. I can imagine a thousand would be lumberjack hipsters showering, trimming and combing their beards, moisturising, gelling, clear mascara-ing and spritzing from this uber glam bottle before dressing in their office attire in their walk through robes.

journey-man-amouage hipster pipe Unsplash PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

By the time these imaginary hip gents made their way to work they would be a softly focused spicy tobacco that fades to lightly salted leather/woods throughout the day. By the time they hit the gym after work there will be a barely there, mixed with their own manly odours, whisper of the woodchoppers life left to entice the gentlemen gym junkies. Tired, pumped and freshly showered they would emerge like lumberjack butterflies from the gym to hang loudly and obnoxiously with a jar of beer at their local cruise and booze joint, eyeing each other off and making coded conversation till someone takes their physical fancy.

First line from intended? “You smell amazing!”

Below is my buddy Darren, he is EXACTLY what I’m talking about when I think of Journey Man. Darren is recently 100 days clean and his Instagram @bobbydazzler_ has photos and videos of him showing his joy at being clean and his abhorrence of wearing clothes. I swear 99% of the shots are him either standing or dancing in his jocks. Pretty freaking hot actually, go see.

Darren Killeen @bobbydazzler_

What I’m left withof Journey Man next morning is a faded something, still woodsy and a little resinous. Very nice to wake up to. MMMMMMM

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Libertine Parfumerie has $445/100ml with FREE Australian Postage
LuckyScent has $345/100ml
Surrender To Chance have samples starting t $4/.5ml
Currently US$345 = AUD$495. That’s a saving of around AUD$50!

What is your favourite Amouage?
Portia xx




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Hey there Crew,

I loved doing this so much, LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!

There are a bunch of 25 samples & decants that sit here all forlorn, most tested but now in the discard pile. Some of the reasons for being there? Maybe I bought a FB, it had an issue that renders it unwearable, I liked it but have something similar, I have double or triple, I hated it, I LOVED it and completely forgot about it, I’ve moved on. So many reasons, so MANY samples. They are mostly used a bit but they have heaps for testing and trying. I know you’re going to love at least something in this pack.

Most of these samples were purchased, prizes, sent in gift packs or GWP.



  1. Deliria by L’Artisan
  2. Infini vintage parfum by Caron
  3. Juniper Sling by Penhaligon’s
  4. Muguet de Bois by Coty
  5. Eau Mega by Victor & Rolf
  6. Oro by Roberto Cavalli
  7. White Musk by Montale Manufacturers Sample
  8. Eau Perfumee au the Vert Extreme by BVLGARI Manufacturers Sample
  9. Kai Manufacturers Sample
  10. Musc 25 by Le Labo Manufacturers Sample
  11. Rodin RODIN Olio Lusso Manufacturers Sample
  12. Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle Manufacturers Sample
  13. Liliana by TOCCA Manufacturers Sample
  14. Taste Delicious by Jessica Simpson Manufacturers Sample
  15. Ellen Tracey Manufacturers Sample
  16. Red Roses by Jo Malone Manufacturers Sample
  17. Coco Figue by Comptoir Sud Pacifique Manufacturers Sample
  18. Heir Manufacturers Sample
  19. V by Clive Christian Manufacturers Sample
  20. X by Clive Christian Manufacturers Sample
  21. Shalimar by Guerlain Manufacturers Sample
  22. La Petite Robe Noire EdP by Guerlain Manufacturers Sample
  23. Mad Madam by Juliette Has A Gun Manufacturers Sample
  24. Vohina by Huitieme Art Manufacturers Sample
  25. Unknown Fragrance by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier 

Please help me with another little clear out.
Portia xx

giveaway TheTruthAboutMummyPhoto Stolen TheTruthAboutMummy



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No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.



CHANEL Two Tone Shoes: Making of Film


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Hey there APJ,

I love to watch craftsmen. The way they make the impossible for me seem so easy and commonplace. How they are so involved in the creation of their product and the rendering of their craft that there is a kind of graceful flow to every movement. Of course, at CHANEL they employ artisans of the highest calibre and in this 2.2min film it shows. Gorgeous McGorgeous!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 2.13.25 pmPhoto Stolen CHANEL

Portia xx

Making of the CHANEL Two Tone Shoes



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Super fun vintage draw, thanks Azar. it’s lovely to have you back after your break. we missed you.

Portia xxx


Todd Oldham Todd Oldham FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, mandarin orange, peach
Heart: Jasmine, cinnamon, rose, fruity notes
Base: Musk, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, benzoin


Today’s giveaway: There are two prizes.
One US resident winner will receive one extremely cute, 6.5 ml, boxed, vintage Todd Oldham EdP mini.
One NON US winner will receive one 2ml decant spray of Todd Oldham EdP and one 1ml decant of vintage Anne Klein II EdP.


Entries Close Thursday 1st October 2015 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winner will be chosen by

WINNERS dryiconsPhoto Stolen dryicons

In the US:  ElizabethC.

Outside the US:  Pats

The winner will have till Sunday 4th October 2015 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
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Fracas Silkening Body Lotion by Robert Piguet


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Hi there Fragrance Fiends,

One of the ideas we grew up with in the 1980s was the idea of layering. I know it was a push by fragrance manufacturers to sell more product but that doesn’t lessen the fact that it really works. I know if I use a moisturiser that is infused with the fragrance I’m wearing that my fragrance will last longer and often have a richer texture. The added benefit is that my skin is soft and glamorous too, so touching it is an even more pleasurable experience.

Fracas Silkening Body Lotion by Robert Piguet

Fracas Lotion Galaxy PerfumePhoto Stolen Galaxy Perfume

BaseNotes gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Hyacinth, Green notes
Heart: Tuberose, Jasmine, Orange Flower, Lily of the valley, White iris, Violet, Jonquil, Carnation, Coriander, Peach, Osmanthus, Pink geranium
Base: Musk, Cedar, Moss, Sandalwood, Orris, Vetiver, Tolu balsam

I bought my bottle of Fracas Silkening Body Lotion a while ago online and I have about half left, it was around the $45 then and I have thought of it as a complete bargain. Sadly I can’t see it almost anywhere anymore except a couple of sets or pricey ones on eBay and the Robert Piguet USA site has them too. i think I’ll be stocking up next time I’m in the US.

For those that don’t know Fracas is a tuberose scent that takes all the super sweet, bubble gum bits of the flower and creates a fun and lighthearted blockbuster that will stop traffic.

So what’s so special about Fracas Silkening Body Lotion? Well it’s PINK! Light pink but pink none-the-less. It’s smooth and sinks into your skin in moments leaving it beautifully perfumed. You could wear the moisturiser alone if you wanted to be softly fragrant all day at work, only your really close intimates would really understand why you are particularly attractive today. It also gives Fracas EdT a much longer fragrant life cycle and boosts projection. Tonight at work I had a compliment on my fragrance after we’d been there over 2 hours, usually I find Fracas softens to a very muted scent by then. Clearly I was still pumping out the Fracas well into the second hour and that makes me happy. The photo below is how Fracas makes me feel: young, lithe, lovely and free.

From 32 Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances photos set (uncropped).Photo Stolen Flickr

Robert Piguet USA has $50/195ml
Galaxy Perfume has a 100ml EdT and 195ml Silkening Body Lotion Pack for $198

What do you like to layer in your scent wardrobe? Do you ever mix & match?
Portia xx

L’Amoureuse by Emilie Bouge for Brecourt 2010


Post by Trésor


(Ed: BTW Here’s the link to a story about Trésor in the Mac Campaign)

There are a handful of categories in fragrance which are often maligned by those whom may consider themselves connoisseurs of haute parfumerie (myself very much included) but there is one particular climate of olfactory exploration which may well get a bum rap that’s worse than them all: the fruity floral. The fruity floral has become somewhat ubiquitous and while that ubiquity can often come with a sense of fragrant ennui there can also be a sense of comfort and familiarity captured within these dulcet vapours. Just as I’d been delving into some research of the genre to further my understanding it so happened that I was fortuitous enough to receive a package from a dear friend, one which contained a very generous sample of L’Amoureuse from the Parisian house of Brecourt, easily one of the most exquisite compositions in the genre I’ve had the pleasure of wearing along my scented journey this far.

L’Amoureuse by Brecourt 2010

L’Amoureuse by Emilie Bouge

L’Amoureuse Brecourt FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, lemon, tangerine, black currant
Heart: Rose, jasmine, violets, raspberries
Base: Peach, lily, musk

L’Amoureuse opens on my skin with the sumptuous bravura of juicy blackcurrant, each berry positively glistening with rich and nectarous dew. The narcotic aroma of jasmine and her petals of luxurious ivory permeate the airspace alongside the citric effervescence of glowing tangerine, a combination which somehow reminds me of a smell from my childhood; the redolent aroma of a particular shampoo or other such potion that perpetuates the most splendid notion of lighthearted nostalgia. As the composition progresses the lush magenta petals of a blooming rose bouquet unfold and radiate their glowing aurora throughout the exquisite menagerie of aromas which preceded. The lambent sweetness of ripe peach amplifies the utter ebullience of delectably fruity damascones and makes way for the most unbelievably comforting drydown. A plush cloud of sensuous white skin musks alongside the delicate warmth of rich sandalwood are what remain after the spellbinding floridity of the heart begin to fade. It is in this splendid embrace that L’Amoureuse finally becomes one with the skin and exists as but a fond memory.

L’Amoureuse Brecourt Vivien_Leigh WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

With L’Amoureuse I get a moderate degree of sillage, nothing particularly huge but by no means existing within the realm of a skin scent. Longevity is about the same for me as well, I get a good 6 to 8 hours of wear before the fragrance disappears entirely on my skin though I am certain on warmer days I may very well be able to get a solid 10. I think L’Amoureuse would be the absolute ideal transition scent for someone making the journey from wearing only mainstream releases into the world of niche. It is wonderfully elegant, delightfully well made and created with a sense of familiarity that I think even those completely new to fragrance would find very appealing.

L’Amoureuse Brecourt happy young woman Andi_Graf PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

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First In Fragrance have €69/50ml & samples
IndieScents have $85/50ml & samples

What fragrance would you recommend to somebody taking their first steps into the world of niche?

Until next time, my darlings.

Trésor, xx.