Escada Pour Homme 1993

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Escada Pour Homme 1993

A Russian ballerina named Doris introduced me to Escada pour Homme (EPH) in 2005. Doris Vidanya to give her full moniker. I say ballerina, I mean a man painted for days (wearing LOTS of make-up), poured into a bodice/tutu and with a very, very tight black wig styled into a tighter ‘ballet bun’. See picture.


Side note: I should point out that I wasn’t soliciting men in tutus in the street! Doris (Grant Thomas) was a dancer with Les Ballets Trockerdero De Monte Carlo ( and was in Sydney with the troupe as part of their 2005 Australian tour. I was also painted for days, but not in a tutu.

 Escada pour Homme Escada FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica Gives these featured accords:
Top: Orange, , lavender, cognac, Italian lemon, bergamot
Heart: Nutmeg, caraway, carnation, bay leaf, cinnamon, juniper, geranium, cardamom
Base: Sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, vanilla

I liked EPH immediately. Those of you who’ve read my previous posts may remember my preferences when it comes ticking boxes. For those not up to scratch on my likes here is a quick reminder: Jacques Polge, Hermes: Terre D’Hermes + Voyage, Tiffany & Co., Slumberhouse, fresh, natural, patchouli, woody, musk, spice, tobacco, cedarwood, powdery, niche.

The early 1990s saw fresher, sportier fragrances become more popular than the headier orientals and herbals of the previous decade, but a handful of designers were still looking to update and revitalise them. 20 years later and although now discontinued, EPH still holds its own as a modern oriental that perhaps remains one of Escada’s best fragrances for men.

Escada pour Homme Escada Dragon WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I find EPH to be sophisticated, sexy, masculine, prestigious, alluring and warm. On first smelling this scent one could forgive you for thinking it a fragrance an older gentleman might wear, but a confident demeanour will suit this well. It lasts forever on my skin. This morning’s spritz is still knocking a punch and the cognac, patchouli and musk are still coming through exciting my olfactory cilia…but there is still a refreshing citrus note on top of it all. It brings to mind good quality incense…eastern incense, not the mass produced variety.

Apart from Grant (Doris) and I, I can see Henry Cavill carrying off EPH with ease. It’s a bold, refined aroma that demands a bold, refined and elegant wearer. Those not sure of the statement they wish to make with their fragrance should probably tread carefully with EPH.

Further reading: The Perfume Critic
I can find Escada Pour Homme only at Amazon and Ebay now

Kymme CV x

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