Nectar of Love EdP by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2012


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Hello all! Valentine’s Day may have been and gone this year, but love is, I hope, never far away, so today I want to share with you my experience of April Aromatics fragreances. April Aromatics is a line of natural, organic perfumes and cosmetics created by Tanja Bochnig and based in Germany and this is one of my favourite fragrances from the range. It is available both as an EDP and perfume oil: this review is for the eau de parfum only, as I haven’t tried the perfume oil.

Nectar of Love EdP by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2012

Nectar of Love April Aromatics fragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Tuberose, Indian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, fruit notes, amber

Nectar is definitely the right name for this scent. The notes Tanja gives for the fragrance include tuberose, neroli, rose and jasmine but, besides the neroli, none of these flowers jump out at me in their usual guises. Rather than a traditional ‘floral’ perfume, I experience Nectar of Love as a sweet plant perfume, in the way in which Clarins’ Eau Dynamisante is a plant perfume. When sniffing it I get crushed fleshy petals, pollen and nectar, mixed with some sweet benzoin resin reminiscent of the sweet balsams in by Kilian’s Sweet Redemption.

Nectar of Love April Aromatics Marina del Castell FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

The fragrance starts as an aromatic mix with green overtones and a bit of ripe apple. As the top notes develop, the pollen drifts up, along with the scent of a sugary, yet slightly bitter, green sap. All the floral notes combine into a concentrated version of the honeyed scent of purple buddleia. It’s as if you are a bee in a summer field, flitting drunkenly from flower to flower, poking your nose right into the hearts of the blooms and inhaling deeply. The fruit in the top notes slowly dries, and a couple of hours after application the fragrance is a narcotic mix of caramelized apples and prunes and a little bitter clove spice. It’s darkly sweet, but not overly so. Instead, the heart of the fragrance feels like drinking a cup of smooth, slightly citrussy chai. As it dries down, woody elements come out to play and there’s a touch of smoke and black coffee. The whole experience is rich and dense, but never overwhelming, and the presence of an aromatic element (mostly reading to me as cloves over neroli) keeps this within unisex territory, especially in the dry down. I’d love to smell this on a man.

Nectar of Love April Aromatics  bee PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

For the first hour Nectar of Love creates a noticeable scent cloud around me, but sillage drops noticeably in the second hour, and by the end of hour three the scent is hovering softly above my skin. It remains noticeable for 8 hours or so, ending in a caramel coffee whisper. The more I wear it, the more I love it.

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April Aromatics has €189/30ml and Samples from €13.99/2.5ml

Have you tried any of the April Aromatics line?
SarahK xx

12 thoughts on “Nectar of Love EdP by Tanja Bochnig for April Aromatics 2012

  1. Thanks for your review, Sarah. I’ve been interested in this line for some time, and have my sights set on Rose L’Orange in particular. Nectar of Love is on my sample wish list of infinity as well as a few others. I’m not a big sillage fiend, but I must admit that a recent foray into another natural line was truly disappointing in that regard. Sigh …


    • Rose l’Orange is another lovely one from this line. It has a similar balsamic feel to me as Nectar of Love (thanks, I think, to the sweet neroli) but is less dense and, as you might expect, more rosey and more orangey, like eating fresh oranges in a garden of pink roses in full bloom 🙂

      The perfumes aren’t projection monsters but they are definitely detectable by others around me.


  2. I haven’t tried any of this line but it is on my radar. I’ve heard lots of good things about the perfumes. My only concern would be lasting power. I’d be happy with 3 hours though for a natural perfume.


    • Hi Poodle,

      I’ve tried a lot of the line, and they last at least 7 hours on me, albeit close-wearing for much of the time. Having said that, I also have to note that most things last pretty well on my skin, so your mileage may vary!


  3. Interesting description of the development and it sounds really nice. I haven’t tried anything from this house yet. Also enjoyed the pictures in your article.


    • Thanks Mary K. It’s definitely a line worth exploring. I love the natural feel and the lack of headache-inducing aromachemicals. I have to thank Portia for finding the lovely pictures 🙂


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