Ambre 114 by Gerald Ghislain and Magali Senequier for Histoires de Parfums 2001

Hey Hey Fume Addicted Family,

As it cools down up in the Northern Hemisphere and warms up in the Southern there is some crossover time where the temperatures are similar throughout the days and evenings, still brisk enough to take a cardigan with you but warm enough to often not need it. Now is one of my favourite fragrance wearing times because it seems the range that is comfortably wearable is limitless. Just recently I went in on a split from the lovely MH at FFF and I’m glad I did…

Ambre 114 by Histoires de Parfums 2001

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Nutmeg, caraway
Heart: Sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, cedar, rose, geranium
Base: Tonka bean, amber, benzoin, vanilla, musk

I have been wearing Ambre 114 to work for the last 3 days and yesterday it even got Disco Nap and Bedtime wears, I will wear it to bed tonight too. If you are frightened of the harsh, powerful or scary reputation that amber has then this is a wonderful gateway amber. It goes on sweet and yummy, slightly burnt like the sugar on brulee, is pretty and leaves a fabulous sillage, at times there is a Shalimar-esque ice cream sweetness to Ambre 114 that never goes so far down the vanilla road but is looking at the signpost on the fork. Creamy, delicious but still cool and light. A contradiction in theory but beautifully brought to life by Gerald Ghislain and Magali Senequier. So smooth and subtle even in the opening and all the way through to dry down. There is never a harsh moment and tonight at work one of the lovely workmen said I smelled “like a rich and fancy lady.” WOW! That is the kind of compliment that could seriously have me buying a bottle if I weren’t already saving.

There are so many featured accords that pass me by when wearing Ambre 114, the 114 is the amount of separate ingredients, that I feel it would be churlish of me to try and parse this perfectly balanced, all weather, fresh and light amber fragrance. I feel comfortable and relaxed in it, as if I’ve been wearing Ambre 114 for years and have always smelled this good.

Maybe a little too fragrant for work but all other occasions will be well served, even dinner or a movie. Jeans or ballgown, Ambre 114 will fit right in. You will smell beautiful.

From LuckyScent: This mythical raw material improves a 114-element composition. A caravanserai of scents for this hot oriental intensifying the natural sensuality of grey amber, sweet perfume and tinted with exoticism. In the Orient, women used to burn incenses, myrrh and amber. It is an oriental vision of voluptuousness.

Photo Stolen balkanholidaysblog

OlfactoriasTravels and TheNonBlonde for further reading
HistoiresDeParfums has 60ml/87euro
LuckyScent has 60ml/$125
SurrenderToChance starts at $5/ml

Whatever you do today make sure you take a moment for yourself,
Love and hugs,
Portia xxx

It’s nearly the 10 year anniversary of the Sydney Gay Games and here is the Opening number of the Opening Ceremony starring Bob Downe. You’ll see me at the end. Unfortunately I couldn’t find us doing our spiel, it was pretty cool, I got the whole stadium to do a Mexican Wave and when they were at the stand up position they had to scream PORTIA!! One of the high points of my career.

18 thoughts on “Ambre 114 by Gerald Ghislain and Magali Senequier for Histoires de Parfums 2001

  1. Right out of the vial, Ambre 114 reached out and grabbed me by the nose. It’s my no. 4 amber (the first three are Ambre Sultan, Opus VI and Neil Morris’ Rumi) and some day, I’ll get that bottle…;-) It’s every bit as heartstoppingly gorgeous as you describe it! Signed, a fellow amber gal…xo PS: I LOVED your video…and YOUR moment, too! 😉


  2. I’m not a big fan of Ambre 114 (but a very nice in depth write up on it!) – but just wanted to say you look FAB in that video 😀 Congrats!


  3. Hey Portia,

    Sounds wonderful! Haven’t found an amber that works for me but you have me drooling! Plus red is my fave colour – this would look fab on my dressing table.

    M x


  4. Too funny, I just got back online today and did a review of Ambre 114 before I started getting back into catching up on posts! 2 great minds right? Glad you liked it, I did too. Although, your legs make mine look tragic! What a great video. How fun. Thanks P! Steve


    • Sometimes it happens Steve. From all the thousands of frags out there 2 of us decide to write about a stayer at the same time. 11 years feels like forever in perfume land lately, doesn’t it.
      I’m glad you liked the video too.
      Portia xx


  5. Fun video! 🙂

    I haven’t tried Ambre 114 yet. The reason is really banal: there wasn’t a tester available at the store where I tested the rest of the line (in addition to the 6 I bought from their site – they used to have a much better selection). But I’ll test it eventually since I like ambers.


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