Alahine by Jean-François Latty for Teo Cabanel 2007


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I blame The Muse In Wooden Shoes. I find it hard to believe that I found that post in 2009, maybe I stumbled across it more recently but I fail to see how. Anyway, when I first read this piece about a fragrance conjuring such a fabulous memory I added a place card in my brain with Alahine on it. A rich floral amber? Sign me up. Then I completely forgot about Alahine for years. After getting a sample in a bunch that someone sent me it was back on the radar, I had a couple of decants and then last year I finally bit the bullet and bought 50ml……

Alahine by Teo Cabanel 2007

Alahine by Jean-François Latty

Alahine Teo Cabanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured acciords:
Top: Bergamot, ylang-ylang
Heart: Jasmine, orange blossom, pepper, Moroccan rose
Base: Iris, cistus, patchouli, benjoin, vanilla, sandalwood, musk

Sweet citrus, languid white flowers giving fruity and green aspects and patchouli, my nose tells me tobacco but it must be the resins and patchouli dancing closely, there are also some chocolate references. Alahine seems to be a white floral for people who love orientals. Dryer and less spicy than the heavy hitting orientals Alahine is warmer and less overbearing than the big white florals. A middle ground.

Alahine Teo Cabanel Morris_African_Marigold 1876 WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Who wears Alahine?  So if you want to smell like the feeling of being cuddled up on the couch, dozing yet aware that everything is OK. Not perfect but calmly, quietly, comfortably OK. Alahine feels like learning that good enough is. The gentle release when you finally understand that perfection is a goal but good enough (not second best, they are vastly different) will be good enough.

The base is beautiful and warm, vanilla/patchouli/resins all combine perfectly with the sandalwood and the lingering lush, near tropical bouquet to be delightfully creamy and lightly caramelled, only the merest dry hint of pepper gives the whole fragrance a lift, keeping it out of gourmand territory. Then it’s float and calmly settle all the way to lightly vanilla and gone.

Alahine Teo Cabanel whisper aletuzzi PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

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Teo Cabanel has €65/solid, €115/50ml & €155/100ml
LuckyScent has $130/50ml
Posh Peasant has samples starting at $4/ml

What fragrance took you years to finally pull the trigger on?
Portia xxx

7 thoughts on “Alahine by Jean-François Latty for Teo Cabanel 2007

  1. Alahiiiiiiine!

    You already know how much I love the stuff. I will say that I agree with you on its being a floral amber, and I will further say that it might be an oriental for floral-lovers, because I am SO not an oriental gal. (This and vintage Emeraude, and Shalimar Light… and that’s pretty much all.)

    Lovely review.


    • Hey Mals86,
      Thank You for the introduction to Alahine, weird that it took me so long to bite the bullet. That is a pretty gorgeous trio if you’re doing orientals.
      Always so nice to see you.
      Portia xx


  2. SL Ambre Sultan took me a while to appreciate and Alahine as Well. But do love them now ! Especially now we are entering the winter season here. Loved Reading THE Muse on Wooden shoes.


    • Hey Esperanza,
      There is something so warm and personal about The Muse In Wooden Shoes, I miss her regular posts a lot.
      Portia xx


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