Powder Flowers by Montale

Hey there FUMIES,

A few months ago I grabbed a bunch of the Montale fragrance samples, I tried a few of them but didn’t get to the rest, here’s one that I should have tried immediately. There are a few of the Montales that don’t seem to have come from the house, Sandflowers is one and this is another….

Powder Flowers by Montale

Powder Flowers Montale fragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Rose, jasmine, osmanthus, cedar, tonka bean

Clear, sheer and fresh are three words I would never have linked in my mind to Montale who usually go for heavy hitters. Powder Flowers is so far from my knowledge of the brand that I had to check I hadn’t mislabeled the spritzer. Even Sandflowers is more Montale-isah than this. Lovely, pretty and dainty are not words I had previously used either but all of these adjectives are absolutely accurate when talking about my skins reaction to Powder Flowers. If you have a celebuscent crazed teen or a fruitchouli addicted friend then this could be the first step in their rehabilitation. While giving the sheer, barely there feel of many of the current offerings there is a story, a level of interest and change, and it is fragrant. The sillage is excellent, changing the air as you walk past and making it interesting, drawing your nose after it, it sits close though and after leaving my office to make coffee and returning there is no appreciable remains of it.

Powder flowers PowderTower WikiCommonsPowder Tower, Prague Photo Stolen WikiCommons

Like many of the Montale fragrances though the parts are so reduced from naturals that they are barely recognisable, there is something in jasmine that reads salty to my nose and I’m wondering if it was in the sunscreen that I grew up with here in Australia and that the memory of the beach is forever locked in stasis with it, I also notice it in other scents featuring this super clean jasmine. Rose passes me by completely in Powder Flowers and though I have often liked osmanthus fragrances it doesn’t seem present because I get no fruity/lactonic emphasis, the cedar and tonka are there all through but it takes a while to notice them.

Powder Flowers Osmanthus Tanaka Juuyoh FlickrPhoto Stolen Tanaka Juuyoh Flickr

It’s called Powder Flowers, it is not a typical powder but an abstract, “If I was the Queen of all powders this is how I’d smell.” I don’t think the notes list tells us much here, could we be missing musk, iris, heliotrope and others? Having now drained my second sample of Powder Flowers I am thinking a large decant to see if I go through it as quickly. The only reason I haven’t bought a bottle already is that I can’t believe that I am so in love with a fragrance so definitively UN-me.

Powder flowers Powder DuboseLawFirmPhoto Stolen DuboseLawFirm

Further reading: Scent For Thought and I could find anything else specific
Parfums Raffy have $105/50ml
Neroli Budapest has €56/50ml
Surrender To Chance starts at $4/ml

You may wonder why the Prague Powder Tower pic is above, well, Jin and I were in Prague earlier in the year and we kept walking around and through this gate so when I saw it while looking for Powder Pix I instantly wanted to share this reminiscence.

Have you tried this far from usual Montale?
See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

14 thoughts on “Powder Flowers by Montale

  1. I thought the tower was the one at the north end of the Marienplatz in Munich! I’m glad you and Jin were able to bop around Prague, and make some wonderful memories! I was gifted a bunch of Montale samples, and tried about a half dozen in Munich, and didn’t go for any of them. They are too heavy for me. This sounds like an exception, I’ll have to seek it out! What did you both like best about Prague?


    • There were a few things we loved in Prague, on the old square there is a card printing company’s shop. They do absolutely gorgeous work and we bought a lot, Walking everywhere was fun too, though we did get the Hop on Hop off Bus for 3 days. We had some great meals in tourist places, there was another tower, at the opera house, so much to love about Prague.
      Sad you didn’t love the Montales, this one is completely different.
      Portia xx


  2. I don’t like the tin can they are packaged in. At all. Which means ……..
    yep, right, I won’t try it. Wicked grin.


    • Hey val,
      You’re not alone. Loads of people don’t like the Apothecary Bottles, it’s a big turn off for many. I love them, so sleek and simple, no light can get to my juice and they are what the ingredients for perfume come in, so for me multi win.
      Portia xxx


        • HMMM, Maybe I have misnamed it but I half remember reading that these silver bottles were the ones apothecaries get their various bits and pieces of juice, perfume, oils etc in these bottles and that was why the Montale crew decided to use them for their fragrances.
          Am I badly wrong?
          Portia x


  3. I have tried 5-7 Montale fragrances and except for Black Aoud, which I love, they do nothing for me. I am looking for some nice sheer fragrances, something to wear when you just don’t want to be “naked”, but want to wear something pleasant and easy.. I wear fragrances based on my mood. Lucky for me there have been some sheer ones in reviews lately. I will add this one to the list.


    • Hey there Fatima,
      There’s heaps of good sheer stuff out there currently. Have you tried Black (Ananda) by M. Micallef. very sheer and pretty. I reviewed it and it will be up soon. You may want to add it to your list.
      Portia x


  4. I still haven’t tried any Montales yet which is so odd considering I’m a freak for the big sillage monsters. Tonight might be the night I place a Luckyscent order though so maybe I should get a few Montale samples while I’m at it.
    Isn’t it funny how sometimes you end up liking things you never thought you’d like? I think it’s good to have a few surprises in the cupboard like Powder Flowers. It keeps things interesting.


    • Yes, it’s so good to be surprised. It’s excellent to have a few “What the…” moments with your frags.
      Poodle, wait till Surrender To Chance has the Montale special deal. They do Manufacturers samples for 99c. It’s a better way to shop.
      Portia xx


  5. I’m just starting my acquaintance with Montale so there are much more of their perfumes about which the answer would be: “no, I haven’t tried it” than the opposite. But at some point I will try Powder Flowers. And Sandflowers. I don’t know why nobody carries this brand in my area.


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