Alahine by Jean-Francois Latty for Teo Cabanel 2007


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


I spend a lot of my time in kitchens, both at work and in the home. Much as I love to always wear perfume, I can´t. There is nothing that smells worse to me than things baking and perfume together, not to mention perfume and garlic. Ugh. (I once nearly killed myself mixing an Amouage with 7 hours in the kitchen, but that´s another story!) When I finish baking, I usually head off to deliver, which is where a solid perfume comes into play for me. Turning up covered in freshly spritzed perfume is just not my thing. That is not to say that I don´t enjoy having people take notice, (I have worn Rubj EdP to church!) but along with freshly baked goods, it really is not a good mix.

Which is exactly why I enjoy Alahine, the solid perfume. I can put it on anywhere without it being immediately obvious. I must admit it took me a while to look into Teo Cabanel. I am sad (and embarrassed) to say I thought it was some sort of natural line that might have been sold in a health food store! I have no idea as to where I got such a peculiar notion. When I tried this at Bloom´s in London I realized what I had been missing. The House of Teo Cabanel, has been established for well over 100 years, firstly in Morocco, and later in Paris. Their fragrances cannot be purchased along with your wheatgrass juice.

Alahine by Teo Cabanel 2007 Solid Perfume

Alahine Teo Cabanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured acciords:
Top: Bergamot, ylang-ylang
Heart: Jasmine,orange blossom, pepper, rose of Morocco
Base: Iris, cistus, patchouli, benjoin, vanilla, sandalwood, musk

Alahine is really quite seductive.. A blend of all things lovely; bergamot, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, Morroccan rose, iris, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood ……… Just edgy enough to be different from other bog standard perfumes, but not enough to upset anyone. That makes the solid perfume ideal. Especially in the cooler months. As it says on the Teo Cabanel website, it has been designed to apply to pulse points, décolleté and bare shoulders. (Well, my shoulders aren´t too bare here in the winter, but you get the picture.)

Alahine Teo Cabanel Gentlemen_Prefer_Blondes WikipediaPhoto stolen Wikipedia

It takes a few seconds to melt into the skin and then slowly releases the most delicious fragrance. Slowly being the key. After about half an hour you are wrapped in a warm blanket of ambery, spicy, sumptuousness. Now at this point I really must add, do NOT be fooled by this solid perfume. It is strong stuff. Pure perfume. That means it is very easy to overdose on it. You need the smallest amount. Not to be applied liberally, tempting as it is.

I like to dab my fragrances. Not always, but often. It makes me feel refined and debonair, ripped jeans and all.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

Alahine is absolutely affordable, comes in a heavy brass, square shaped box which is perfect for the handbag, where mine lives. It means I am never without a perfume. It can´t leak, break, or spill. It comes with 2 x 2 grammes of the solid perfume. Which is a lot more than it sounds!

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Teo Cabanel has €65/solid, €95/50ml & €120/100ml

Alahine teo-cabanel-sample kitPhoto Stolen Teo Cabanel

When I received my package from Teo Cabanel I was delighted to find a beautifully packaged set of the entire Teo Cabanel perfume collection. Can´t do better than that!

Back to the oven.
CQ xxxx

20 thoughts on “Alahine by Jean-Francois Latty for Teo Cabanel 2007

    • Hi Katrina!
      Yep, cooking for any length of time is just not the time to spritz. I am always aware of someone cominginto my shop with the smell of baking AND perfume. No, no, no!
      Nice to see you. 🙂 xxxxx


    • Hello Nancy – I wouldn´t have done wither if it hadn´t been out on the counter to try in Bloom Perfumery. It is more intense than the EdP. Quite lovely. Drop by again! Love CQ xxxxxx


  1. Hi Val,
    Thank you for this review! I am not familiar with Alahine but would like to try the solid. I too have had some pretty odd experiences using certain Amouage and then cooking. I couldn’t really prepare the food correctly and everything had a strong medicinal odor (the myrrh?)
    Azar xx


    • Did you confuse the perfume with a teaspoon of vanilla??? Hahahah. Maybe I should work on an Amouage Cookie. Hmmmm. I think not. 🙂 xxxxx Hugs my dear.


    • Hey Tatiana! The compact is really heavy and I love that. It feels like something proper in the hand. It is a stunning fragrance. My daughter loves it too. There again she likes way too many of my fragrances!! Hugs. xxxx CQ


    • I have a 100ml bottle of Alahine eau de parfume that I received as agift. However it is not really a fragrance for me.
      I am happy to give it away to someone who will really appreciate it. I found this blog and I think many people here love this perfume.
      Please contact me if you are interested!


  2. Well Cymbaline, I can definitely recommend it. I like the EdP as well, but cannot come up with a good excuse to buy it yet. But I am working on it. Have a nice evening/day! CQ xxxxx


    • Well Jordan, this one does. Beautifully. I have no experience with any other solid perfumes, unless you count the sexy, black Serge Lutens wax samples. Which I don´t.
      Val xxxxx


  3. I have a sample of Alahine and it is a wonderful perfume. I haven’t tried the solid. I have to admit I was like you and under the impression that this line was one of those all natural ones too. I wonder why we both thought that? Alahine is a very cozy scent to me.


    • Hi Poodle!
      Strange huh? Must be something in the subconscious – it´s not that I don´t like perfumes from health food stores …. uh …. wait a minute. Yes it is. haha.
      CQ xxxxxx


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