LUSH Ultrabalm + Coriander, Green Chili, Walnut and Yoghurt Chutney Recipe


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Greetings APJ Fragrance Fiends!

Lush. British slang term to describe something pleasing or desirable.

“I had the most lush meal last night.”
“That perfume is lush.”
“Look at him/ her …….. he/she is totally lush.”


LUSH Ultra Balm VegetarianLivingPhoto Stolen VegetarianLiving


Organic Jojoba Oil
Candelilla Wax
Rose Wax

We´ll keep this short. This stuff is totally amazing. For a million things. Too long to list. You can look it up for homework.
Why am I writing about it? Well, for all you folks whose skin “eats fragrance”, or who just want their scent to last a little longer, Ultrabalm is the business.
If you know that already, then skip this and look at the recipe. For those who don´t, it´s simple.
Put a little of the Ultrabalm wherever you put your fragrance. Then put your fragrance on top. That´s it. Your perfume will last much longer. The very slight smell that the Ultrabalm has goes away.
I use it for any scent that I think of as an “anointing” scent. Rose, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, Tauer, Vermeire ………
But who cares?? Use it for whatever you want. I would never, ever be without it.

Coriander, Green Chili, Walnut and Yoghurt Chutney Recipe

CQ´s Occasional Fragrant Cooking Secrets

GreenChutney FoodVivaPhoto Stolen FoodViva

This stuff is awesome.

Good sized bunch of fresh coriander (some stems are OK)
Yoghourt of your choice (I like Turkish or Greek) – maybe about a half cup, maybe a bit more
Fresh green chiles (too taste, obviously)
10 or 15 walnut halves
(slices of thin red onion to decorate if you are feeling creative)

Plug in a food processor (!)

Chuck the whole lot (EXCEPT the salt) in a food processor. Process. Not at rocket speed. Bit by bit.
Not thick enough – add some more walnuts, not hot enough – more chiles (remembering it gets hotter over the hours and days) want it more creamy – add more yoghourt. Add the salt at the end, you´ll probably need a decent amount. Anything with chiles needs lots of salt. You don´t add it to the food processor because it makes the chutney turn runny. I like it to be thickish. But make it how you want.

This chutney dances on your tongue. Eat it with everything. Well maybe not cornflakes. Keeps in the fridge for a few days just fine. Smells lush.


22 thoughts on “LUSH Ultrabalm + Coriander, Green Chili, Walnut and Yoghurt Chutney Recipe

  1. That chutney looks wonderful. I learned to make something along the same lines in Mexico, where I was served grilled shrimp with a dipping sauce of cilantro, green chiles, a little lemon juice, plenty of olive oil, and salt, pounded together to make a rough sauce. Utterly delicious. Cilantro is one of those divisive notes, addictive to many of us, repugnant to some. What would be the equivalent note in perfumery? Somehow cilantro reminds me a bit of aldehydes, not at all the same scent but provides a similar opening rush of strange brightness.


    • Hi FJ! A good friend from Kashmir shared the fresh chutney tip with me. Actually, the picture does not really do it justice. It should be much thicker than that. You can dollop it on the side of the plate, or on top of whatever. And it really is incredibly simple and utterly delicious. You can´t go wrong. No laws of physics involved!! I feel the same about coriander (cilantro, dhania) as I do about perfume. I can´t live without it. But you are absolutely right, some people cannot stand it. I have not a clue as to what would equal it in perfumery. “Opening rush of strange brightness” covers it perfectly though. I always have a box in the freezer, because it is not easy to come by here. They use the seeds in traditional Austrian bread, but not the leaves. My mother-ín-law didn´t know it had leaves. Ha ha.
      CQ xxx


      • I never thought of freezing it. I live in an area where it’s always available, but I sow a clump in my garden every couple of weeks in the spring, so that I can use the green seeds, full-sized but still fresh. They have a flavor halfway between the leaves and the dry seeds. I like them as a highly flavorful garnish on grilled fish.


  2. I need the ultrabalm!!!! Nuf said!!!! It is really frustrating how selfish my skin can be with fragrance!!!! Now there is a solution!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!


    • You can use it to take make-up off. Hold your hair down. Heal strange dry patches in strange places. Dry hands, dry feet, dry lips, ……….. And for fragrance!!! It takes longer of course for the scent to develop, but do we care? I always have two. One at home and one in my bag. Last for yonks.
      CQ xxx


  3. Oh my goodness, Val you have made me hungry! That chutney looks amazing! And the balm? Must get my hands on some…will be at a Lush store in the States next month and will definitely seek it out! thank you for this wonderful suggestion as I am always on the lookout for beauty supplies that are all natural for myself and the kids!!!!


  4. Val the Cookie Queen has cult status in my books. Sorry about the pic, it was the most like I could find that also looked delicious.
    I was supposed to be in Kashmir for a wedding in May but I’m doing Scentsation in LA instead. Nothing beats an Indian wedding, except a busload of perfumistas with a drag hostess and the madness of the Perfiume Posse.
    Portia xx


  5. Hi Val,

    I too need Ultrabalm as my skin devours fragrance. As an aside, I’ve never really tried Lush as the smell of the stores puts me off. I’d actually have to say their scent is one of my most hated smells…..

    And the chutney sounds fab! I love, love, love Indian food.

    Madeleine xx


    • Hey Madeleine!

      I told Olfactoria I would try a gardenia scent
      (shudder) so I sure you can take a deep breath, hold it and run into LUSH. They do have a few really great things. Of course that is a matter of personal taste, but ……
      Butterball Bath Bomb if you like vanilla and
      coconut butter, and Honey I Washed the Kids soap …… Mmmmmmm. Maybe the
      Ultrabalm though???


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