The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit: Doco

Hey APJ,

We are cleaning the Perfume Room and giving it a new paint job. It’s quite a BIG DEAL so over the next couple of days I am dropping in some Video stuff that I’ve found interesting, educational or took me outside my box. Some of it is ONE TOPIC but some will also be TOTALLY OFF TOPIC!

Blackleopard WikiMedia CommonsPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Today we are going way off topic to animal communication and interaction with humans. This is a 13 minute story of Diablo the black panther and his life change to Spirit. There is a certain amount of Woo Woo and other stuff I’m not 100% on board with but the results speak volumes, and that’s enough for me.


The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit

13 thoughts on “The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit: Doco

  1. Stop making me cry!
    I also do not know how this is possible but I love the story, and I accept that there is a lot we do not know.
    I had a cat that looked remarkably similar, we used to call him the Ninja, perhaps I will rethink that name!


    • Sorry Jackie B,
      I hope they were joyful tears like I cried, tears of happiness for a life made peaceful.
      Ninja is a great name for a cat, silent but deadly, strong and in command of himself and his surroundings. I love Ninja for a cat.
      Portia xxx


  2. Hi Portia,

    Great story! Inter-species communication happens everyday around here. I have a long was to go until I can approach anything like what Anna does in the video clip but I know it is possible and not that difficult. I think the first step is simply being there with complete attention, just like when talking with a human that I respect and love. When I am really busy or obsessed with something it is hard to be there for the people in my life, let alone the animals.

    Now if I could just remember to check both my e-mail addresses. That would definitely improve the human communications! (Sorry)

    Azar xx


    • Ha Ha ha! I will use the other one from now on. I need to put it under the Azar.
      As for interspecies communication, sometimes I think jin is from another species and that communication may be impossible.
      Portia xx


      • Never give up, Portia!

        I’ve found that using the animal to human communication techniques I’ve learned from Gomez the bird and Fender the dog will get B-Azar’s attention. Gomez begins communications with “Good morning. Are you OK, Honey? I love you.” Fender the dog just stares lovingly or barks a little bit when frustrated. These techniques (but of course NEVER the bird beak slash) seem to work when trying to get through to B. Once mutual attention has been established then telepathy or meaningful conversation can begin. I suppose the same techniques work on me too!

        Azar xx


    • Hey Maya,
      Thanks for dropping in. Quite touching isn’t it.
      We have had a year of trouble with a dog we rescued here. He was angry, barky, aggressive and extremely unhappy, the dog whisperer came and we had a brand new dog in under 5 hours. He is now everything a dog should be and a valuable member of our household.
      the woo woo sometimes works.
      Portia xx


      • Good result! We had the same experience with a dog whisperer, her ability had a lot to do with reading the dog’s body language, she really seemed to know what he was thinking!


  3. What a beautiful story! I love that an animal that’s been abused can find love and respect in his new environment and that he can find peace there. Also – I wish I could do this. I’d love to have known what my many pets thought at different times in their lives, including my current fur baby! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Yes, imagine. I wonder what my beautiful dog that is getting VERY old is thinking. I do know she thinks she is the Queen of this coop. Fair enough, she probably is. Greyhounds are the most cat like dogs and my old girl, Gucci, is very full of her own importance
      Portia xx


      • I had two greyhounds a few years back. They are beautiful dogs! And such wonderful temperaments. Give Gucci a kiss behind the ears for me. I still miss mine!


        • Yes, she is amazing. We have also, over the years taken on second Greyhounds to retrain them for family life. They are excellent dogs. Gucci is 13 in January and that is old for a Greyhound, kisses delivered.
          Portia xx


  4. very moving and powerful, i guess what it shows is any being human or animal deserves respect and kindness especially ones that come from an abused background. It is possible to heal anything with compassion.


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