Parfum Sacre EdP by Ernest Daltroff for Caron 1991

Hello Fragrant Friends,

I have had this beautiful fragrance in my wardrobe for a while, it is often grabbed for but then I think, “Oh No there’s only 30ml” and go for something else. As it’s been an unusually warm winter down here in Sydney the warmers have largely stayed in the closet. As you are about to go into Autumn up there in the Northern Hemisphere though, and I decided to wear this beauty, it is time I gave you a heads up on how it wears for me….

Parfum Sacre by Caron 1991

Parfum Sacre Caron Shopping.comPhoto Stolen

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cardamom, pepper, mimosa, cinnamon
Heart: Clove, orange, tincture of rose, jasmine
Base: Myrrh, vanilla, musk

Caron has chosen an interesting name for Parfum Sacre. Every person on earth has a different version of what’s sacred in their heads, combined of their upbringing, study, travel, personal thoughts and doctrine. Ernest Daltroff had his work cut out for him and I wonder what the brief was? It was 1991 so CdG wasn’t yet taking the incense by the horns and Lutens had only begun the idea of his Palais Royal. From my readings it appears that Bellodgia is an Italian town on Lake Como, somewhere near George Clooney’s Laglio house I’d hope. Could he be considered sacred? Plenty of people adore him….

Parfum Sacre Caron George Clooney House Lake Como LonnyPhoto Stolen lonny

So how does Parfum Sacre smell? On my skin it is bright, spicy and waxy at first, sharp and herbal as it burns off giving me a lovely pepper, cardamom and clove burst that if it was a good deal sheerer could be a modern wash opening, but it’s dense and fragrant, lovely in its complexity though I think I miss quite a bit of the nuance because the jasmine, cinnamon and rose are not featured players to my nose. The myrrh is king down the end and Parfum Sacre lasts for hours and hours. Even my scent hungry skin keeps it there, WOO HOO!

If you want to feel like a retro glamour movie star making a grand entrance and smelling like a billion dollars then Parfum Sacre is for you. NSFW unless you work alone or in a very airy office, Parfum Sacre can and will skunk if over applied. I was overly generous the other night at work, someone came in to give me a hug and started coughing with eyes streaming. It was a decidedly unglamorous moment and I felt really bad for him. It was the closeness I think but certainly less than ideal. So be careful with Parfum Sacre, sparingly unless you know you have 4 good hours of uncloseness. After 4 hours it calms to a dull roar and is pretty acceptable but still unsuitable for close working conditions or dining. Needless to say Parfum Sacre is one of my all time favourite cool weather fragrances, ever!!

Parfum Sacre Caron Gustave Moreau_-_The_Sacred_Elephant Google_Art_ProjectPhoto Stolen GoogleArtProject

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Another Perfume Blog
FragranceNet has $35/50ml unboxed before coupon.
Surrender To Chance has modern EdT & EdP from $3/ml, Older Version from $4/ml and Vintage Extrait from $15/.25ml

Parfum Sacre Caron St_Margaret_Mary_Alacoque_Contemplating_the_Sacred_Heart_of_Jesus WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Are you a Parfum Sacre fan?

See you tomorrow,
Portia xx

Note on new Bellodgia reformulation from Perfume Shrine: Nothing to do with Parfum Sacre: Piu Bellodgia means “more Bellodgia” in Italian (fitting language since the original Bellodgia was inspired by the Italian countryside) but doesn’t appear to add more oomph to the already rich bouquet of the classicCaron Bellodgia. Reworked by Richard Fraysse, this was a composition that needed to adhere to the new IFRA directives on the regulation of eugenol/isoeugenol (spicy components used in fragrance replicating carnations, such as this one). The newer version is rosier than I get from my old bottle (which is a fuller floral symphony), with less of the spicy kick.

Parfum Sacre Caron Allah-eser-green WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikimedia

26 thoughts on “Parfum Sacre EdP by Ernest Daltroff for Caron 1991

    • No, I’m just an idiot. Sorry about that. I’ve been wearing Bellodgia a lot lately and it’s in my head.
      Not the same, except they do share some of the Caron base.
      Thanks for catching this LeatherMountain.
      Portia xx


  1. Parfum Sacre, don’t know how hallowed I consider it, but I nearly bought it at Florence airport, as I loved the bright opening, got quite a lot of orange and I agree with you about the retro feel. Tried to wash it off a bit before I got on the plane as I am paranoid about skunking out fellow passengers.
    Need not have worried, man next to me farted for 10 hours straight!


    • Ha Ha ha!! Great story Jackie b.
      In those situations you need indolic big white floral. Farts make the BWFs smell even richer.
      Portia xx


    • Such a funny story, Jackie b! Can we ever anticipate what scent life will waft our way? And it only makes sense, Portia, that tuberose would be the perfect counter to these most natural of chemical attacks. The Flower and the Garbage Fart, a cautionary tale?


  2. I love vintage scents, I love houses smelling like them, but I never got used to wearing one, I feel it’s just not like…me. But the smell does take you back, thinking of retro glam, doesn’t it? Lovely review!


    • Hey there Amriaa,
      I haven’t seen you in ages. Are you well? How’s your lovely make up and beauty blog going? Does the Amriaa name above link to it?
      Portia xx


  3. I love retro scents. I wonder how this compares to the Intense version, as that’s all I have a sample of. I once went into this little boutique to buy Mitsouko because I noticed there were boxes in the older packaging. When I insisted he give me one of the older packages, he gave me the sample of PS Intense saying “Because you seem to like the older, classic perfumes.” Little does he know. I wanted to be able to rifle through his back stock room to find all the old, dusty boxes of pre-reformulation scents.


  4. I have that exact same purpletastic bottle of Parfum Sacre, and I do love it. It’s one of the perfumes I wear when I’m just on my own in my studio, painting, or reading strange things from the Middle Ages. It’s a very intense, and yet very soothing perfume. Completely unique, and you did it justice in your review!


    • Thanks Masha,
      I can imagine you wafting fragrantly around your studio, floating on a cloud of Parfum Sacre. It’s a beautiful image,
      Portia xx


  5. Parfum Sacre is one of my all time favorites, I put a spritz on the back of my neck last night and I can still smell a ghost of it this morning.


  6. I love Parfum Sacre! On me I get a lot of sharp thin pepper and a kinda of carnation/clove in the opening, cooler and thinner than Poivre but same family, and Caronade flowers, and something incense-y and vanilla-y. It reminds me of being in a room with white lilies, the kind that smell like vanilla and incense and salami (in a good way). I think of it as persistent but not so whomp-y, but then again tend to underspray.

    Coveting that purple bottle now! Got my dotted one on a discounter site a long time ago, on deep sale.


    • I love getting the good stuff cheap! It always makes me smile.
      You are an excellent reviewer mim, get in touch if you’d ever like a spot here at APJ.
      Portia xx


    • This IS a goodie. I am loving Caron, to be fair it’s been a house I’ve owned fragrances from and now that they are doing big reformulations and bottle changing I am worried that they’ll all change drastically.
      Portia xx


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