19 thoughts on “Cat Lovers! Have you seen this video?

  1. Saw it and loved it. And, in a more existentialist mood, have you seen Will Braden’s Henri Le Chat Noir?

    He here is in all his ennui:

    and for The Worst Noel:

    Thanks for always spreading the fun, Portia.


    • Excellent! I hope your family likes it too.
      Every cat on earth will jump onto a laptop or book at inopportune times. It is part of their charm.
      Portia xx


  2. My cat must have already read this manual….in fact she should have auditioned for the role!!
    I’m such a sucker for animal cuteness, thanks for posting it Portia!


    • You are so welcome JackieB,
      Fridays we need something as well as fragrance. well I like to anyway.
      I think every cat that has a human gets the memo.
      Portia xx


  3. This cat is the “spittin’ image” of Shorty, one of my cats from years ago who loved to eat bread. We would close the bread up in bread boxes and cupboards but Shorty would always manage to get to it, shred the packaging and rip the loaves apart. I wonder what was going on in his cat brain?


    • Ha Ha Ha! I’ve never heard a cat story like that before Azar. What a cool cat, though it must have been annoying.
      Portia xx


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