CHANEL: Once Upon A Time #7 Mini Movie

Hello Gorgeous Perfume Peeps.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. a tirelessly redefined model for success. In every era since her self inception Coco has been held up as the pinnacle of that eras aspirational success. That she was amazing, inventive, driven and well outside the norm is not ever under question. That her personal morals and judgements were often in poor taste and even evil is sometimes overlooked for her genius. If Coco was alive today with her way of thinking I would not buy the CHANEL product because she was a bigot, and an oppressor. Coco is gone and CHANEL remains. Long live CHANEL and I chose to look at the wonder, not the history, except to remember that not all is as it seems.

Chanel_2009_bw_suit wikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Please enjoy this mini movie for the wonderful piece of propaganda that it is.

Portia xx

Gabrielle Chanel – Inside CHANEL

ChanelNo19 girlwiththecuriousnosePhoto Stolen girlwiththecuriousnose

5 thoughts on “CHANEL: Once Upon A Time #7 Mini Movie

  1. Great post, Portia! Too many artists have imagined that their genius would somehow exempt them from the essential human priority of creating and maintaining a beautiful spirit! Why should talent require a disregard for humanity? There have been far too many “world historic individuals” and too many people brought up with the notion of artistic, personal and racial entitlement. “Vissi d’arte…”? What a lame excuse! There’s a lot more to Tosca’s aria than that!
    Azar xx


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