Moon Bloom by Hiram Green 2013


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Hey APJ! Happy New Year.

Through the miracle of modern technology, Portia introduced me to Hiram Green by email, and invited him to send me a sample of Moon Bloom. Oh yes, I was excited. This would be a first for me, having a perfume sent specifically to be tested and written about. But what if I didn´t like it?

I am sat here sipping my Matcha latte (my current addiction), with my nose glued to my wrist wondering what on earth I can possibly add to all that has been said already about Moon Bloom. I will have to assume that some of you are reading about Moon Bloom for the first time.

Moon Bloom by Hiram Green 2013

Moon Bloom Hiram Green FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute, ylang-ylang, coconut, leafy greens, tropical spices, resins

Moon Bloom is an all natural fragrance. Tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute, and creamy ylang ylang, mingled with coconut, leafy greens, hints of tropical spice and resins. It is extremely feminine and drop-dead gorgeous; hypnotic and narcotic. I wore it up a mountain. Sub-zero temperatures along with snow add to the beauty of this very desirable concoction. It´s luminous, visible in the darkness. It is a fragrance for the winter solstice.

Moon Bloom Hiram Green Denmark Solstice FotoPediaPhoto Stolen FotoPedia

“Natural fragrant materials have the power to stimulate the senses in ways a synthetic cannot duplicate.” Hiram Green

The perfume hugs the skin like a cloak, staying close for at least six hours. I cannot recommend it highly enough if tuberose and perfection together is your thing. The bottle too is as perfect as the perfume within it.

Further reading: About Hiram Green – Olfactoria’s Travels and Smelly Thoughts
Hiram Green has €135/50ml, and a €25/5ml TRAVEL SIZE. Just like all perfume houses should do. (Note – folks outside of the EU do not pay sales tax, so it comes in at a lower price.)

There was no need to worry. I loved it. You know how you can tell? I would not have written about it otherwise.

With a million thanks to Hiram Green for giving me the opportunity, and encouraging me to look further into natural perfumery.

Have a nice day.


20 thoughts on “Moon Bloom by Hiram Green 2013

    • Hello Kandice. Please do. The travel size is a great deal and if you like tuberose you cannot fail. Thanks for dropping by! Hugs from the Austrian hills. xxxx


  1. This sounds like a must try. I have never heard of Hiram Green either and I have a strong interest in natural perfumes. I love that they use “banned” ingredients which I have never had a problem with and I agree smell better. Some synthetics, especially in florals, cause me to have a sneezing fit and my eyes water like a faucet!


    • Hey Maya! Well up until about November last year I would´t have stopped if I saw the word “natural”. But I have done a complete turnaround and find the artistic skill of the perfumers working with naturals to be astounding. Keep reposted! Love, Val xxxx


  2. “if tuberose and perfection together is your thing”. gorgeous!

    thanks, I want to smell this and you make it sound divine. that bottle is Elegant!



  3. Good Evening Sister Mary.

    I have no doubt that on the path to fulfilling your divine mission, and seeking perfection you have been enticed by what has been said regarding the sumptuous Moon Bloom. But Sister
    I don´t know if tuberose would be appropriate for a woman of the cloth. Strange things have been rumored to happen when a woman and tuberose get together. And I do not want the responsibility.

    Sisterly love
    Val xxxxxxx


  4. Hey Pretty Lady,
    In less than a week we will be dining together in Salzburg. I CAN’T WAIT!! As always a lovely piece and I’m glad the Moon Bloom hit your happy place.
    Portia xx


    • I hope it is just over a week honey pie – otherwise I have the schedule wrong. Which I don´t because I AM part of the European Coordination team. Bussis galore … to be collected in person. xxx


    • Can we ever have enough?? But we still need to be careful … there are some seriously nasty ones out there!! 😉 xxx


  5. This sounds lovely Val. Tuberose is such a mood lifter for me. What better way to get through the winter grey skies. Thanks for the review. xo


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