Paris Hilton Fairy Dust by Cecile Krakower 2008

Hey Fragrance Fiends,

I have a fragrance find for you all. You will probably be outraged that I even put this Drug Store dross here on a fine fragrance blog. I’m not sure I’m 100% thrilled at myself. Back up a few months, early last year, I tried for a gag one of the Paris Hilton line of fragrances. It was deeply discounted and you know, what the hell right? Tragically I LOVED it. Loved the damn thing SICK!! Bought a bottle of it and wear it quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I knew and still know it’s crap. It smells AWESOME on, and to, me though and I’ll be damned if I’ll give up frag enjoyment to snob value. Some of you are nodding, others are retching violently. It was a bitter pill for me to swallow too. That was Siren, now there’s another and I swear they put something addictive in this stuff because I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust 2008

FairyDust FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the featured accords:
Top: Pink peony, orange blossom
Heart: Gardenia, peach nectar, lotus
Base: Patchouli, cashmere, musk, vanilla cream

So, mildly funny story. I thought this was a rose perfume before I read the notes list. HA HA HA!! That’s how perfectly indistinguishable this fragrance is. It opens waxy and orange blossom with a slight greenness. It stays like this for around a quarter of an hour or so with a borderline breathiness, underneath that though there is a rich fruity rose smell, like one from your garden. Apricot Nectar is the name of the rose that this reminds me of and when I read that it’s peach and lotus it kind of makes sense to me, the gardenia could easily be a part of the orange blossom, an extension rather than its own note. Then Fairy Dust becomes a waxy super clean patchouli and vanilla. I get 3-4 hours, sometimes longer.

If you wear Fairy Dust you could easily get away with saying the fragrance is your fabric softener clinging tenaciously to your clothes. There is something very clean laundry about it. That sounds like I hate it but I’m thoroughly addicted. I’m going to go respritz right now!!

FairyDust parksonPhoto Stolen Parkson

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FragranceShop has 100ml/$16
MyPerfumeSamples start at $2/ml but I became hooked with 5ml for $6

Do you ever feel fragrance shame? Maybe feel like you are letting all the incredible niche perfumers down? I certainly do and would love to hear your stories of loving the Dark Fragrances… Come out of that closet and share.
Loads of love.
Portia xx

19 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Fairy Dust by Cecile Krakower 2008

  1. Bravo to you for not giving in to the snob factor. I won’t be buying this anytime soon because I just don’t want to add to Paris Hilton’s bank account. She’s not a favorite of mine. I do love my cheap thrill scents though as you know. I sometimes wonder if you took a cheap celeb scent and changed the name on the label would people react differently to it. I’m betting in a lot of cases they would. In honor of you today I’m breaking out the dirty bitch Shalimar aka Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights.


  2. I haven’t tried either Siren or Fairy Dust but why not? I love a lot of things I’m not supposed to love, including Elizabeth Taylor’s Black Pearls. I feel no shame whatsoever when I wear it, use it with abandon, totally unconcerned with possible toxic ingredients, allergies or the sensibilities of those around me. Besides, I like the bottles, especially the pure perfume bottle in the shape of a shell with crystals and a nice fake pearl on top!


  3. Portia darling,

    You crack me up!

    I get that whole thing about snobbery and I must admit that I have been swayed by it lately cos I’ve been totally in niche land. I think the issue for me is that celeb and mainstream stuff, especially lately, ain’t been that great. However, there are indeed things to be found to love if you sort the thorns among the roses. And I think you HAVE to wear what YOU love, not what everyone is going OMG over.

    I still wear and love Michael by Michael Kors and my Mum still wears Giorgio and it smells amazing on her. So what if it is Paris? If it brings pleasure that’s what matters. I was tempted by Kim Kardashian’s one, but as with PH, I agree with what Poodle said, I wouldn’t buy on principle as I dont want to add to their bank accounts.

    Would love to try Dita von Teese’s ones if I could find them!




  4. Oh, good on you for not being a snob, and not being too proud to tell it. I myself am notoriously fond of Love’s Baby Soft and Baby Soft Jasmine, both of which can be had for well under 10 bucks a bottle. And I am completely lacking in moral fiber; I’ll buy anything from anyone if it smells good or I like the bottle. (I have Fancy Nights, for instance, because I love green bottles!)


  5. Good for you, Portia! You had me laughing this morning. Paris Hilton? Not just one fragrance, but two? That is a hoot! Love it!

    I applaud your braveness to step out and declare your love for her perfumes. If you love them, that’s all that counts.

    I own Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely and have a decant of Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend. That’s as trasy as I get 😉


  6. This perfumer also made my beloved MAC MV3, so I am prepared to accept the possibility that she did a good job here, too. I just hate to financially support Paris Hilton in any way…


  7. Portia, you’re great 🙂

    I refuse to test or wear celebuscents. I might make an exception for whatever reason (for example, smelled on somebody and decided it was great) but, in general, I do not want to spend either time or money on most of those.

    But I have two perfumes very dear to me made by Yved Rocher – Nature and Venice: both discontinued and because of that relatively expensive on eBay but I bought them really cheap while they were in production and absolutely adore them.


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