M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey by Kedra Hart for Opus Oils 2013

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Last year while in LA for the Perfume Posse ScentSation Bus Tour our last fragrant stop of the day was Opus oils. Kedra Hart was there and boy is she a knockout. We sniffed and laughed, it was fun, we shopped and then we finished the day on the bus. I bought a bottle of Isis and today’s frag…

M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey by Kedra Hart for Opus Oils 2013

M’Eau Joe No 3 - Hollywood Whiskey Fragrance Opus Oils FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Limnophila aromatica, whiskey, saffron, cognac, rice flower
Heart: Tobacco, honey, rose, violet, dark chocolate
Base: Amber, vanilla, tobacco, musk, moss, woody notes

The opening is FIERCE!! Do NOT put your nose near wet fragrance unless you want it completely burned out.

Once the initial screech has flown M’Eau Joe is extremely unusual. Sweet and green, a little nasty and very boozy. There is a something that feels awkward and it is hard to decide if I’m smelling gorgeous or disgusting. You know when you haven’t drunk alcohol for a while and then someone gives you a drink, or you buy one, and that first sip is both repellant and mother’s milk. I find it especially with white spirits. By the end of the first glass though it is delicious and you want more, right? So goes M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey, I think it may be the Limnophila aromatica which is a plant from Asia used widely in Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai dishes with a green/sweet scent reminiscent of lemon and cumin that gives this incredibly unusual and most interesting hue to the other accords.

M’Eau Joe No 3 - Hollywood Whiskey Opus Oils Flaming_cocktails WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Sweet, honeyed tobacco and booze, the amber is very soft in the dry down on me and it’s mainly about the vanilla, tobacco and booze right to the end, around 5-6 hours tops. I adore M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey and I wish that I found it more wearable on a daily basis. When I do grab it and spritz I get a splendid, thought provoking, good freaky fragrant ride. Nothing I own smells like it, sadly that is also its downfall. I must be TOTALLY in the mood for a journey, need to have the time and space to follow the story and be wowed by the development, time to really take note. Those times are few and far between lately and M’Eau Joe has been sitting in the frag cupboard for too long. I will make a concerted effort to give it more skin time this week…..

M’Eau Joe No 3 - Hollywood Whiskey Opus Oils Cheroot_Cigars  fotopediaPhoto Stolen FotoPedia

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Opus Oils has a huge range of ways to buy <<<JUMP
Surrender To Chance start at $6/ml

Are you a whisky or tobacco in fragrance fan? What are your favourites?
Portia x

6 thoughts on “M’Eau Joe No.3 Hollywood Whiskey by Kedra Hart for Opus Oils 2013

  1. By and large I don’t like booze notes at all, and want them in my glass, not on my body. Boozy perfumes give me the disconcerting feeling that somebody has spilled their drink on me. But I do love some Ambre Russe once in a while. Sort of like bathing in cognac. I plan to get a sample of the By Kilian Apple Brandy at some point, because I would probably enjoy a small dose of it but doubt that I would wear it more than once or twice.


    • Hey FeralJasmine,
      I on the other hand would rather booze in my frags than my glass. I love the smell but the taste and feeling aren’t really me, unless it’s bubbles.
      Portia x


  2. Very synchronous post Portia, as today I visited The Perfume House, a wonderful store here in Portland, and spent some time sniffing baccy perfumes . I have samples of several and haven’t made up my mind – they all seem very complex and will need some time to ponder. I tried C for Men, Piguet’s Casbah, Tauer’s Pentachord Auburn, SL ‘s Chergui and Etat Libra’s Jasmine et Cigarette. I was fascinated by the J et C – smelled like when I used to smoke and the smoke would cling to your clothes – but not in that horrible musty way – the Jamine somehow “cleaned” the ciggy smell up.
    I also tried Tabac Blond which I was soooo looking forward to. I had a tiny bottle of the vintage years ago and only have a vague recollection of the leather and carnation with smoky undertones. This modern version was Hideous! A screech of alcohol that overpowered anything else that might be lurking in the background – I didn’t even want to go back to it…


    • Hey SallyM
      You are testing some of my favourite full bottles. Chergui and Auburn get regular skin time around here and I have Jasmin et Cigarette too but haven’t worn it because it came in the ELdO 10ml set which are not spritz and I always forget them, I will one day decant and have a go.
      Portia xx


    • Hi there Ines,
      I wore M’Eau Joe this afternoon. It is a smooth ride, so different to anything else I have. I was thin king to sell it but now I may just keep it.
      Portia xx


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