U4eahh! 2.43 by Yosh Han for Yosh

Hey Niche Nerds,

I don’t know where this little sample vial on a card came from. It was in a bag of frags that I’d put together because they were in dab vials and I have to decant them into spritzers before use. I think other things came into the house and this bag got pushed to the back of the list. There has been little love for this particular scent and I only had 1ml sample size so you are getting a review on the second wear because I’ve run dry here but wanted to get some thoughts on paper, or blog as it may be, for my own memory. Sorry to make you eddying flotsam in my stream of consciousness, enjoy the ride.

U4eahh! 2.43 by Yosh Han for Yosh

U4eahh! 2.43 Yosh FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Pomegranate, pear, cucumber, water lily, aloe vera

JUICY!! I smell the pear! also the aloe vera and water. Sweet, like a pear lolly might be, so sweet my teeth are getting little furry booties but honestly I quite like it. GASP! What’s happening to me? Am I learning to like fruity florals? The pomegranate adds a delicious snap of tartness that really resembles a pear and pomegranate salad, all they need to add is some rocket/arugula and some parmesan cheese shavings and I would be in HEAVEN.  Though I am enjoying the super sweet and fun ride, can imagine many people becoming addicted to it and think it’s a well done piece of perfumery there is little chance I would spritz it if I had more.

U4eahh! 2.43 Yosh Chippendale's Meathead Movers FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

My mind keeps thinking of young women ready for a fun night out, getting all dressed up to the nines and spritzing like crazy as they run out the door to a night of madness and meyhem. There’s something very new me, fresh, flirty and expectant about U4eahh! The bottle in the picture looks like a splash/dab bottle (the oil) and that makes me a bit sad, this should be spritzed with abandon and feel like lavish luxury.

Around the 4 hour mark I’m left with a sacharine sweetness that has no real smell to me, I think the musks here are ones I’m anosmic to. It does have a very fake sugary vibe though and I am less than enjoying it. My skin amps sweet and in U4EAHH! it has become sweet to the point of nasty.

U4eahh! 2.43 Yosh PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Further reading: Katie Puckrik Smells and The Olfactorialist
LuckyScent has EdP $110/50ml

There is also a Perfume Oil of U4EAHH!

Have you tried this line? U4EAHH? How was it for you?
Portia xx

12 thoughts on “U4eahh! 2.43 by Yosh Han for Yosh

  1. I’m with you, Portia – I don’t do really sweet sweets. I was humming along relatively okay with your review until I saw the picture of what we would call “Gummy Loops” and my teeth nearly feel out of my head. I could actually *taste* them and then I got this weird olfactory blast of what they would smell like, followed by “Nope – wouldn’t want to smell like a jelly cube.” Fun review tho!


    • Hey SallyM,
      Yes, it was fun for a while but on me turned VERY nasty. I think if you don’t skew stuff sweet like I do that it might play nice, sadly this one is definitely out for me.
      Portia xx


  2. I’ve sampled this one and I like it. I enjoy sweet scents, so didn’t find it too extreme. I also like Yosh Han’s Ginger Ciao and have a bottle of that one.


    • Hey MaryK,
      This is what I need to read, someone for whom U4EAHH! worked. thanks for adding balance. Tell me about Ginger Ciao please?
      Portia x


  3. With Ginger Ciao, I do get plenty of ginger, plus I also smell lily and some coconut. It’s quite intense, so I need to be careful how many spritzes I do, but it’s also one that I’ve received compliments on, so that’s always good! It feels kind of tropical, but because of its strength, I wear it in early spring quite a bit, before it’s very warm outside.


    • Interesting MaryK,
      I love ginger in fragrance, you say tropical YUMMY> Does it have any tea reference?
      Portia xx


  4. I didn’t see any reference to a tea note. I am sure I would have liked that. I do see mention of basil, but I’m not getting anything herbal.


  5. Hi Portia,
    Perhaps you got the sample at The Scent Bar? I was there last week & got Sottile by Yosh, a beautiful portrait of a rose from juicy stem to leaves to flower. Don’t know U4EAHH. Will try next time!
    Cheers from Santa Fe, Jackie
    ps. using my gmail b/c of computer snafus —


  6. Somehow I didn’t test this one so I can’t say if it’s super-sweet for me or not (which might be the case since I often don’t get the same sweetness as others).

    My favorite Yosh’s perfume is Ginger Ciao – I love wearing it in summer!


    • you are the second person to wriote lovingly of Ginger Ciao Undina. MMMMM I will look it out next sample shop.
      Portia xx


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