L’Eau D’Ambre by L’Artisan Parfumeur 1978

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This morning as we got out of bed there was a definite chill in the air so I decided that it would be a perfect day to grab the L’Eau D’Ambre from the fragrance fridge and give it a whirl. On writing this I have been wearing it 7 hours and there is still a beautiful warm amber glow whispering from my skivvy. Amber fragrance has nothing to do with the Amber worn in necklaces except that it smells like wearing amber feels; warm and richly exotic. It is a sweetish, resinous and woody accord usually from benzoin, labdanum, and vanilla, then other interesting accords and notes are added to give light and shade to a fragrance.

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L’Artisan Parfumeur’s L’Eau D’Ambre is created with an extremely short list of accords, amber, patchouli, vanilla and geranium. On my skin I love the herbal/medicinal opening and think the minty, green geranium, which softens out after the initial rush and swoop, is instrumental in keeping the ambers and vanilla from getting too gourmandy throughout the life of the fragrance, though it does skirt caramel sometimes. I do notice there is a feeling that we are about to get fruit or roses every so often, just a hint, they never arrive but I am kept guessing all day. An oriental that hints at the spice road rather than embraces it and if you are looking for that harsh, burnt, markets in Asia, in your face amber extreme then pass L’Eau D’Ambre by. It is warm and classy, never overbearing, but keeps itself very nice. Often referred to as the amber for non amber fans, I agree, no need to push yourself to love this because it’s just a delightful and elegant amber for any occasion, opera, dinner, shopping or Bar B Q. Sensual rather than sexual, I feel very comfortable, like I’ve put on a comfy pair of jeans that I know look great.

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L’Artisan Parfumeur’s website says Jean-Claude Ellena created this glorious perfume. Fragrantica, on the other hand, quotes it as Jean-Francois Laporte along with Vanilia, Tubereuse and Mure & Musc in the same year. I guess L’Artisan would know? Fragrantica does say Jean-Claude created L’Eau D’Ambre Extreme and L’Artisan doesn’t bother.

eGlobalBeauty has 50ml for $95 including P&H
Annoyingly L’Artisan Parfumeur don’t ship to Australia so I can’t order from their sale. GRRR! But you can.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Have you tried this house? What is your favourite L’Artisan perfume?

Portia xx

19 thoughts on “L’Eau D’Ambre by L’Artisan Parfumeur 1978

  1. I have not tried this house but I am dying to get my nose around it. Great that you mentioned just what amber is. I used to go to department stores and smell amber necklaces trying to see what if anything amber smelled like. Finally a nice saleslady told me. We had a good laugh.
    Love your discription of just what kind of oriental it is….like following a caravan along the spice road. Lovely review. Thanks for taking me along!



  2. I love the sheer range of scents L’Artisan offers. When the occasion calls for something traditional, I’ll spritz some Mure et Musc on–it’s a classic and one of the only fruity scents I like. Al Oudh is one of my favorite animalic, spicy perfumes, great to wear on a hot date! 😉

    I haven’t tried L’Eau d’Ambre yet, but I will now. Thanks for a great post!


  3. And why won’t L’Artisan send to Australia? so very annoying.Well geographically I suppose we are the end of the world from USA…but……It isn’t like we still use leaky boats….. well that is another topic, lol. I’ve only tried Nuit de Tuberusse and le Chasse aux Papillons,and le chasse aux papillons extreme.


  4. I do like L’Artisan’s amber. It’s sheerer than many, which makes it easier to wear for me (with some ambers, I have to pick my occasions). Others I like from L’Artisan include Bois Farine, Traversee du Bosphore, La Chasse au Papillons, and Premier Figuer. The problem for me with L’Artisan is that I often feel another house has done something similar and done it in a way that is more my style. Sometimes the limpid, “perfect,” L’Artisan thing is not for me, you know? (and then other times, like with L’eau D’ambre, it’s great)


  5. I haven’t tried L’eau d’Ambre but I tried and really liked L’eau d’Ambre Extreme. I’m curious how much those two differ from each other.


  6. I seem to love everything that I try from L’Artisan. I even enjoy their not very popular aquatic Fleur de Liane . My favourites are Dzing (which I bought for my husband before I knew anything about perfume), Tea for Two, La Haie Fleurie and Havana Vanilla. I think I may be a bit of a fan girl.


    • Hey KillerRabbit,
      I just tried DZING! yesterday or day before. Have you tried Jacomo Art Collection #2? It’s like a super powered DZING!
      I love the work of theirs I’ve tried too. There are some new ones on their way to my home currently.
      Portia xx


      • I have tried Jacomo Art Collection #2 because some gorgeous perfumista sent it to me. They shall remain nameless but thank you! I think that there are definite similarities but I get the full on play doh accord with the Jacomo and I get much more hay with the Dzing. What do you think?


        • Yes, You are right. The Jacomo is way more salty, but I think that’s also because it’s HUGE compared to DZING! Have you tried them on different hands same time. It’s very interesting. Dzing! is barnyard with hay for me, animals have been through.
          I like them both, Jacomno moves me more though. Thank goodness for differing personal opinions, we keep the sales going of EVERYTHING!
          Much love,
          Portia xx


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