150,000 Views! Celebration GIVEAWAY!!


In 13 months we have TODAY reached a milestone! I am very impressed with what we are achieving here at AustralianPerfumeJunkies. Thanks to all of you. THANK YOU to all of you. Our readers, contributors, friends, family and everyone who has helped us get here to 150,000 views. I am amazed that together we have done so much, and this is only the beginning!

150000 KitsunePhoto Stolen Kitsune


FENDI Donna 5ml 99perfumePhoto Stolen 99perfume


1 x 5ml mini FENDI Donna EdP
P&H Anywhere in the world

I have dug this up from my special secret hoard of vintage fragrances. Almost full and in perfect condition, it smells so beautiful. Currently I’m seeing these rare beauties on eBay for nearly $70. Launched in 1985 this fabulously hardcore vintage fragrance has EVERYTHING, a big fat bombastic floriental that any new perfumista must try and many a long timer would remember. I review it for APJ HERE! (<<<JUMP)


Open to everyone worldwide who leaves a CONGRATULATIONS in the comments section.

Extra Chance?
Tweet: @OzPerfumeJunkie 150,000 views FENDI GIVEAWAY!! http://wp.me/p2fQBU-1ze


Entries Close Sunday 5th May 2013 9pm AusEST and winners will be announced in a separate post then.
Winners will be chosen by putting names on same sized papers, folded similarly, put on a tray and TSO Jin will pick them. He doesn’t even stop watching TV to do it usually.
The winners will have till Wednesday 8th May 2013 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or I will give the prize to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

Good Luck Everyone,
Portia xx

150,000 LincolnElectricPhoto Stolen LincolnElectric

93 thoughts on “150,000 Views! Celebration GIVEAWAY!!

  1. As I sit here smelling Terre d’Hermes for the very first time, its kind of fitting that a scent so lovely should be the one I’m wearing while we celebrate 150,000 views!! Thanks and Congrats Portia and the rest of the APJ crew.
    – Margeaux


  2. Wow, congratulations! Your blog has been since I discovered it my go to place when I need to buy a gift for someone or when I want to decide what new stuff to try for me 🙂 keep it up and congrats again!


  3. Congratulations on your achievement from sunny Cape Town,South Africa.i have tweeted the good news 🙂


  4. Fantastic P!!! And I am honored to now be part of the APJ crew…looking forward to 150,000 more views AND posts!!!! NO need to enter me in the draw…would like to give others a chance to win this lovely…just want to put in my two “scents” and say congrats :D!!!!


  5. Congratulations APJ! Your reviews and general frag info are great fun and spot on. The giveaways are awesome and the humor quirky and priceless. Who could ask for more!


  6. Congratulations! It’s quite an accomplishment but I am sure you’ll be hitting much higher numbers very soon … you rock! I love the tone/articles/feeling of all the posts on here. The joy and the smiles shine through every post. Thank you!
    Happy to be a APJ “peep” (oops! Eeeek! Sorry– that was from elsewhere but I couldn’t help myself. 😉 )


  7. Congrats!! I am so happy to have found your blog, it’s not only very informative but just a whole lot of fun. Thank you, thank you!!


  8. Congratulations! I love reading your refreshing, joyful and light hearted reviews of everything. I also love the humor, music and video you pass along to us, opening my eyes an brightening my days to things I might not have experienced. xx
    P.S. No need to enter me into the draw.


  9. Congratulations, Portia. I am so happy for you and the blog. Wafting perfume your way. Oud Isapahan in this instance. A little Rose Anonyme, as well.


  10. Congratulations! I love APJ and obviously a lot of other people do too. No need to enter me in the draw. Not that I would win again, but since I just won something I would rather someone else have a chance. Hugs and kisses to you, Portia, and to everyone else at APJ.


  11. Oh Congratulations, Portia! This is a well-deserved milestone. I know when I open my email each day I’m going to be led to a post with passion, humour and a real zest for living. The occasional eye candy doesn’t hurt either!
    Keep up the excellent work. I expect we’ll be getting full reports of your LA Sniffa adventures. I definitely envy those aboard that bus.


  12. Congratulations Miss P! You have given me many lol moments and lots of insights into perfumes I had never considered before.
    What are you doing for a celebration, hope it involves champagne and perfume!


    • YAY JackieB so glad you are enjoying our journey! On Friday night we are having a few mates around for some bubbles, unfortunately most of the crew are busy or live OS but there will be some backslapping a a few high fives. Maybe even some fragrant wafting.
      Portia xx


  13. Hip-hip,hurray! Most sincere, smiley, bright, springing and ringing congratulations for this high rating, Portia! Let it all go that way and even better! Wishing you a whole new 150 000 enjoying your sweet sense of humour and witty postings! Love from Bulgaria!


  14. Congratulations on a wonderful milestone Portia ! so glad I found a blog focusing on fragrances, that means a new fragrance each day 😀 reblogged and tweeted. Lovely day to you.


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