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Hey all you lovely Stinkophiles,

I know I keep harping about it but I love it when the Decant/Sample sites have sales. SurenderToChance are having a 40% off sale of some stuff that is clogging up their offices so the new stuff can come through, it’s on for a while longer so go check, but be quick because they are selling out of some of the good stuff. This is a superb moment to grab yourself a little known magical bargain, something you heard about but didn’t grab, a promise you made yourself and then forgot or maybe just an excuse to get a parcel in the mail. So I gave myself a budget and dived right in. Some of the offerings are from companies I’ve heard of, some from completely new ones that have launched and Titanic-ed and still others companies that I never even registered. If you wonder what the letter and star ratings mean go see our Ratings System Page

Yes, I write for Perfume Posse but I pay full price, or sale price, for all my decants, so this is not an ad.

Here are a couple of my purchases;

Love’s Sorrow Photo Stolen

Chagrin d’Amour EdP by Des Filles a la Vanille (Sorrow of Love) featuring notes of Geranium, Hyacinth and Amber. This smells so youthful and exuberant to me, I don’t understand the sorrow of love name at all. It has that fresh young lady smell of vanilla with soft flowers woven through, not a powerhouse but a lovely warm, intoxicating fragrance that lasts quite well if I respritz after an hour to give it an extra kick of itself. The amber of the dry down is soft and fluffy. S=*** L=*** D=***

Photo Stolen foodnetworkTV

Salina EdC by Tocca Aqua Profumata featuring notes of clove, orange, green leaves, purple freesia, iris, peach, raspberry and musk. I found loads of reviews complaining of the short lived nature of this fragrance but I found it an 8 hour masterpiece, and then to find out it retails online for around $35/100ml made me so damn happy. An excellent refreshing spritz that is everything a good EdC should be, bright, green, refreshing, floral, fruity (the fruit is not current super sweet fashion), interesting, unisex and to have this longevity on my skin, SCORE! S=**** L=***** D=*****

Photo Stolen dreamstime

Miele Rosa EdP by i Profumi di Firenze featuring Damascena rose, milk, incense and wild honey (I swear there is some oudh in here too). OK so Rose and Honey? I’m in! Add to that the dreamy lactonic undertones and incense like fizz of a Damascena rose and I am lost. Miele Rosa feels like an Arabian Swiss oil it’s so fantastically intense, especially when I’m huffing away with my nose almost against my arm. OOOOH HEAVENLY AMBROSIA!! Filled with organic roses and honey this was released as a limited edition in 2006. S=***** L=*** D=****

Photo Stolen taniamarieartist

Le Bateleur EdT by Dolce & Gabbana features aromatic top notes; aquatic heart notes; and a earthy vetiver and cedarwood base. This has been soundly panned as a boring sport/nothing new/why bother fragrance. I like it a lot. The woody salty opening that slightly sweetens on the skin as it warms with your body, the sexiness of the spices and the good rooty humus rich vetiver. I would like to smell this on my partner and am enjoying it very much on me. Perfect work scent, fragrant but not intrusive, reminiscent of some other stuff but feels really expensive on my skin, at SurrenderToChance they have 100ml for $42. S=**** L=*** D=****

I am having a really good time getting my sniff on, instead of buying 100 x 1ml samples I got a hoard of 5ml decants. It means I really get to live the fragrance over a few wears, which is how I like to do it. Have you huffed anything interesting this week? Been to the sales? Bought, done a split on, had arrive something you’d like to share and give us all a lemming, Please do comment, we love to hear your voices.

I just want you all to know how grateful I am that you visit. Thank You.

Portia xxDes Filles a la Vanill

16 thoughts on “Catch Of The Day – Bargain Betty’s

  1. You and I are so on the same page when it comes to the types of scents we like. Salina and Miele Rosa sound like perfume from the gods stolen by some modern Prometheus. As for what have I huffed of late? Yesterday as you know I got a good whiff of Un Jardin Sur Le Nile and Un Jardin En Mediterranee, Wanted to get giggy with Diorella but couldn’t find any to test. Also sidled up to Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noir, Marchesa Parfume d’Extase,Tom Ford Black Orchid, John Varvatos, and my new acquisition, Vince Camuto. Today I am taking it easy on my fainting couch.


  2. Love the photos you stole for this. Sounds like you did pretty good on your picks. Haven’t huffed anything new this week. I’m hoping hubby comes home today with a fragrant souvenir from Chicago but I have a feeling I’ll probably end up with a Chicago sports team t-shirt. I like the sound of Chagrin d’Amour. I love hyacinth.


      • He’s home and I was correct. I now have a Chicago Bears t-shirt and cute little tote bag. I like football so I’m okay with it. He also got me a small fragrant souvenir as well. The SA got him to buy 30ml bottle of Marc Jacobs Dot. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but the bottle is cute and the juice is okay. I can wear it to work. The cutest thing was he was so proud he went to Sephora and made sure they credited the points to my beauty insider account.


        • He did good. He could not have helped it with all the in store promo even here in Oz. It is fun and in your face. I was thinking along these lines on Saturday at the Department Store.
          If I was a husband and a decent SA had come to tell me how fun this was and would remind your wife of her fun childlike side I would part with my readies too.
          Portia x


  3. I’m on a serious rose kick (when am I not? 🙂 and I had NO idea about that Miele Rosa. Portia, you are such an awesomely fabulous enabler. That Sorrow of Love photo freaks me right the hell out, btw. Yikes!!!

    Okay, off to cut the grass, then sink into a scented honey and rosepetal milk bath. Yah.

    xo A


  4. This past week I have take a sniffing stroll down the chic street! I was on a mission to acquaint myself with the older classic Chanel fragrances! Big surprises ! Christalle Eau Verte , and no 19 Edp and no 5 all getting my approval! I have now decided I must own them and I have a intense love for the packaging and bottle! Especially the iconic Chanel bottles ! On me Cristalle eV is like a fizzy shower of gin and tonic! I have now enjoyed an opening that is incredibly vibrant, and heavenly lemon ! It then opens and staayyysss for hours and a grassy freshness! Unisex IMO , leaning to fem! Instant perchase and already 3 compliments! Layered some Sycomore over and it was (as u say ) AH MAY ZING!


  5. I was good this week: I haven’t bought a thing! 🙂 I almost bought a used bottle of Cuir de Lancome but then stopped and decided to wait and buy a full bottle.


  6. Well done,Udina!!!!! Hey Sweet P,the wind has died downhere and the last few days have been lovely sunny ,if not cool,as Winter is hanging on a little still. This week I bought an Ecoya candle ;lemongrass and somethingerother lol.anyway its fact casting a nice glow via peripheral vision as I type this. You answered a question which has been nagging me of late……how many mls in a sample is really needed to get a good insight into a frag or not; so off to the decant sites i go…oh and i have pre ordered a sample of Opus Oils newest…..MJoe no3…..Hollywood Whiskey.As for now..think I might try one of those Olympic Orchards I won from you. Ciao baby


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