Tuberose Diabolique by Serena Ava Franco for Ava Luxe

Hello Perfume Peeps,

So nice to have you back with us, for first timers, WELCOME to the APJ Family. The name of this fragrance alone was enough to send me to the shopping basket.

Tuberose Diabolique Parfum by Ava Luxe

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Indian tuberose, wild gardenia, Egyptian tuberose, amber, spice, white carnation, bitter orange

This opens so lavish, lush and white floral, it is a tropical miasma so thick and treacle-ish that you feel like you must wade through the scent to get across the room. If Tuberose is your thing OMFG!!! Not as outrageously over the top as Madonna’s ToD, and I don’t get the same sweetness of Fracas. Here I find a greener, less sexual tuberose but beguiling none the less. Maybe that is the crispness of carnation and sharpness of bitter orange keeping that cloying OTT head ache away. I find it very hard to concentrate when I am wearing Tuberose Diabolique when I spritz my brain goes out the window and into la la land.

As the fragrance ages it becomes softer in scent bubble though please don’t take that to mean unnoticeable. Even 12 hours after application it is still more potent than most L’Artisans first spritz. Wearing this at dinner I found it interfered with my food flavours and I would never put a cinema, bus or work environment through it. You will feel fragrant but they will be skunked!! Very linear through its lifespan it does get warmer and woodsier/spicier towards the end at around the 16 hour mark.

Where would Tuberose Diabolique be wearable? Outdoor activities, shopping, cleaning, bed if you’re lucky enough to have one to yourself, washing day, al fresco dinning, the beach, anywhere that you are not enclosed.

Do I like Tuberose Diabolique? OMG YES!!! And, it’s so ridiculously well priced that I went and bought both Parfum and Oil last night in my second day of wearing the Parfum. The Ava Luxe site has 5ml Perfume Oil $25 & 5ml Parfum Extrait $27.

The Ava Luxe website has this to say:
A French legend of tuberose warns young girls not to breathe in its intoxicating fragrance after dark for fear that it would put them in an amorous mood. we, on the other hand, would encourage you to wear this tuberose fragrance after dark (or anytime) with wild abandon.

Photo Stolen AusGardener

I can’t believe no blogger on the first 3 pages of google has written about this. Make Up alley has a fair smattering of love and hate.

Have you ever scored an under the radar hit? What is your story? I love to hear about new and interesting unknowns. Leave us a message in the comments.

Till tomorrow we wish you enough wealth, good health and enough sense to be happy with those 2.
Portia xx

A beautiful piece of Indian guitar music in honour of the tuberose.

22 thoughts on “Tuberose Diabolique by Serena Ava Franco for Ava Luxe

  1. Glad to hear you love this. Tubey and I are not friends- so this would be Tuberose Horrifique for me. My grandmother had a friend who loved BIG perfumes, loved them in a profound multiple spritz way and was a big lady. When I was around 6 years old, we had to give her a lift somewhere and so, on a sweltering July day, we all piled into the car and I ended up sandwiched with my nose pretty much squashed into her left breast. Which was drenched in some horrifying, cloying smothering scent which I now know was Fracas. The first time I sniffed Fracas that memory practically knocked me over. Grim.


  2. I like Ava Luxe myself. I’ve got a bottle of Palisander, drained a purse sample of Ambra Tibet, and her Café Noir and Ambre Foncé are on my wishlist. I’m also impressed with her work with heliotrope: her Angel Face and Heliotrope are both nicely done.

    Hmmm, other below the radar stuff? Probably Yves Rocher’s Rose Absolute. It’s the only lighter rose fragrance I’ve ever found that didn’t go sour on me. My boys bought me a bottle for my birthday, and my scent mule is bringing it up this week. Can’t wait!


    • I love that you have a scent mule. How come everyone else knows about Ava Luxe? Well you and a couple of others. I had no idea. Can’t wait till my bottles arrive. I may have a new brand to fixate on for a minute.
      Nice to see you Dionne.
      Portia xx


  3. This sounds wonderful and there are so many great sounding scents on their site. Any idea of you can get samples from somewhere?


  4. Hey Portia,
    Diabolical tuberose? Wowee!! This sounds simply amazing! Tuberose, check. Long lasting, check. Plus inexpensive to boot! There may be hope for my scent eating skin yet. As for unknowns, Dunard by Oliver and Co- a tubey again, like Chasse aux Papillons with more orange blossom. Love Mxx


  5. Agree ! Awesome name , and brand name as well Ava Luxe . Sound like some new drag act !
    My mum gave me a bottle of Secret Obsession last time I payed a visit as she did not like it much ! Well it’s Devine ! Even for a Calvin Flanker . It’s a amber , tubie with smoke and incense ! A little dark and very sexy with just a little sweetness that keeps it from being to boom-bastic ! Thanks for the hand me down mummy .
    Since our last sniff-a-thon i have partially adopted tuberose as my new favorite flower and I bought Fracas a few weeks ago and Tuberose Criminal by SL is on its way , this one sounds great too , I like the sound of a little green 😉
    Another day , another great review with smiles and a giggle to go ,
    Portia u are the BEST


    • Hey Tim, butting in here. Have you tried Carnal Flower yet? Also PG Tubereuse Couture? Both stupendous as is Caron Tubereuse. I love that you’re liking tubeys and just enabling 😉 M x


    • Thank Tim, You know I keep asking people what fragrance they are wearing randomly in the street and shops and the answer about 4 times has been Obsession. Talking about this with Jin and the next time we are in a frag shop he steals a sneaky spritz. Well, I kept asking him what it was all night and he wouldn’t tel;l me. He’s all, “No, You have to guess” and I damn went through his whole collection before he told me. Obsession + FABULOUS!!!
      Portia x


  6. Hi Madeleine ! Thanks for butting in , I’m glad u did . Yes I have smelt Carnal flower ! I had the tester card in my bag and it scented it beautifully for 3 weeks ! I found it not as interesting as TC and I just wanted Fracas more as a collectable ! F M is out of my budget big time , my thirst for tubie is totally quenched !
    X Tim


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