Armani Privè Ambre Soie by Christina Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2004


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Armani Privè Ambre Soie by Christina Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2004

Armani Prive Ambre Soie Giorgio Armani FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Ginger, amber, patchouli, pepper, cloves

Ambre Soie is a perfume that has a little bite to it. It opens with a burst of amber and ginger. It’s more about sharp, fresh ginger than the dried one used in baking. I can smell the black pepper too. It’s not what I’d call sharp but there’s almost a warmth or heat to it in the opening. As the ginger fades the pepper becomes more evident. Pepper is one of those notes that is sometimes a deal breaker for me. I don’t mind it in this although I will say it’s not my favorite part of the perfume’s development. It gives a warm feeling to the perfume and I can imagine reaching for it on a cold winters night. A night like tonight for instance, where as I’m sniffing and writing, the wind is howling away and the wind chill is well below freezing. Somehow just the word Ambre in the name makes me feel like it will take the chill away.

Armani Prive Ambre Soie Giorgio Armani Freezing Paddock GeographyPhoto Stolen

There’s a dry, spicy feeling to Ambre Soie before it all seems to mellow and soften. This is where I begin to really enjoy the scent. It becomes a touch sweeter as the amber really emerges with a spicy patchouli note. The patchouli hums along quietly and never veers into moldy decay like some patchoulis do. Amber scents can be sweet and almost cloying at times. Ambre Soie has a sweetness to it but it doesn’t cross that line. It doesn’t list incense as a note but as it wears on me it becomes more of an incense and amber scent. Somehow, up close, I smell menthol too. At this point it’s very cozy, like a warm blanket.

Armani Prive Ambre Soie Giorgio Armani  Sarah Ackerman  FlickrPhoto Stolen Sarah Ackerman  Flickr

I would say it could easily be worn by a man or a woman. I would wear it but some women might find it leans a little too masculine for them. I think that’s the pepper that gives it that little edge. It’s more of a scent to wear when you plan on snuggling up to someone special rather than wearing it to the office. It only lasted a few hours on my skin with minimal projection after the first hour. On my clothes though it lingered well into the next day. I’m sure both these factors could be adjusted based on whether you were to dab or spray and how much you applied. Also bear in mind my skin eats perfume and I’m using a sample vial.

While I enjoy Ambre Soie I don’t think I need a bottle of it. It’s not quite love.

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You can find Armani Privè Ambre Soie at big department stores.
Surrender To Chance starts at $4/.5ml

What scents warm you on a cold winter’s night? Have you tried Ambre Soie? What’s your favorite amber?

13 thoughts on “Armani Privè Ambre Soie by Christina Nagel for Giorgio Armani 2004

  1. Is that you having a cuddle with the moustachio’d one? Cute!

    I have sampled Ambre Soie in store, and really like it. It is sweet and full at first but I also feel an incense vibe in the dry down.
    Too expensive to contemplate, as is the lovely Bois D’Incense.
    I wear amber in winter…Ambre Fetiche by Goutal is my BFF as a dry vanilla amber. But also like Parfum D’Empire Ambre Russie which is boozy and sweet.


    • No, that’s not me in the picture although I strike a similar pose with my furry ones quite often.
      I think if I didn’t have an industrial size bottle of Mitzah this one might tug at my heartstrings more. I really want to try Ambre Russe because I like boozy perfumes.


  2. Hi there Poodle,
    I really like the Armani Prive line. The whole look, feel and smell of the product is tops and I wish I’d bought a couple that have now been discontinued.
    I will go back and retest them all soon,
    Portia xx


  3. Great description, Poodle! Definitely worth a try! Your mention of menthol intrigues me. I love the smell of menthol and camphor, especially when I smell these scents in blooming orchids.
    Azar xx


    • I think it’s the patchouli that goes menthol on me sometimes. It’s happened in a few other scents. I didn’t notice it the first time but I did as I was writing this. It’s not minty. I think of minty as cooling. I think of menthol as warmer if that makes any sense.


  4. I like and own Ambre Soie and Bois d’Encens (as well as Cuir Amethyst and Eau de Jade) – Armani makes some really nice scents. As for my favourite amber, that is probably Ambre Russe though, with Ambre Fétiche a close second.


    • Another vote for Ambre Russe. It’s moving up the must try list.
      I honestly haven’t paid much attention to Armani. I guess I need to take a look at the rest of the line. This scent is really well done. I’d love to know if it would last longer on me if I had a larger quantity to spray on. If I could make it last longer I’d love it.


  5. Great review -I haven’t tried Ambre Soie – will add it my ever growing list. Amber is my favorite note so I have quite a lot in my collection. My top two are Ambre Sultan and Ambre Russe.


    • Hmmm…another Ambre Russe. I might have to just get a bottle. It’s funny, I like amber but I don’t have an amber centered perfume. It’s a great note and I can see why it would be your favorite.


  6. Ambre Soie is nice but I don’t feel like I need it or want to wear. Another amber from the line – Ambre Orient – is much more interesting, in my opinion. And in general I like the line and look forward to its re-appearance in the U.S.


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