24-09-11 by Hilde Soliani 2012

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You probably don’t care but my Birthday is September 25, born just after midnight, so when I saw a fragrance for the 24th September I wished that I had hurried but as with much of my life I was just a few minutes late. Hilde Soliani is famous for her quirky fragrances and boundary pushing art. I have only spent time with one of her fragrances before Tutti Matti per Colorno which I enjoyed very much.

24.09.11 by Hilde Soliani 2012

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Calamus (milky, green, cinnamon like grass root), amber, frankincense, myrrh

The Scoop (Stolen wholesale from LuckyScent):
This one took our breath away. A reverent and contemplative perfume built around the ancient and resinous notes of amber, incense and myrrh, combined with the milky green, uninhibited notes of calamus. The perfume’s name is beautiful and touching homage from a daughter to her late father, a dedication to her “angel.” Hilde was led by her nose from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to a local bazaar where she encountered special mixes of resins that spoke to her spirit. One day, while studying about the world’s religions, she discovered that calamus is considered a sacred grass in many religions, and she knew she’d found that touch of earthly spirit she needed celebrate a life she dearly loved.

24-09-11 is part of the Hilde Soliani The Invisibles range, meant to compliment your own fragrance and enhance your confirm your presence. What a stunning way to think of perfume. In reality though 24-09-11 is way too fragrant to be melded with your skin and enhance it, you will be decidedly and lavishly fragrant when wearing this. the opening is sweet and spicy, a non edible radiant caramel incense. Warm and lush and ever so slightly discordant, as if it’s about to topple over into disgusting over sweetened caramel slice at any moment but the green calamus and the incense win out and keep it delightful, wearable and distinguished. Caramel slice is a good analogy though because the calamus has a bitterness that could be dark chocolate and mixed with the sweet amber reads like an imaginary caramel slice. Absolutely unisex 24-09-11 has great staying power and dries down to a smooth amber/vanilla with a touch of smoke and takes between 4-7 hours depending on my day to be lost.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

While being too fragrant for close office work I would not hesitate to spritz for any other venture. You are fragrant and have a lovely sillage but unless you are within a meter people will only get hints of how lovely 24-09-11 smells on you. This is on my FB buying list.

For further reading Sandra Raičević Petrović writes for Fragrantica

LuckyScent has .7ml/$4 or 100ml?$160
SurrenderToChance start at 1ml/$5

Have you tried any of the Hilde Soliani? Did you like them? Maybe you have heard but not yet tried, tell us about it in the messages please. I love a chat.

I hope you are as happy and busy as I am leading up to the end of the year. I am about to take an hour for myself, it will be the first time I’ve stopped completely for a week and I bloody well deserve it. Going to go lie with the dog in the sun with a cuppa and a biscuit.
Till tomorrow, fragrantly yours,
Portia xx

Completely off topic but we made 80,000 IVs today. That is only 2 weeks since 70,000 IVs and I want to thank you for coming, reading, commenting and coming back again. You are our APJ Family, the secret scent society, and we love you. THANK YOU!!

8 thoughts on “24-09-11 by Hilde Soliani 2012

  1. Portia, my birthday is 26 September, so we’re astro-buddies! I need to try 24-09-11 since calamus is an underused note in perfumery, and it varies a lot depending on source. You’ve made me really curious to see how Hilde Soliani incorporated it into her composition. I used a calamus oil from Nepal in one of my fragrances (Kyphi), where it’s a defining element of the scent. It seems some people love it and others are creeped out by it.


  2. I’ve tried the Tutti Matti and it is nice. I have not tried this one yet. I really love the notes in this one though.
    I’m starting to stress over Christmas shopping and the busy season ahead. You have to take an hour for yourself once in a while. Have another cuppa.


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