Robert Pattinson for DIOR Homme 2011: Interview, Making Of and Mini Movie

Hello Happy Huffers,

Robert Pattinson is the new face of DIOR Homme and has worked very closely with Romain Gavras the Greek/French director and DIOR on bringing a piece of interesting advertising to us. He speaks well in the interview and has a real appreciation for the wearer of DIOR Homme fragrance that comes across in the interview and the mini movie. Here is Australian Perfume Junkies look at the original DIOR Homme

DIOR Homme 2011 by Francois Demachy for DIOR

DIOR Homme FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lavender, sage, bergamot
Heart: Iris, amber, cacao
Base: Vetiver, patchouli, leather

Beauty Encounter currently has $51/50ml
My Perfume Samples starts at $2.50/ml

Robert-Dior-Homme-robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-34784339-653-960Photo Stolen FanPop

Here is a great fun series and I hope you enjoy watching.

DIOR Homme 2011: Robert Pattinson Interview


DIOR Homme 2011: Making Of with Robert Pattinson


DIOR Homme 2011: Mini Movie with Robert Pattinson

8 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson for DIOR Homme 2011: Interview, Making Of and Mini Movie

  1. Please tell me there are others not attracted to Robert Pattinson. I think he has zero sex appeal. tell me I’m not alone.
    Dior Homme 11 sounds delicious, though. 😉


  2. Lauren, you are not alone. Absolutely nothing attractive about R Pat. Sexy Brits? Try Tom Hiddleston. The Dior Homme does sound lovely. Need to get a sample to try on myself and my DH.


  3. I’m with the two of you. I can’t think of someone who has less sex appeal! Wish they’d found someone else but think the fragrance sounds lovely.


  4. Whoa! That’s not fair!
    When did Rob get so hot?! (I’m not a Twilight fan)

    I just read the comments. 😀 Seems I’m the only one, but I really enjoyed watching him and well, I do like looking at him wearing all the lovely clothes.

    If we’re talking sexy Brits though, after watching Star Trek 2, Benedict Cumberbatch tops my list. Villains shouldn’t be sexy but he is.


    • Hey ines,
      He is lovely in the interview, so intense and wanting to create something beyond advertising. I like that he takes it so seriously. Sexy? No, not for me. I like my men a bit meatier and a little sweeter in the face. Engaging? Definitely. I want to be his mate.
      Think a Star Trek night could be in order, personally I think Terence Stamp was sexy and now is handsome.
      Portia xx


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