Curious by Claude Dir for Britney Spears 2004


Post by Katrina


Today I am reviewing my perfume of choice for exercising. I have so many cheap and cheerful celebrity scents that are perfect to use as a body spray. Do you wear perfume when you exercise and if so what is your choice? This year I have started doing hot yoga classes. It can get really smelly in there so I started wearing Britney Spears Curious to class to hide the bad smells. Curious is refreshing and uplifting which is what I need when I feel exhausted from the heat and exercise.

Curious by Claude Dir for Britney Spears 2004

Curious Britney Spears FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: fresh lotus, mouthwatering pear and magnolia.
Heart: tuberose, jasmine and pink cyclamen.
Base: musk, vanilla and precious woods

Curious is the first perfume from Britney Spears and Britney Spears perfumes are generally very good, Curious is no exception. The packaging of Curious looks great as well, with its blue glass bottle and dangly pink charm. You can get larger bottles of Curious with an atomizer that makes it so pretty and girly and would make a lovely gift. I think this would be very special to a teen girl and the perfume is perfectly suitable to that age group.

Curious Britney Spears WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Curious opens with the distinct smell of fresh crisp pear. It is as cool and refreshing as the sparkling pear cider I crave after hot yoga. It feels light and breezy making it perfect for summer. There is also an aquatic element to Curious matching the gorgeous blue glass of the Curious bottle. Slowly the white florals emerge from the fragrance and they smell beautiful but not very strong. This is a good introduction to white florals for anyone new to perfume.

The strength and longevity of Curious is reasonably good until we get to the base notes. The soft sweet vanilla and musk smells lovely but fades away too quickly. Luckily by then I am home and showered after my hot yoga!

Curious Britney Spears Sam Lavy  FlickrPhoto Stolen Sam Lavy  Flickr

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Happy holidays everyone!

Katrina xx

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6 thoughts on “Curious by Claude Dir for Britney Spears 2004

  1. I have definitely had trouble focusing in yoga sometimes due to the unpleasant smells! I worry about wearing too much perfume in small, crowded spaces though.


  2. I admit I have never had much interest in celebrity perfumes, but your posts are slowly changing my mind. Keep this up and I will break down and try some. 😉


  3. Curious has sentimental value to me, my daughter bought me the gift set while she was visiting her dad when she was only 6 and I’ve kept it in my perfume cabinet for 8 years now, I like to spray it on when I go to the gym 🙂


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