Eau de Sud / Muscs Koublai Khan Reviews

Hey gang,

Today I’m trying 2 new scents

Eau De Sud by Annick Goutal



Eau de Sud according to the Annick Goutal site, and I think they’re pretty spot on;

A symphony of citrus accords melts into slightly peppery and woody notes. Mandarin orange, bergamot, verbena, mint and basil. An invigorating trail of scent that recalls the creator’s voyages to Provence and Tuscany.

It is a 1996 unisex fragrance and both the mens and womens bottles contain the same stuff, usually you can find the mens at a much better price online. Citrus is not something I wear very much so I am looking to put one in the fragrance wardrobe. It starts out beautifully tart and crisp and whipish, at about the 15 minute mark it starts to warm for me, maybe the sandalwood and vanilla making an early appearance, it has maintained a pretty linear dry down and at 2.5 hours is barely there, almost just smelling a prettier me.

As always Fragrantica is my go to for the basic notes & accords with real people reviews and Now Smell This gives a more in depth and interesting review.


Musc Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens,

Sir Edward John Pointer, The visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon photo stolen from AGNSW

Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens is one of the fragrances often referred to on the scentbloggosphere as a reference fragrance for sexy, dark and dirtiness. There is said to be a great disparity between the bell jar original and the export versions and unfortunately I don’t have 2 for comparison and as I am using a sample from Perfume Niche there is no way of telling which one I have. Honestly though, I don’t smell anything even remotely sexual, dirty or dark. I smell deliciously deep patchouli, amber and musk, I think. It is warm and resinous like wood that’s just been waxed and polished but it does stay that way for hours, gloriously. I like Muscs Koublai Khan a LOT!! I think I will order 10mls and really give it a whirl.

Fragrantica has the important stuff and Confessions Of A Mad Perfumista and BoisDeJasmin offer 2 very different reactions to the whole mystery and mystique of this fragrance

What an awesome and fragrant week I’ve had. Just looking back through the stuff that I’ve sniffed and what you’ve read doesn’t even cover half of it. I think I should have asked Evie C if we could have called the blog ScentWhores or StinkPigs because it’s like having to write a food diary to show you how much you eat. Blogging has woken me to the fact that I am Scent-ual. I hope you are enjoying the ride.

It’s Thursday and that means GIVEAWAY COMPETITION time. you have to tell us the last perfume you tried that was full bottle worthy, why and did you buy it yet. The winner will be judged on Saturday night 7.3.12 around 10pm Sydney EST

We are giving away approximately

1.5ml JINX by Tommi Sooni decanted spray sample

1.5ml L’Eau D’Ambre by L Artisan Parfumeur decanted spray sample

1.5ml City of Angels by Royal Apothic decanted spray sample

1.5ml Fantasia de Fleurs by Creed decanted spray sample

1ml Fig by Aftelier Perfumes remains of manufacturers sample spray

plus postage and packing to anywhere in the world

ALSO you need to go and read TheCandyPerfumeBoy today he has been chhosing scents for that Nicki Minaj songstress that I LOVE!

Just for fun I’ve added this L’Instant Guerlain ad because…..

24 thoughts on “Eau de Sud / Muscs Koublai Khan Reviews

  1. I bought a bottle of Boss Selection a few months back but gave me terrible hayfever style allergic reaction so gave it to an interstate friend I rarely see 🙂
    I do like to try new smells as often as the budget allows!!


  2. I have to admit that I rarely buy perfume for myself. I usually get it for birthday or xmas presents. I think the last perfume I actually chose and bought myself was Versus Red Jeans. I like the lightness and freshness of it. It is one of my fave ‘work’ fragrances. Lasts a good while but isn’t overpowering.


  3. My last FBW I tried was Ambre Fétiche by Annick Goutal. Tried it for the first time on Monday March 26, put it on again that night to show The Engineer who loved it as much as I did, bought it the next day. (Got a great deal on eBay.) That’s not usually how I roll, but I fell for it HARD.


  4. Honestly, I still get all warm & tingly remembering L’Eau d’Ambre wafting enticingly around me last weekend. Definitely top of my next buy list.

    So that, and City of Angels, and JINX included in the prize pack? Count me in!

    xx Tina


  5. I can beat Dionne’s story! 🙂

    Last February for my birthday I went to Las Vegas on a mission to find me my first Guerlain love. I tried Cruel Gardenia Saturday morning for the first time in my life and I bought a bottle of it Sunday night. PLUS, on the same trip on Friday I tried Dior’s New Look 1947 for the first time and Sunday night, right after buying Cruel Gardenia, I bought a full bottle of New Look. Love both.


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  7. My last full bottle purchase(in a store) is Carillon pour un ange by Mr Genius Tauer. I already owned a small decant of this amazing brew and when I knew that my favourite store was carrying the whole Tauer line I had no doubt about my next purchase. The perfect Spring scent .
    Thanks for the draw


  8. Just found your site through The Candy PerfumeBoy and have been having a great time reading the archives. I love your approach and your omniverous taste.

    I’m probably late for the draw, but I’ll answer your question just in case. Always enjoyed perfume, but new to wide sampling, so lots of scents are tempting, but the most full-bottle worthy currently is Andy Tauer’s Miriam. It has a vintage vibe (reminiscent of Chanel No 5) but feels brighter, yet very tender to me.

    One full bottle that’s teasing me at the moment is Bulgari Black (only recently sampled) — I love that rubbery edge. There’s an inexpensive, new bottle on the local Craigslist, but the seller has an incorrect phone number listed! It’s re-posted every two days — no other contact avaialble and yes, I have notified Craigslist of the error. Guess it’s not meant to be.

    Looking forward to reading more fun posts.

    Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was wonderful!


    • You are in the draw Lindaloo,
      Omniverous is exactly how I am, great word for it.
      Yummy! Bulgari Black. Tauer is my hero and isn’t CandyPerfumeBoy an excellent writer. I love his style,
      Best of luck,
      Portia xx


  9. I haven’t actually bought a bottle of perfume in so many years, I honestly don’t know where most of my bottles have come from! So I will enter the comp with the name of the first ever bottle of perfume I purchased (when I was 16 years old), which is also the one I dabbed on this morning – Vanderbilt, by Gloria Vanderbilt. It’s still one of my faves, and the only scent I’ve ever owned where I also purchased the matching shower gel, body lotion, powder, etc.


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  11. I just bought loads, and I mean loads of Tea for Two, L’Artisan Parfumeur as they discontinuing it. Two 100 ml bottles in a half price sale in covent harden branch and a 50 ml on eBay! I’m now beating frantically to pay for it all! It’s such a beautiful tea gourmand scent and lasts for hours. Utter bliss…x


    • Hiya Rachel,
      How jealous I am of your ability to trot down to Covent Garden. I used to love to meet friends down there . Do they still have that Market and street entertainment? I have a sample of Tea for Two here somewhere, I will rut it out.
      Thank you for dropping by and commenting,
      Portia xx
      Portia xx


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