Joy by Henri Almeras for Jean Patou 1930


Post by Maya


Hey APJ,

Spring seems to have finally arrived and everyone’s dark mood has lifted. Now suddenly, there is growth again and instead of dirty snow we see green. And I got a cold! Or allergies. Unbelievable! I’m not prone to allergies, but you never know. I do know that my sense of smell has weakened. I still get sharp notes and the overall tone of a fragrance but not enough to review it.

So my thoughts went from smell or the lack thereof to perfume and magic and the wonderful memory of how my perfume love came to be…… When I was in my early teens, we had a very beautiful neighbor, Rehle, whose children I would baby sit. Despite our age difference, she and I became good friends. It was a friendship that would last for many years, even when she moved out of state. One day she called me over. She said she had something to show me. Her boyfriend had come back from a trip to France and had brought her a gift. She held the gift gently in long, lovely fingers. It was her treasure.

Joy by Henri Almeras for Jean Patou 1930

Perfume Magic

Joy Jean Patou FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Tuberose, rose, ylang-ylang, aldehydes, pear, green notes
Heart: Jasmine, iris root, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley, orchid
Base: Musk, sandalwood, civet

She told me it was the most expensive perfume in the world and she wanted to share it with me. Jean Patou Joy, pure perfum in the classic bottle. I had never heard of it.

She gently pulled the dauber out. I remember the perfume on the dauber was almost molten, golden. Then the most beautiful smell I have ever experienced wafted up at me. It seemed to shimmer like thousands of tiny lights. She dabbed some of this magic on me and on herself.

Joy Jean Patou Carina Nebula NASA FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Joy is my perfume magic. Did it really shimmer? It did for me. The top notes were almost alive. It was and still is beautiful on my skin. Have I ever dabbed or spritzed Joy and followed its development or looked for notes? Never. I know all I need to know.

Further reading: Perfume Shrine and The Non Blonde
Surrender to Chance has Joy Parfum samples starting at $7/.25ml
(You must try your Joy in store because only recently P&G sold Patou Perfumes to a crew that is revitalising the brand)

Rehle is gone now, but every time I wear or smell Joy I think of her. I see her forever young and beautiful and vibrant and I start to smile. I feel happy. Jean Patou named his perfume well – Joy.

Do you have any perfume magic?


18 thoughts on “Joy by Henri Almeras for Jean Patou 1930

  1. Joy is one of those classic perfumes that I have never smelled, though I want to! It sounds as though it really lived up to its name for you.


  2. Hi Maya,
    My mother wore Joy & I also have many early childhood memories of the fragrance.
    Elixir des Merveilles has been my Christmas fragrance since it launched. From time to time during the year, I spritz it as an emergency pick-me-up. Portia introduced me to Liberte & I began an exploration of the elements that create a happy-making juice. Marvelous to be re-membered to the grandest classic of all. That’s a joy!
    Smiles, Jackie


    • Hi Jackie. Isn’t it nice to have some scents that make you smile. It has occurred to me before that Rehle and the “greatest of classic of all” will always be connected for me!


  3. You brought a tear to my eye – that is a beautiful memory. Nearly all perfume is magical; it whisks us off to other lands, brings back memories, bolsters our confidence and weaves dreams. I would not like life without it, and hope your nose gets better soon.


  4. What a beautiful story that touches and tugs at my heart strings! What a wonderful memory you have of your good friend and you have Joy, your perfume magic, to help trigger your memories.


  5. Simply beautiful story.
    I have a couple of vintage bottles of Joy, one in the black bottle and one in a crystal bottle with ground glass stopper. You are right – the top notes have receded but the heart and base are manna from heaven.


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