New Years Resolutions 2014 (The Fragrant Version)


Post by Gabriella


Happy New Year perfumed peeps!

Today I want to share with you three fragrant wishes for 2014, or more aptly, three good things I started to do last year and want to continue.

New Years Resolutions 2014 (The Fragrant Version)

1. Sharing my perfume hobby more with friends and family.

Case number one: My Mum. Mum’s been faithful to Giorgio for several years now. It smells great on her and she likes it, but can’t really smell it anymore. Several attempts to get her to try other things have usually been met with much protest. So, when I gifted her with some samples on a recent visit to Sydney, I fully expected them to lie unused in her dresser. Not so. When we went to stay with my parents at Christmas, she happily announced that she was wearing Aurora Nomade by The Different Company. She then proceeded to be utterly charmed by Beyond Love By Kilian and Manguier Metisse by Parfumerie Generale and Cocobello by Heeley. She’s loving it and she’s still going….

Mitsouko FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Case number two: a family friend, Miss L, who asked me to help her find a new perfume several months ago. After some time sniffing, testing and sample gifting, my brother announces at Christmas that she’s hit the jackpot. The chosen one is “the Guerlain with the Japanese name”. “Ahhh, Mitsouko!” Mr M proclaims (I’ve taught him well people). Miss L wanted a bottle of the EDP but couldn’t find it anywhere and contacted me in desperation. I had a partial bottle that was lying around unloved that I happily gave her. She was thrilled and I haven’t felt better about a perfume experience for a long time.

2. Exploring more scents on the very masculine end of the spectrum.

I’m as girly-girl as they come and so are my perfume tastes, mostly. I realise that it’s a no-no to speak of a gender divide in perfume, but I have not smelt enough (or reviewed enough) scents that lie in what I deem to be the more masculine camp. This was prompted this was Mr M’s request for a fourth scent for Christmas. He has Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio, Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne and Antaeus by Chanel and isn’t going to be wearing Fracas or even something more unisex anytime soon.

Autoportrait Olfactive Studio FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

I chose Bois du Portugal by Creed. It smelt great on me, great on the card, and even my Mum loved it. But it was a disaster on him: waaaaay too sweet and too much lavender. The whole exercise made me realise that I haven’t smelt any of the masculine Amouages, Knize Ten, most Chanels for men and lord knows what else. In 2014, I want to rectify that.

3. Cull more of my collection

After many impulse buys and hence a few bottles lying around untouched, I have finally realised that there’s a huge distinction between the perfume I want to wear most of the time and the perfume I want to experience, wear on the odd occasion, or write about. This hobby certainly doesn’t mean I have to have 30 bottles that get worn once a year, it’s about enjoying what you have. And in saying that, sometimes less is more. So, full bottles only for the ones I regularly use and samples or decants for everything else. I really would like to get my collection down to eight or ten bottles and the rest is going to be sold.

Osswald boutique Vogue TumblerPhoto Stolen Vogue Tumbler

So, what do you think of my list? Do you have any perfume goals or wishes for this year? What perfumes do you want to buy or experience this year?

With much love until next time!

M x

19 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions 2014 (The Fragrant Version)

  1. Brave woman on the clearing out the unloved bottles. I’ll stand there and buy them from you so my collection will multiply. I know what you mean about having too many bottles gathering dust in the dark. Perhaps I’ll do a bit of culling too and will start with the multiples. My own resolution is to try something I don’t know or don’t know well every day and to think properly about it – to give time to get to know a perfume and understand it properly. I’m aiming also to get to grips with some brands I know but have never understood. Comme des Garcons for example or Creed. Plus to give some time every day to reading and digesting blogs rather than reading them on the run then only vaguely remembering. So a real self-improvement perfume programme!


    • Hi Catherine,

      That’s a good one! There are so many lines I haven’t tried too and really getting to know them rather than a few quick sniffs. I’ll share my sell list with you and we can see if there’s anything you’d like.

      M x


  2. Gorgeous! I love your stories of finding scents for people and sharing the joy 🙂

    I am always tinkering with the larger self that is my perfume collection. Like the clothes I wear or the aesthetics of my home, I fine tune and adjust. These thing change along with me over time.

    I like to let go bottles that don’t quite fit me any more, keeping a decant for nostalgia and reference. I can be a little slow to let go, but the benefit is I don’t regret and re-purchase! I would like to give a little more active attention to this balance this year.

    I have also been using a random selector tool to pick a fragrance for me to wear. I can be quite fixed in what I will wear, so I’m enjoying the adventure of wearing more widely from my wardrobe. I plan to use this selection method regularly this year.

    Also I will find new ways to share the joy…


  3. Hey there Madeleine,
    Happy New Year! These feel like good resolutions that are liveable.As I’m in the middle of my cull can I tell you it’s VERY liberating.
    Portia xx


  4. Hey M!
    I have 14 bottles. It is more than enough. It know a couple of people who are starting to sell off some things.
    I love trying new (to me) stuff, but very very seldom am I blown away, which is why I have so few!! I have my beady eye on 30mls of Tonka Imperial, and really would love to try Cuir Gardenia.
    Lots of love, Val xxxxx


    • Hi Val,

      I agree, there’s rarely something that wows me and I can always get another little sample if I’m intrigued. Cuir Gardenia is on my list too, it sounds divine and also the MDCI Nuit Andalouse and more testing of Neela V.

      M x


  5. I also love to share perfumes that I do not necessarily wear. In this way I have ensnared my sister who is on her way down the rabbit hole, but even better, my husband who is able to evaluate fragrances on me and appreciate what works on him.
    Such a great excuse to buy perfume!
    I will have to work towards the other two points on your list!


  6. I have too many bottles, but I have no aspirations to aggressively cull my collection… there are about 20-30 I could part with, but the rest are staying (I have over 500). I like having them around even if I don’t wear them often. The ones I will get rid of are things I know I will never want to wear again.


    • Hi Tara,

      Whoa! That amount would overwhelm me! I agree that you need to take time selling to prevent regrets and be sure you don’t want to wear again.

      M x


  7. Oh gosh I’m too much of a hoarder! I had a huge reorganisation a few months ago when I bought a dedicated cupboard. I will circulate many around with my daughter, but will then go and round them up, dust them off, and put them back in the dark to have a rest!


  8. Very good resolutions!
    I would like to take one for myself (the one about culling the collection). 🙂
    I also agree one should venture to the masculine side, many nice things await there… 😉


  9. I like your resolution #1 (and I always try to do the same) as to the other two… I probably won’t spend too much of my time and skin RE for testing something I won’t enjoy wearing: usually masculine scents do not work for me so I’ll limit my exploration by feminine and unisex offerings.
    With minimizing your collection I’d like to recommend moderation 😉 It’s easy to “clean out” something you’ll regret doing in a year or two.


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