Vetiver Carven by Edouard Hache for Carven 1957

Hi There Fume Friends,

Recently I was looking at vetivers and up came a sample of a modern version of a fragrance that I had blurred memories of smelling as a kid on Jim, my Grandma’s second husband. We may even have bought it for him for a birthday or Christmas. Really blurred memory. Anyway My Perfume Samples was having a sale on it, sold out now, and I wanted to see if the modern one bore any resemblance to my poor memories.

Vetiver Carven by Edouard Hache for Carven 1957

Vetiver Carven FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lavender, mandarin orange, clary sage, petitgrain, lemon
Heart: Carnation, sandalwood, orris root, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, bergamot
Base: Amber, musk, oakmoss, myrrh

Righto! So I spritzed about 1ml on my chest and hand. I am now sitting in a lavender fugue with lovely citrus sparkles. It doesn’t smell terribly expensive but it does smell nice and clean. It stays citric through the heart with a little earthy vetiver but by this time it is quiet and unremarkable unless you are sniffing very close. Just a very muted fragrance that is nicer than nothing, really it is quite sweet and not aggressive or in your face. I miss most of the bouquet, there’s some nondescript woods and maybe a nod to oakmoss or it may still be some vetiver, there is a vegetal green that doesn’t smell like a stand out note but is there.

Vetiver Carven Water_drops_green_leaf WikipediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

If you respritz over your initial ones at the 2 hour mark it’s extraordinary how much fuller and more lavish the whole fragrance becomes. Now I get a definite vetiver and the woods are differentiated though I still couldn’t tell if they were cedar or sandalwood but they are woodsier.

Vetiver Carven smells nothing like what I remember Jim wearing, this is a soft scent, a hint, and would be an excellent choice for someone on a budget who may be working in very close quarters, needs something barely there for after the gym or wants to keep a fragrance in their bag that can give them a quick pick me up. Unless the people around you really know their stuff this is not decidedly different from many WAY more expensive options that could cost up to 20 times more. I won’t name names but you know some of the ones I’m talking about….

Vetiver Carven Perlmutter Grandfather WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Further reading: Perfume Shrine
FragranceX has $23/50ml
The Perfumed Court has the VINTAGE from $6/.5ml

Do you have olfactory memories of Grandparents? Are they as blurry as mine?
Portia x

7 thoughts on “Vetiver Carven by Edouard Hache for Carven 1957

  1. Another lovely review Porta!

    I remember my much missed grandparents very vividly. My late grandmother wore Coty L’Aimant which I have recently started wearing too. My late grandfather always wore Brut for Men and the both of them always smelled of peppermints! God bless them. Much loved and missed. xxxx


  2. Hi Portia,

    I have great memories of my maternal grandfather but no scent is attached to any of them, except the smell of lake and ocean water. He used to take me fishing! My maternal grandmother moved in a cloud of L’Air du Temps but she was nothing like the fragrance. This women was a powerful bulldozer who controlled her daughters with some kind of strange power that I have yet to figure out. I was a little in awe of her but never intimidated. I also remember my one of my great grandmother’s houses, the lace antimacassers, lavender clothing and the smell of violets but I can’t recall this great grandmother’s face.

    Azar xx


    • Grandparents are so evocative Azar. Such fond memories. I only had Jim and that was the extent of my Grandfather. He also used to smoke a pipe in the evenings, I loved that smell so much.
      Portia xx


  3. One of my great-grandfathers always wore Aqua Velva aftershave, although you had to catch him shortly after his shave to actually get a whiff of it. I used to give it to him for Christmas. Another wore either a cologne or pomade with lavender, so I still tend to think of lavender as a masculine smell. (I recently tried Caron pour Un Homme, though, and it would be wonderful on anyone.) One of my grandfathers had no body odor, which would have been a nice trait to inherit; no deodorant or anti-perspirant, no scent of any kind, and even after golfing or working in the yard (or garden, which really is a nicer word for it) on a 90-degree F day, coming into the house drenched in sweat, he never smelled of anything but warm skin. My other grandfather usually smelled of stables and unwashed hair, which is why I’ve never bought into the romance of the cowboy. He grew up on a ranch in Montana and was an actual cowboy in his youth (his brother competed in rodeos for many years), so my image of cowboys is: short, balding men with faint Polish accents, often with somewhat indifferent hygiene.

    And thank you for the review, I’ve seen the Carven for sale and wondered what it was like.


    • Ha Ha Ha. Wow! What a great story of your Grandfathers. How lucky you are to have them so vivid in your memory. You write so evocatively LaurelS that I feel I knew them,
      Portia xx


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