DIOR: How To Get the Trianon Look: Mini Movie

Hiya Junkies,

As you may know I have a bit of an addictive personality, also I am a Drag Queen, so you’d think I would have box loads of make up. The answer is no. Yes, I have backups of my favourite products but everything fits into a small drawer. I do love watching makeup fashions evolve though and this season I think DIOR has hit a home run. Looking like a pastel Bambi with eyes the surprised vacant look of a bunny about to get Dunlop disease, the model is absolutely outrageously gorgeous.

Of course it is referencing Marie Antoinette but in my mind it also harks back to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. GLAM.

Like the look? Want to know how to get it? Below is a how to video.


Portia xx

dior-marie-Antoinette MalayMailOnlinePhoto Stolen TheMalayMailOnline

DIOR SPRING 2014: Trianon Look

DIOR Trianon 2014Photo Stolen DIOR

14 thoughts on “DIOR: How To Get the Trianon Look: Mini Movie

  1. Hi Portia,

    I could do with some make up tips right now. I look like a tired mother who dresses for a school run in the rain. Which I am.

    The lady in the first picture is sticking two fingers up! How rebellious!



    • Hey Samantha,
      I think she is showing the fingers she throws up with.
      The make up is VERY pretty though, and I liked her wistful look.
      Portia xx


  2. Linda actually got caught staring at that very poster only yesterday, almost long enough for the SA to pull her in and possibly cost me money 😛 lol


      • Hahaha, well, Portia, seductive pinks always lead me to Lolita!
        Actually, pastels are not for everyone! Did you see how they “shout” on over-tanned skin? Poodle should not be afraid to try on her pale skin.
        Flowers in the hair is definitely a fresh idea, but not on a business meeting. It’s a great whole look for a bride, don’t you think?


  3. I totally love the flowers in the hair but that’s probably not an everyday look. I’m not sure about the pastel makeup colors. My skin is so pale that they often don’t even show up on me.


    • Ah, BUMMER! That’s cool, next year will be different and you can have a fashion face again .
      I think flowers in your hair EVERY DAY!!
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    It is very interesting how many different reactions people will have to the same look. Occasionally I see this “I didn’t practice but I am so pretty, how can you not love and forgive me anyway”, vacant expression (fortunately minus the fingers). I am very patient. In 39 years I have yet to walk out on a lesson but this look tempts me to RUN away, and FAST! I know what torture my ears are in for!
    Azar xx


  5. I just caught up with the new colors yesterday when I popped into the mall. I love the look and while I’m not a pastel type of person, I do love dramatic. What a fun look for a night out (dancing dancing dancing). In some ways it reminds me of the clubbing scene in the late 80s/early 90s. The look in the video is less intense than the photo.

    *sigh* I try to avoid the makeup displays (try) as I find so much that is so alluring (especially colored mascara ^.^) but I rarely wear makeup nowadays. But had there been a SA at the Dior counter yesterday I mightta been in some trouble!


    • Hey Carolyn,
      I hear you. The packaging, the glamour, the feeling like the richest woman on earth when you get your DIOR Powder, CHANEL lipstick or Guerlain fragrance out and reapply is only moderated by the despair at your Credit Card figures.
      Portia xx


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