Patchouli Intense by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolaï 2009

Hoiya Perfumed Peeps,

Going through my stuff in the cleanup I came across dozens of samples and manufacturers carded stuff that never got a sniff. I don’t know hot this one got overlooked, it’s on a huge card with beautiful pictures and this from Patricia de Nicolaï: Patchouli oil is an essential oil of great importance in my perfumer’s palette. Among all woody notes, it is the most sensuous. Here I wanted to work with patchouli in a very unusual way, with an accord rose-geranium, on a deep amber vanilla and incense body.

Patchouli Intense by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolaï 2009


Patchouli Intense Parfums de Nicolai FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Patchouli, oakmoss, bergamot and musk

Oooh sizzling citrus rush at the open and then quickly it calms to a green, woodsy, earthy scent. No Essential Oil style patchouli from the oil burner here folks. This is forest floor in the just warming, still brisk weather. Sunlight dappled meanderings with no destination till tea time. Pretty and unisex, I can imagine Patchouli Intense could become very addictive if smelled on a new partner or someone you have recently met. It must be the combination of oakmoss and patchouli that gives such a parkland woods feeling. Though there are no flowers named I get some distinctly floral leanings mixed in too, like a marigold (tagettes) flower about half an hour after you crush/crumble it up. I keep thinking the word “verdant” and cannot for the life of me put it into a sentence that reads remotely real. Damnit! I think the word lovely and it does indeed conjure in my mind images of the merry growth spurt that is spring. Now that I’ve thought spring I also get a feeling from Patchouli Intense that is a lot like holding baby budgerigars when you are hand rearing them, they get a particular powdery, earthy, clean, alive smell as their feathers start to fuzz up. Though Patchouli Intense doesn’t smell like that, the feeling, the essence of the experience feels remarkably similar.

Patchouli Intense Parfums de Nicolai Baby_Budgie wikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Booze? I get a boozy, casual wisp of something alcoholic, maybe dark rum? It coruscates out through the earthy middle ground. I also get almond milk and something a little sweet. As Patchouli Intense dries down it dries out and gets a very lived in feel, a musky, dusky, dusty cooling like the inside of a forgotten attic filled with the scent of the death of books, leather, wood and fabrics. Then it starts to fade and somewhere between 5-6 hours I can no longer smell it at all.

I have found in my three wears that an extra spritz at the 3 hour mark will more than double the fragrant life of Patchouli Intense, I can spritz before dinner, eat, hang, sleep. Then when I wake up in the morning I can smell it all over again, beautiful and sensuous the patchouli and musk have made sexy smell babies. MMMMMMMM

Patchouli Intense Patricia de Nicolai Fountain_Grass DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Patricia de Nicolai has worked a wonder in this beautifully nuanced, soft but rugged, comfortable scent. It nods vigorously to mens cologne from a bygone era but is smoother, more sophisticated and easier to wear. This is the kind of scent I would have bought my Dad if he was still alive and Mum would have stolen more than half the bottle because it’s so good.

Further reading: Per Fumus
LuckyScent has $65/30ml
Parfum de Nicolai has €153/100ml

The more I wear Patchouli Intense the less masculine it reads to me, this is a totally unisex beauty, if you like a soft friendly patchouli then this could be the one.
Portia x

9 thoughts on “Patchouli Intense by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums de Nicolaï 2009

  1. Inspiring article to give this fragrance a try, Portia. Not to give to my BF as he is not a new love 🙂 I have him Vie de Chateau last year. Although I have tested about all Nicolai fragrances, I have not tried this one as it is a ‘masculine’ perfume but you have inspired me to try it out. Good to have you back !


    • Thanks Esperanza,
      What do you think of the Nicolai brand? Do you have some in your collection?
      Your man is very lucky, I hope he knows it.
      Portia xx


  2. Glad you did this review. It was one I was curious about, especially now that I discovered Perfums de Nicholai for myself. I am in love with Le Temps D’Une Fete and find that if I like something from a house or perfumer, I often like others and sadly vice versa.


    • Hi there Maya,
      It is often said that Patricia de Nicolai has a very specific base and of the fragrances I have of hers this seems quite true. If you already like some then probably it will be good for you, I hope so.
      Portia x


  3. “…the scent of the death of books” is one of the saddest phrases I have ever read. I prefer to think of books as beautifully aging, like a beloved grandparent or great-grandparent whose skin may thin and sag a bit, but is even softer than before.


  4. I love the baby parrot/macaw smell and imagine budgies smell similar. Now I am curious, even if it just vaguely reminds you of nekkie little birdies I will have to try it.


  5. Hi, Portia — I’m scared of patchouli! Mostly because the Hubs says he can’t stand the odor. So “patchouli intense” is even more scary. If patchouli was a supporting note, perhaps he wouldn’t even know it was in there. Hmm, wonder what would happen if I did a blind testing and not mention the P word? I’ll report back …. p.s. I want to hold a baby budgie!!


    • Fifi!
      Holding baby budgies and hand rearing them was a really fun part of our childhood. We would sell them for pocket money and people were always amazed at how tame they were.
      I think the Patchouli Intense would send your husband screaming out of the house.
      Do you have an oil burner? Why don’t you introduce Patchouli as an ambient aroma? One drop in 20 drops of orange essential oils and water should be quite minimal. Lemongrass is good too. Burn it just before he is expected home initially and slowly introduce it that way. He may need conditioning.
      Portia xx


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