Indus (oil) by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz 2012

Hey Hey Stink Monkeys,

Every now and then I like to try a fragrance for a while before I read any notes. I enjoy the thrill of wearing the fragrance with no preconceived ideas of what it may smell like and the freefall of having it surprise you as it grows and develops. I have given this particular perfume 3 days wear at different times through those days and my mind kept telling me what a wonderful and spectacular iris perfume I was wearing, so powdery soft and fluffy with that woody, earthy base. Then when I decided to write this post I had to check the notes as I put together my story. OH WELL! Can’t be right all the time.

Indus by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz 2012

Indus FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves
Heart: Black tea, ginger, honey, beeswax and jasmine
Base: Amber, patchouli, musk, tolu balsam, vanilla and milk.

Now that I’ve read the notes list I find it hard to remember why I thought what I thought. There is a definite burst of spices and pepper (black not bell) though they all conspire together to be cool rather than warming, an aloof opening that slowly warms into the heart.  That powdery opening must have been the sparkle of bergamot over these cool spices. The heart is almost exactly like a spicy chai had on a train in India, the cool spices warm and ferment with the honey, ginger and milk. How could I have missed these things. HA HA HA! Just goes to show that the moment you start getting cocky about stuff the world comes along to remind you of reality and bring you back to earth. Hilarious.

My mind was getting comfort scent but couldn’t make the connections. I will tell you though that Indus is a crazy good perfume. A couple of the girls at trivia last night were raving about it and because it’s an oil you have to sit with people for a minute or two before they notice it, it slowly fills the space around you and leaves terrific sillage while not being overpowering or obnoxious.

ChaiWallah mitchellktravelphotoPhoto Stolen mitchellktravelphoto

Honestly, even after all that I still get beautiful moments of powdery, rootish iris and sandalwood and it transports me away to years gone far by and my Grandma, who was a rock for me, and her big cuddles and cooking.

The DSH site:
The great sub-continent, India;  a  land filled with treasures of spice and tea.  Chai tea brings these elements together in an elixir of true comfort, warmth, sensuality and vitality.  Perfect for Fall and it’s inevitable chill, Indus is soft enough to compliment other spice and amber perfumes and rich enough to be worn alone.  We love this for both men and women!

Further reading NowSmellthis welcomes Indus but doesn’t review and I couldn’t find another
DawnSpencerHurwitz has a super sample for $4 or I bought the 1 dram oil essence for $30

With loads of love and below I’ve added a video on how to make chai. I’m off to make some right now.

Portia xx

27 thoughts on “Indus (oil) by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz 2012

  1. I come across DSH all the time, but have yet to try one.. I so want to. But I have time, and might make it to the States in the autumn. Tempting review!! I make wicked chai each morning, perhaps I should share my method?!
    CQ 😉


  2. Portia- this sounds like it would be right up my alley(-vanilla, honey, beeswax, patch and TEA!!!) and I love that it is an oil…there is something so sensual about oil application and wearing…wouldn’t you agree?


  3. This sounds fantastic. I haven’t had the chance to smell anything in the line, but DSH is at the top of my list . . . as is a visit to her studio in Colorado. Have you been?


  4. Dearest Junkies
    Stink monkeys? I prefer to think of myself as a scented simian.
    The Dandy is always on the hunt for tea scents, so a chai spritz sounds exciting. Might it be a touch too sweet though?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  5. Oooh, another spicy tea to try. Who knew I’d love ’em so much when I don’t even drink tea? (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I’m a big fan of hot chocolate. Guess I never grew up enough for more sophisticated stuff.)


  6. Lotsa good stuff in this one. Definitely sounds like a comfort scent. I like the notes but the pepper concerns me. If it doesn’t linger strongly throughout the scent I’d be okay with it.


  7. Thank you, Portia, for the wonderful and so entertaining review of Indus! 🙂 What a true pleasure to see it and to read that it conjures treasured memories for you (as well as iris). I am very touched and delighted. All my best to you and the other “stink monkeys” (hilarious!!).


    • OMG!! Dawn Spence Hurwitz!!
      I am so thrilled you have come to say HI! Indus is lovely, I am enjoying it immensely, wearing it today in fact.
      One day I will brave the wilds of Colorado to come see you. Thank you for the invitation.
      Portia xx


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