Tilleul by Olivia Giacobetti for D`Orsay 2008


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hiding in the back of my perfume shelf I found a fragrance I haven’t worn for years. TILLEUL D’Orsay. I’d forgotton how lovely it was. I originally bought it as it reminded me of honeysuckle, fresh freesias and lily of the valley combined, but in a way smelt far more natural and less sickly-toilet-sprayish than a fragrance with these ingredients would usually smell. (I find frags of these flowers often smell cheap and nasty)

On revisiting it I now realize its got plenty more to it and is put together incredibly well.

Tilleul by Olivia Giacobetti for D`Orsay 2008

Tilleul D`Orsay FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon blossom, angelica, watermelon
Heart: Cyclamen, linden blossom
Base: Acacia tree, bee wax, hay, black locust

Tilleul by D`Orsay is light and sparkles with a waxy floral, citrus-like, smell, especially straight from the bottle. Tileul is Linden blossom, mixed up with lemon blossom. It is fresh, pretty and bright. Summery to me.

Once sprayed, there’s gusts of watermelon, maybe slightly green, which surprisingly I am liking, considering I’m not a big one for fruity fragrances. The waxy undertones seem to be beeswax and I think this makes the whole combo tolerable, and not too sweet for me. The dryness, touching on powdery, could be hay , or grasses. I am still reminded of honeysuckle, but it’s almost like that smell has been re-constructed with the use of other flowers/ingredients, rather than containing any actual honeysuckle.

Tilleul by D`Orsay honeysuckle WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

The other factor leading me away from thinking it’s honeysuckle is a floral, citrus green note. A muguet? Perhaps not lily of the valley, or freesia as first thought, but cyclamen, a flower I consider to be quite underated. So often the pots sit flowering in peoples homes and no one stoops to smell them. Such a pretty scent, but so so faint, usually. Not here. Here it is amplified and enhanced by its co-ingredients.

If you like mimosa/acacia/floral green fragrances like L’Occitane Eau d’azur – this will be a hit for you – but far more natural and not as heavy on synthetics like calone, which gives me a nasty headache. This is a well balanced scent.

Tilleul by D`Orsay was first created in 1915, so there is definitely a beautiful vintage feel to the scent, and combination of ingredients is very “of that era”. Very French. In 2008 it was reformulated by Olivia Giacobetti, which might be why also I am getting a good whiff of freesia perhaps, as she was the nose behind Ofresia for Diptyche. (which is also very nice, but VERY VERY SWEET…and seems to get sweeter in the bottle over time). I love so many of her mixes, and seem to building a little collection/shrine to her over time.

Tilleul D`Orsay The_Quarrel_of_Oberon_and_Titania WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

It’s a fresh green floral. It’s summer. Tilleul by D`Orsay is green watermelon!!!! Too much would be a bit sickly for me, but today- a hot 32 degrees in Byron Bay, a light spritz and I am off to the beach DEFINITELY smelling better than those in my way!! (someone should open a perfume shop up here!!)

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Parfum1 has $75/50ml
The Posh Peasant starts at $3.50/ml

have you revisited the back of your cupboard lately- found anything you like?? Tell me more!!

Ainslie Walker

12 thoughts on “Tilleul by Olivia Giacobetti for D`Orsay 2008

  1. Heya Ainslie,
    Nice to read you. Another lovely post on a house that surprises me with its lavish look and affordability. How close does it skirt the much feared lemon fresh cleaning products?
    Portia xx


  2. So glad to see a review of this one. I’ve got the big bottle, as shown in the picture. I love this scent!! It’s winter where I live (US Midwest) and very cold, but reading this makes me feel I need to get out my bottle and make it my SOTD tomorrow.


    • Thanks Mary-will be great to see how it makes you feel in the midst of winter? Hope it brings you a little promise of spring/summer!! X


  3. Hello Ainslie, I had a sample of this one lying around unused so I decided to try it just yesterday! I loved it! It went straight onto my want list 😉


  4. This is one I’ve never heard of but am intrigued by the beeswax as I love the smell of really good beeswax candles that are not scented but just resonate with that creamy/ honey scent. I too love linden and freesia – fresh freesia flowers are amazing but somehow it never manages to manifest other than overly sweet in a perfume – ditto honeysuckle. So I’m intrigued to try this as you stress the lack of sweetness – will search out a sample. Thanks for the great review!


  5. Just me checking back in. I’ve got this on today, and it definitely has put me in a good mood. I get a lot of linden from it and it does make me think of spring & early summer.


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