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Hello Perfume Bitches!

It´s Cookie Queen´s daughter here, Cookie Princess, although I prefer BlondesWunder.

Finally catching up on our fab time in London. I have learned two things on this trip. First there are more amazing people on this planet than I had realised, and second, I am scarily, evolving into my mother.

Friday I spent three hours in Top Shop. This was traumatic for my mother. I ended up with a gray t-shirt. A freaking baggy, gray t-shirt, that looked nearly identical to the one which I was already wearing. What does that have to do with me turning into my mother? The glamorous CQ has been on the search for the perfect gray t-shirt for more than 35 years now. And now I am doing the same.

Hannah Grey TPhoto donated by Hannah

Let´s move to perfume now. Saturday morning awoke very early. After checking my Instagram for outfit inspo I ended up wearing my, uh, new gray t-shirt. Ms Cookie Queen, looking alike with our green parkas, jeans and combat boots, headed uptown for breakfast at the hotel with Portia and Michael.

Over breakfast we had a hilarious time. I have to admit I love to push my mother´s buttons and yes, I know how! Portia and Michael were laughing hard so I guess I am pretty funny. Thank you. (My boyfriend says I am not.) After a coffee, and a “what perfume are we gonna try today” kind of talk, we headed for Bloom Perfumery in the East End. But first us girls needed a loo. Well, we hadn´t peed for ten minutes.

Next stop Spitalfield Market. Portia and I headed into Benefit. Within 5 minutes he was firm friends with the SA and handing her the APJ business card. I don´t know how Portia does it, but as soon as she opens her mouth, strangers fall at her feet. So did I. I ended up with Portia and my mother with Flirty Michael.

Crappy Cartier FakePhoto donated by Hannah

As I wandered the market with Portia, I walked by a stand selling Cartier bracelets at only 20 quid. There was no way in hell that Portia would allow me to buy it. The fact that Portia spends a small fortune on not needed fragrance didn’t seem to count!! He lectured me at this point about how to spend my money, and what on! (I got it later with Michael anyway!!) And it looks fab.

Hannah high HairPhoto donated by Hannah

Eventually we met up again with Michael and my Mum and headed to All Saint´s, where Portia gave me big hair!!

Bloom LondonPhoto Stolen Bloom

Opposite the shop, was Bloom Perfumery. The SA´s saw use coming towards them and waved, knowing Mum from last year. I was dead, and after having sniffed one Phaedon, (smelled like the Hollister Women´s one to me), I spritzed it, loved it and sat down. Hardly keeping my eyes open, I only heard Portia and my Mum happily sniffing and huffing over over-priced perfume!!

Michael and I took a break at this point and went for yet another coffee.

BloomsPhoto donated by Hannah

By the time we came back, Tara, Freddie, Vanessa, Thomas and Nigel, Nick and Josh, were in full action. They were all awesome.

Lunch #1Photo donated by Vanessa (Bonkers About Perfume)

At 3 we headed next door to Poppies for fish and chips. The Bloggers sniffing, spritzing and sharing perfume at the table. I thought it was not appropriate in a restaurant, after scaring all the other customers away, but hey, what do I know??

Lunch #2Photo donated by Vanessa (Bonkers About Perfume)

The day ended at Selfridge´s and having to say goodbye after such a day, I was close to tears. So was my Mother, only she showed it. Of course I made fun of her.

I am moving to Sydney.

xoxo BlondesWunder

29 thoughts on “Cookie Princess Does London 2014! Photo Essay

  1. Woo Hoo! It was an excellent fun time thanks Hannah. You are gorgeous too, I think you get it from your Mum.
    I still think 20 pounds is a lot of money for rubbish. Also, yes I do spend quite a bit on fragrance but my spending is well within my earning abilities.
    I too was sad when we left. Saw Michael tonight, he looks handsome and relaxed and so he survived the journey.
    Portia xx


  2. Hannah what a fun and witty write-up. I didn’t realise how much you’d already packed in before meeting us in Bloom. Topshop is fashion mecca so it had to be done.

    It was so great to meet you and your mum. Both gorgeous and glam.I’m looking forward to coming to Ausria in the not too distant future x


  3. Hilariously entertaining account of a fun-filled day, and as Tara notes, you guys managed to pack in way more than some of us did – and we thought we were having a pretty full-on time already. 😉 Getting up early seems to be key, something at which your mum is very good, I gather.

    Great to meet you both, and I must say that is a very stylish grey T-shirt. The epitome of chic in fact, and well worth the lifelong quest.

    It is nice seeing my fish again – that was the whitest haddock


    • there was a lot of running around and i got blisters on my feet haha but it was fun and so worth it.
      thanks you for being so kind.


  4. thanks so much guys 😉 it was really fun writing it and ofcourse it was a lifetime experience meeting ALL of you! thanks for letting me come into your world. xoxoxo blondeswunder


  5. Loved it Hannah! So green with envy that you got to go on this amazing trip and that you met everyone. I understand the obsession of finding a perfect T shirt…


    • my first blog. so exciting hahah you’re perfume world is great!
      sorry i didn’t make it on wednesday. hope to see you soon.


  6. Oh my dear, your story was delightful. I also want to say that I spent years swearing up and down that I’d never turn into my mom. No way, no how. Yet somehow it happens. I see it more and more. Honestly there are worse people I could have become. If you’re becoming your mother I’d say you well on your way to being quite fabulous.
    Love that gray t-shirt too. 🙂


    • means a lot that you take the time to read it 😉
      i guess we really do 😉 and you’re right it’s not a bad thing. my mom is pretty cool and grey t-shirts don’t look too bad 😉


  7. Nice going BW. Don’t worry about your teacher, you write in English just fine. You do have an accent though – haha!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney one day where we’ll finally find you that matcha latte.


    • i do not have an accent hahaha 😉
      thanks for the great time. and yes we will find a macha some where 🙂
      hope to come visit soon in munich. xoxox


  8. I don’t think perfumistas generally feel it’s inappropriate spritzing perfume at any place. 🙂
    That’s been my experience so far anyway. 😉


    • hahaha. well it was an experience 😉
      and i don’t care where they spritz there perfume if they have such sweet souls. xoxox


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