Premier Figuier Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur 2004

Howdy do all,

This is another of the bottles I picked up while in Budapest, this time under the Meridian Hotel in Zsolt’s shop, La Parfum (Deak Ferenc Utca 16-18). Zsolt was so friendly and helpful that we bought this and two of The Different Company’s 10ml travel sizes, more of which later.

Premier Figuier Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur 2004

PremierFiguierExtreme FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

BaseNotes gives these featured accords:
Top: Fig tree leaves, gorse bush flowers
Middle: Almond milk, figs, sandalwood
Base: Coconut milk, dried fruit, stone pine

I have a wonderful love affair with the L’Artisan Parfumeur range. To me they are interesting and beautiful without being unwearable in public or too intense so my concentration slips each time I get a waft. Coupled with their affordability and originality I am a fan.

Premier Figuier Extreme is an incredible almost photo realistic look at the fig from the ground up, or in fact from the leaves down. It takes us on a journey through the leaves, fresh, rubbed and torn, to the bark and branches, the fruit in all its sweet milky glory and then the earth and humus in the base. Though this is how the story reads to my nose there is never through the whole life of Premier Figuier Extreme where you can’t smell figs, the fruit, at some stage of their development all the way up to being in a pie.

Longevity is good too. I can still smell myself fragrantly wafting 5-6 hours after I spritz, which I do with abandon because it is tastefully quiet so you can have it all to yourself or go crazy and let the world know. A respritz at the 1-2 hour mark almost doubles its lifespan and I can smell it next morning, warm and sweet and funky.

Completely unisex and sprayed sparingly it would even suit most workplaces, unless they are absolutely frag-phobic.

Figs MarketsOfMelbournePhoto Stolen MarketsOfMelbourne

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Parfum1 has Premier Figuier Extreme 50ml/$120
GraysOutlet has old packaging Premier Figuier (notextreme) 50ml/Aus$95
SurrenderToChance starts at $5/ml

As figs are so common in fragrance these days do you have a favourite? Does the note work on you?

Till tomorrow wishing you a glimmer of joy and happiness somewhere unexpected in your day.


31 thoughts on “Premier Figuier Extreme by L’Artisan Parfumeur 2004

  1. I like fig bubble bath, fig candles, Fig Newtons and eating figs. Have not found a fig scent that rattles my cage. xxx


  2. I love DSH “Mata Hari”. This totally natural scent was created for “The Outlaw Perfume Project” and contains practically the whole list of IFRA’s 2011 forbidden fruits. “Mata Hari” has a really Big Fig right up front, a fabulous, complex heart and a classic oakmossy dry down. It was first presented by DSH as a limited edition but, I’m happy to see, has been re-issued this year with, apparently, no change in formulae.


      • I suppose “Mata Hari” would be classified as an evening fragrance but I wear it whenever I want a lot of fig or am looking for some attention. The figgy top note might be over the top for office wear, but since I don’t work in an office I can’t say for sure.


  3. I really like the (not extreme) Figuier. It’s one of my “go tos”. I think it works in all weather, all locations and unique!


  4. Hermes Jardin en Med is my favorite fig fragrance, though I haven’t tried very many. I’ve found that I like the smell of figs themselves, but dislike the smell of fig leaves, so that takes a lot off the list!


    • That is interesting odonata9. What is it about fig leaves in a fragrance that you don’t like?
      Until I met Premier Figuier Extreme the Hermes was my favourite too. It still places a very close second. I think I’ll wear it this morning to remind me.
      Portia xx


  5. I have two that have fig in them. Tom Ford Extream and Carbone de Balmain. I love them both and just today wore Mr. Ford. Yes yummy and I got it for a song how lucky is that?


  6. I like this one (and you saw my beautiful new bottle of it 🙂 ).
    My favorite figs are SSS’s Fig Tree and Jo Malone’s Wild Fig & Cassis.


  7. Couldn’t agree more about the L’Artisan line. 🙂 That are all of the reasons why I love L’Artisan perfumes (and have quite a collection of their bottles too).
    Premier Figuier is still my favourite fig scent. I love them all, but this one holds a special place.


  8. I adore figs of every description – so much so that I holidayed in Smyrna (more commonly known as Izmir today) in the autumn. The fruit there are enormous and beautiful, nearer an apple in size yet almost creamy in their texture and taste.

    Now, to the question in hand, apart from L’Artisan I also have a huge soft spot for Ellena’s Jardin Mediterranee which was my semi-signature for a while and enjoy the cologne feel of Kiehl’s Fig and Sage, though it has a little too much sweetness and not enough staying power.

    As an aside, I’ve stayed at the Meridien in Budapest! It was the secret police HQ in the dark days. I know the shop of which you speak and have my own perfume tale – was once upgraded to a suite and received beautiful Hermes toiletries including a small bottle of Orange Vert and matching soap – the packaging exquisite.

    I was a very happy Dandy indeed that day!!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


    • I love getting fabulous toiletries in the hotels. we had Annick Goutal in Paris and Etro in Venice this trip, it was cool.
      I have yet to get to turkey but I do love a fig orchard, we saw some in Greece a few years back. That and olives for miles.
      I’m glad you like Jardin Med too. I wore it yesterday and enjoyed it again in our yummy summer heat.
      Portia xx


  9. I would love to have fresh multi coloured eggs. So bafutieul with the bron and bluey one. I recently bought a dozen whites from Sobeys and everyone of them was a double yolk. Tiny yolks, but double….made me thin what the heck are they doing to these chickens in these big factories. (I don’t consider them farms).There is a farmers market tomorrow here in Florida and I am going to check it out. I’ve never has a fresh fig, only the ones that come dried in the package.


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