CHANEL: L’esprit De La Haute Joaillerie Movie

G’Day all from the land of Oz,

Sometimes it’s wonderful to dream. I will probably never own a hand crafted or bespoke piece of CHANEL jewellery and I can live with that. Something that does excite me though is watching somebody put so much attention, love and pure magic into what they do. Doesn’t mater what it is, it’s always good to watch masters at their task. There is a certain ease and relaxedness about them, it inspires me every time.

Free VERY Expensive CHANEL

I hope you enjoy the creation of a spectacular piece of CHANEL jewellery.
Portia xx

CHANEL: L’esprit De La Haute Joaillerie (The spirit of hand crafted jewellery)

CHANEL SeedOfHappinessPhoto Stolen SeedOfHappiness

4 thoughts on “CHANEL: L’esprit De La Haute Joaillerie Movie

  1. Wow. I would think anyone who wore such a piece would feel the spirit of the maker(s) infusing it. How could one carelessly throw such a thing on and off -impossible! It was fascinating to see all of the tools, so many are required for this work. Thanks for sharing this!


    • You are very welcome Fifi.
      I think when you first got it the magic would be almost too much to bear. After repeated wearings though it would become part of you, like a watch or belt that you know is lovely but wear it because it has become a piece of who you are for the times you wear it. Maybe like the exquisite fragrances that we all love.
      Sorry, I prattle aimlessly.
      Portia xx


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