Shopping in Budapest, Hungary and Venice, Italy

Hey Gang,
Running out the door today and fell asleep last night so didn’t get this photo post done. Apologies for its brevity

This is this weeks list, and yes I’m mildly disgusted at myself but I’m an ADDICT. They are all so worthy too.

L’Artisan Parfumeurie, Montale, Maria Candida Gentile, Pineider, Sigilli, Naomi Goodsir, The Different Company, Pont de Rialto, Chanel No 5 FAKE, Cartier Samples

Tomorrow we have a terrific photo essay. All the photos you are seeing are taken by Jin BTW. He is pretty damn great.

Loads of love,
Portia xx


18 thoughts on “Shopping in Budapest, Hungary and Venice, Italy

  1. Hallo, Junkies,
    I didn’t have the time and opportunities to tune in from the beginning of your journey but I followed Birgit’s posts and now yours! Actually this is my first intrusion into your pretty comfy territory and I didn’t introduce myself properly – Hi, I’m Lyubov :0)
    You did a greeeeaaaat job! I am really curious of the bespoke Sandflowers – looking forward to a recent review from you! And you missed something in the picture, didn’t you? The dark vulture Knize Ten…As a matter of fact I love it but nobody around me can’t stand me wearing it. Pitty I just had a samlple…I miss it…
    The photo of Venice with the sunlit San Marco is splendide!


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