Antonio Banderas Spirit for Woman 2005


Post by Katrina


As winter approaches we had our first cool day yesterday after what has seemed like a never-ending summer. Finally time to put away my summer scents. My summer fragrances are fresh, light and breezy. I like to wear fruity florals and aquatic style perfumes when the weather is hot. As the weather cools I prefer warm spicy perfumes. The perfume I reached for today is one I prefer to wear in cooler weather…….

Antonio Banderas Spirit for Woman 2005

Spirit for Woman Antonio Banderas FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes.
Top: Citrus, plum
Heart: Peony, freesia, orange blossom
Base: Sandalwood, musk

I love all the notes listed here and when I bought the perfume untested I was so happy to find that it was all that I hoped for and more. Antonio Banderas Spirit for women is warm, spicy, sensual and classy.

Spirit for Woman Antonio Banderas WikiPediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Spirit opens with gorgeous rich deep plum and spicy sandalwood. These are strong notes but the perfume is not at all overpowering. The perfume develops with pretty floral notes that undertone the sandalwood. The floral notes add a touch of femininity to the perfume although they are quite subtle. I love sandalwood and this woody note dominates the fragrance for me. The perfume dries down to a warm spicy musk that lasts for hours. Spirit is just as sexy and classy as Antonio Banderas himself.

The sandalwood and spice make Spirit smell a bit masculine. Men could definitely wear Spirit for women despite the pink, curvy bottle. Spirit for women smells unisex but there is also a version of Antonio Banderas Spirit for men.

Spirit for Woman Antonio Banderas Evita FilmWebPhoto Stolen FilmWeb
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Antonio Banderas Spirit for women is an award winning oriental perfume produced by Puig. Spirit won a US FiFi award in 2006 for Fragrance of the Year – Women’s Popular Appeal category.

FragranceNet has Antonio Banderas Spirit for Woman under $9/30ml

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Katrina xx

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4 thoughts on “Antonio Banderas Spirit for Woman 2005

  1. Hi Katrina, it is really nice to be able to start looking at cooler weather fragrances again – just! The Easter weekend has been quite warm but I’ve been trying out some ambers just to see how things go. Thanks for the review – I’d not heard of this one and it sounds like you enjoy it – warm spicy musk, yum! And I didn’t know you’ve got a website, cool, nice work.

    Tina xx


    • Hi Tina

      Yes the Easter weekend was still quite warm but at least the nights are cooling down. The weather was gorgeous, I hope you enjoyed it. At least we can start thinking about our winter perfumes!
      Katrina xx


  2. I’ve seen this in Kohl’s, but didn’t try it – not I will next time I’m there. Just want to note how classy Antonio Banderas is.


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