Robert Piguet Masterclass with Joe Garces

Hi there Perfumistas,

Today I have the most incredible exciting offer from Libertine Parfumerie (who are always so supportive and generous with APJ), David Jones and Robert Piguet. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

Fracas Robert Piguet Ad vk.comPhoto Stolen

What is happening? The CEO of Robert Piguet fragrances, Joe Garces, is in Sydney, Australia in June to celebrate the 65 years of Fracas by hosting four one hour Masterclasses that will take us through some of the Piguet fragrance line notes, creation and intent with a Q&A section afterwards. The seats are limited to only 14 per class and Libertine Parfumerie has offered the 2.30pm class on Wednesday June 26 to AustralianPerfumeJunkies! Already from the APJ Contributors we have Madeleine, Margeaux, Michael and Portia coming, from Aussie Fragrance Network Sonya Yu, Jack Seven and Scott Steward and one other person. That leaves SIX places for our lucky readership!!

What: FREE Fragrance Masterclass hosted by Joe Garces
When: 2.30pm Wednesday June 26 2013
Where: Meet 2pm David Jones Sydney City Store cnr Elizabeth & Market St Sydney

Should you purchase any Robert Piguet Fragrance Product on the day there will be a VERY special gift to take home.

If you are taking time off work then you should be back there by 4pm or if you take the afternoon off I thought we could sniff through the halls of David Jones, have a spot of afternoon tea and then trot down to Christian Dior’s flagship store and smell the Couturier range.

Would you like to come and talk perfume with people who are TOTALLY interested and won’t think your habit absurd or you mental? Maybe you can’t wait to pick the brains of someone who makes the perfume world run? It could be that you have never yet smelled Fracas, or any of the other wonderful Robert Piguet line and you’d like to remedy that. Personally, I hope we get a run through of one of the newer fragrances, Bois Noir, which I love and am already considering a purchase of.


Please add your interest in the comments below. Don’t worry if there are already six names, we may be able to siphon you into the other three classes if there are any spaces. Also, it would be terrible if we held a space for you and you did a no show, genuine interested parties only please.


Portia x

33 thoughts on “Robert Piguet Masterclass with Joe Garces

  1. I would very much like to be considered to be included. I am out in Orange at the moment but would be able to travel to Sydney for it. I think it would be the perfect opportunity for me, as I’ve not been to your events as of yet and would love to meet everyone!


  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Have been dying to smell the new Piguet line. Please may I come? This would really cheer up a bored stay at home mum (and perfume addict) from central NSW!



  3. Squealed with excitement….I am coming from Perth to Melbourne on the 26th!!!!!
    BUT checked flight, does not arrive till 3pm. Sobbed.
    But thanks for organising something for us, and maybe next time I can get to meet you!


  4. That would be so awesome but sadly I am no where near close enough to attend. I can’t wait to hear all about it from you. Have a great time!


    • Thanks Gorgeous,
      It should be a super fun day. It would be so excellent if we all lived nearer wouldn’t it. Thank goodness for the internet though, otherwise I’d still be a stranded frag hoarder with no one to chat to about it.
      Portia xx


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