LuckyScent Summer Samples: SUNDAY QUICKSNIFF REVIEWS #14

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We missed last week because the universe rejected Quicksniffs. What am I gunna do when the universe says NO? Acquiesce. This week arrived the LuckyScent Summer Sample Collection so I thought I would trot out 4 of the 10 new scents involved and give you the usual 3 sentences and a star rating. Follow the jump to find our Rating System Page (<<jump).

If you’d like to be a part of the LuckyScent Sample Program just join their eMail Newsletter Signup and every so often they will offer you a bunch of great new stuff to try, no pushy sales or minimum amount to buy, it’s either yes please or ignore. They are very reasonably priced; the 10 piece Summer Sample Collection was only $30 + P&H. There is a downside though, they are only .7ml vials so if you want to spritz you’ll have to self decant. I would pay double happily for a 1.5ml spray set, I have asked for it but you all need to too.

Summer Sample Pack   by  Luckyscent Sample PacksPhoto Stolen LuckyScent

In the bag:
The Different Company – After Midnight , Limon de Cordoza, Tokyo Bloom, Sienne d’Orange
Keiko Mecheri – Un Jour d’Ete
Mona di Orio – Rose Etoile de Hollande
Parfums MDCI – Un Coeur en Mai, newly reformulated
Penhaligon’s – Peoneve
L’Artisan Parfumeur -Seville a l’Aube
Ramon Monegal – Lovely Day

SIENNE d’ORANGE by THE DIFFERENT COMPANY 2012: Described as a neo cologne in which carrot (LOVE!) and orange come out to play in a bright, fresh, vivacious fragrance that cardamom, leather and woods make interesting enough to try again. I’m figuring the product is made from the best of the best ingredients because of this companies genesis (Jean-Claude & Celine Ellena) though it’s very reasonable for niche at $120/90ml and created by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermannn. My skin unfortunately devours it in under 3 hours but it is a cologne so respritz and start again. S=**** L=** D=***

Un Jour d’Ete  Eau de Parfum by  Keiko MecheriPhoto Stolen LuckyScent

UN JOUR d’ETE by KEIKO MECHERI 2012: WOW!! This is deliciously warm and cool simultaneously with bergamot, coconut, jasmine, ambergris and woods combining uniquely. Sometimes even the first whiff of a fragrance announces its difference, this is a beguiling blend where only wearing on your skin could make you understand how much more fabulous than I can ever write for you. Sweet, spicy, interesting, sensual, heartbreakingly beautiful and only $115/75ml at LuckyScent. Still could smell a faint whiff 11 hours later next morning. S=***** L=***** D=*****

ROSE ETOILE DE HOLLAND by MONA DI ORIO 2012. Mona di Orio was taken from us too soon but her business partner will make sure she and her work remain unforgotten. From Rose Etoile de Holland’s sparkling top through its spicy rose heart to the soft, not quite sweet oriental dry down the journey is wonderful. Don’t be afraid to give yourself an extra spritz because it lives longer and louder if you do. $210/100ml S=**** L=*** D=****

LOVELY DAY by RAMON MENEGAL 2012. I was recently asking about Spanish perfumers and BINGO here one is: The opening is fresh but though I’m supposed to smell jasmine, rose and blackcurrent I just can’t for the life of me smell that, there smells to me like there’s some unmentioned herb or seed that overlays all. Olfactoria’s Travels does a great job describing this fragrance (almost ELdO SM-ish). After about 20 minutes the jasmine struts in and the rest of the fragrance is as lovely as you would expect something called Lovely Day to be to its lovely soft sweet woody end. $185/50ml  S=*** L=*** D=***

These samples were from LuckyScent where you can buy full bottles of these fabulous perfumes and samples

Have you tried anything this week that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to read it so leave a message, you’ll get a response.
Thank you for dropping by and being part of our APJ family,
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11 thoughts on “LuckyScent Summer Samples: SUNDAY QUICKSNIFF REVIEWS #14

  1. Thanks for the quick sniff’s Portia. I have been wondering about UN JOUR d’ETE and you make it sound lovely. Does it lean really feminine or could a manly man like myself pull it off??!! 🙂 Steve


  2. Rose Etoile de Holland sounds the most interesting to me, I will try it eventually. I’m annoyed at The Different Company for releasing four new scents at once. So I will try them at some point if I come across them in a store but I’m not paying for testing them. And I’m curious about this “new” Spanish brand but my problem again is with the number of perfumes: I can see myself testing them all at a store but I don’t want to waste money on 14 samples our of which I’ll like maybe one or two in the end.


    • You are right Undina, 14 is a lot. It doesn’t make good marketing sense either. Now that Olfactoria’s Travels has done a 2 days symposium so well it feels redundant. So as they come to me I’ll check them out. Funilly EmmaKate wore the one I and Birgit found so disturbing but on her it was gorgeous from the first moment.
      Portia x


      • I think from a marketing standpoint it makes a lot of sense: a consumer (not a perfumista, a regular one – those who will make real money for a company) comes to a store looking for a new perfume. She sees a new brand, not available before. She starts testing. Out of 14 perfumes there has to be at least one she likes enough to buy. Especially if a SA is good at his/her job. But of course for us, perfumistas, it’s hard: new line (for us), 14 perfumes – where do you start?


  3. I should get on the Luckyscent list but if I do it’ll just cost me more money. We are planning some home improvement projects so I need to get my spending in check. Thankfully these sound nice but not anything I am dying to try.


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