Ocre Doré by Shyamala Maisondieu for Scent on Canvas 2013


Post by Michael


So I’m sitting here somewhat annoyed. I don’t know if my nose is broken but the fragrance I’m wearing just isn’t doing it for me. I was sooo very excited to try this line and perhaps the expectation was too high but I cannot escape my impressions of this scent and how it runs on my skin.


Ocre Doré by Scent on Canvas 2013

Ocre Doré Scent on Canvas FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Iran galbanum, tea, mate
Heart: White truffle, oakmoss, dry undergrowth
Base: Guaiac wood, Paraguayan wood, Virginia cedar, Indonesian patchouli leaf, labdanum
Ocre Dore (translates as Golden Ochre) opens dense, somewhat resinous and vanillic. The most interesting aspect of the fragrance then becomes apparent – a lovely lactonic green tea accord that I very much enjoy. This part of the development lasts around 30 wonderful minutes on my skin. From here an earthy, mossy, truffle-ish accord appears.

Ocre Doré Scent on Canvas black-summer-truffles ShockinglyDeliciousPhoto Stolen ShockinglyDelicious

There’s also an accord that I can’t quite place that’s reminiscent of makeup, or a womens fragrance of the 80s, but it’s oh so subtle. No, actually, it might even be the scent I’ve experienced in a cold cream..but not quite as nice…

Essentially I find this to be a soft, lactonic, tea-ish scent with subtle green resinous notes weaving their way throughout. The “woodiness” (and intermittent olfactory fatigue) seems to be courtesy of a boatload of aroma chemicals. Personally that’s not how I prefer my “woody” notes and at this stage of the fragrance I’m heartily sick of the aroma chemical overdosing that seems to have been employed.

Ocre Doré Scent on Canvas Nanzenji_green_tea WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

After only a couple of hours the fragrance collapses leaving a vague wood/amber scent on my skin. This is parfum strength!? I’m confused…..

So after a full days wear I understand the parfum strength is there in the aroma chems and, after many hours, a good helping of cleanish musks.

A brief office survey did not garner compliments, with one of the girls commenting on the weird chemical smell about five hours into the wear.

Thankfully samples of the Scent on Canvas range are quite cheap so please test them yourself and tell me what you think. Perhaps it will perform differently on your skin. Mind you, those with an aversion to the usual synthy suspects best steer clear.

Further reading: Perfume Shrine
Scent on Canvas Site has a 5 x 2ml Sample Set for 10€ and sell bottles for a very reasonable 130€/100ml

What a bummer! I so love the concept of this line. Fingers crossed that Noir de Mars is more up my alley because Portia gave me both of them from her sample set to try.

Have you tried Ocre Dore? I’d love to know what you think of this fragrance and how behaves on your skin.


8 thoughts on “Ocre Doré by Shyamala Maisondieu for Scent on Canvas 2013

  1. This was such a clunker for me. There were some aspects that reminded me of a poor man’s L’Air du Desert Morocain, though somehow more tinny? I did enjoy Noir de Mars, in fact it’s one of the few oud frags that I don’t mind. Would love to hear your take on it!


  2. Heya Michael,
    Is there some left in your sample? I’d love to see how it lives on my skin too.
    Such a shame it was a bit rubbish on you, I love the aesthetic of this crew so I was hoping for GREAT things.
    Portia xx


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