Fancy Nights by Steve Demercado for Jessica Simpson 2010


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Hi everyone, Funny story. Hubby and I were in a taxi heading out to see a band the other night. I asked him what he thought of my perfume and he said, “I thought it was the cab.” I was wearing today’s fragrance that I’ll be reviewing. I couldn’t stop laughing; it made my night.

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights by Steve Demercado 2010

Fancy Nights Jessica simpson FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes:
Top: Bergamot and Egyptian papyrus
Middle: Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian red rose and night blossoming jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, oak moss, amber, vanilla

Does Fancy Nights really smell like a cab? Well it certainly doesn’t smell like air freshener or shampoo, its not clean and fresh or sweet like many celebuscents. Fancy Nights is smoky, spicy and has a kind of musty smell you get from patchouli. Maybe hubby has a point. I have been in cabs that have smelled smoky, spicy and musty but to describe a perfume as smelling like a cab just sounds so unflattering. I love Fancy Nights; it smells wonderful!

Taxi Fancy Nights Jessica simpson NewsPhoto Stolen

Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights is a strong, sophisticated perfume and the initial blast reminds me of Shalimar. It smells opulent and expensive. I notice an intense almost astringent type of smell at first like aniseed. The vanilla is very strong but not sweet. This is straight up vanilla – there is no cupcake or ice-cream influence at all. The vanilla is strong but the patchouli is just full on in Fancy Nights. It smells smoky and spicy with an earthy amber base. I really enjoy wearing this perfume, it smells absolutely gorgeous and when the patchouli eventually fades away, a sweeter vanilla and musk lingers.

Jessica Simpson PeoplePhoto Stolen People

Fancy Nights smells expensive but it is sooo cheap. You can get a 50ml bottle for $12.95 from Fragrance X.

Fancy Nights is the third fragrance in a range of Fancy perfumes from Jessica Simpson but the bright emerald green colour of the Fancy Nights bottle makes it stand out from the rest.

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By the way, when we got out of the cab and he took another whiff he said it smelled really nice. Have you ever had any unexpected reactions to your perfume?

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Katrina xx

33 thoughts on “Fancy Nights by Steve Demercado for Jessica Simpson 2010

  1. Thanks for reviewing this- the cab comment gives me pause (I immediately got a specific scent in my head when you said that) but I do enjoy finding the rare celebrity fragrance that pleasantly surprises.


    • Hi Nancy, the cab comment was just so funny. Fancy Nights smells so much better than cab – absolutely gorgeous. By the way I love your blog. Katrina xx


    • Hi Portia, My pleasure!! Thank you for putting me on to it! By the way I am wearing Truth or Dare Naked today!!! LOVE IT! The vanilla and sandalwood reminds me of Fancy Nights but its sweeter, like Fancy Nights mixed with honey 🙂 Katrina xx


  2. Unexpected reactions to perfume? My dog Fender just loves anything with hyrax (I suppose that shouldn’t come as a surprise) and Gomez the parrot’s eyes will pin with anger (watch out for your fingers) when he smells sweet hay. That being said, I never pay attention to human or animal critics. I wear what I want to and just don’t handle Gomez if he objects to my perfume!

    Regarding the cab: Perhaps the scent of Fancy Nights evokes the smell of those tree shaped car “fresheners” that hang from the rear view mirrors in cabs? Don’t get me wrong. I love Fancy Nights. I recently went on a Steve Demercado jag. My favorites are his darker, smokier, boozy scents including Fancy Nights and Queen.


      • Hi Poodle! Gomez is a blue headed pionus. These birds have a beautiful perfume of their own, sort of a powdery, honey scent. Maybe that is why he is such a critic!


        • Oh I love pionus, and you’re right, they smell fabulous. There’s one at the bird store that I go to and I’ve been tempted to get to know him better. I have a green cheek conure and a parrotlet. The parrotlet has a skunky odor at times.


    • No not at all like the air fresheners – its the dark, smoke and booze scent that lingers in a cab which compares to Fancy Nights. By the way I wonder what Gomez would think of the Selena Gomez fragrance! Katrina xx


      • Hi Katrina!
        I haven’t tried the Selena Gomez yet but I understand it is quite fruity, something my Gomez would like. I know we are talking Fancy Nights now, but what do you think of the Selena Gomez fragrance?


      • Selena Gomez is extremely sweet and fruity and smells like a lot like cheap shampoo. Its not a perfume I would want to wear but I’d love to try some more by Steve Demercado. Are there any you would recommend?


  3. I really like this even though it’s a celebrity scent. It doesn’t smell like the typical fruity mess most stars put their name on. Plus it’s cheap enough to spritz as often as you want. Portia got me to buy it unsniffed when she reviewed it. I never thought of it as smelling like a cab but then again I’m not in cabs all that much.


  4. Selena Gomez doesn’t sound like a fit for my Gomez or for me. Regarding Steve Demercado: I understand that he has created at least 30 commercial fragrances, maybe more. I have only seven of these in my collection. The ones I like best are Queen and Fancy Nights in that order. I was given a large bottle of Vince Camuto, one of the most recent Demercado fragrances, but I can’t get past the top notes. I really prefer his darker and boozier scents and Queen is my favorite. Azarxx


  5. Great review! You have talked me round. i might try this next time I go scent hunting. I’d read somewhere that it smelled like apple pie, maybe it was Luca Turin who said that? This review has changed my mind and I will track some down. It’s great when a celeb scent is a pleasant surprise since they are usually pretty inexpensive. I had the same reaction to Hilary Duff With Love- wonderful! and so cheap!


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  7. OK Katrina, I bought it smelled it and reviewed it. In fact it was Fancy that LT said smelled like apple pie, not Fancy Nights, my mistake. And by the way I loved it! Thank you so much for your review! check out mine on iscentyouaday. It’s all your fault! 🙂


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