NEWS! NEWS!! Kentucky Bourbon Rose by SOIVOHLE 2014. Limited Edition

Hello lovelies,What a wonderful bit of excitement this is. Liz Zorn has done a short run of 25 bottles of extrait and we are the first in with the news. Thanks Linda for the tip off. Below is stolen directly from the SOIVOHLE website and if you are buying here is the contact email sales@soivohle.comPortia xx

Kentucky Bourbon Rose

This Saturday is Derby Day. To be precise Kentucky Derby Day. To celebrate my Kentucky roots and birth state I am releasing Kentucky Bourbon Rose on Saturday. This is a Numbered Edition of 25/4.5ml bottles.


We will have a pre-order period beginning today. Included in all pre order packages will be an  early release 11ml atomizer of our Spring 2014 Limited Release: Magnolia 826 eau fraiche. Magnolia 826 will be available mid-May.

If we sell out during the pre-launch all orders will ship with the Magnolia 826.

Orders placed with a May 3rd or later date stamp will not have the Magnolia 826.

There are only 25 bottles in this edition that was created over a period of years. A fine Kentucky Bourbon was tinctured with organic Mexican Vanilla Beans to create the carrier/base for the parfum.

Rose Absolutes from Morocco, Bulgaria and Egypt were blended with a harmonious accord of spices including a touch of clove and cinnamon, with a natural oakmoss accord that included green and brown oakmoss. The concentration is +50%.

To insure that this is a truly artistic work there was no formula kept, no notes taken or measurements of any kind recorded other than the amount of carrier to materials used.

Kentucky Bourbon Rose will never be made again..

8 thoughts on “NEWS! NEWS!! Kentucky Bourbon Rose by SOIVOHLE 2014. Limited Edition

  1. Portia,
    I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I ordered as soon as got home tonight. My confirmation number is higher than 25, so don’t know if I’ll get a bottle. Will let you know.
    Thanks so much for the alert.
    love from Santa Fe, J


  2. I’d love a bottle of this but if Jackie’s number was higher than 25 then I haven’t got a chance. I’m not even going to look at the website and depress myself. Besides, I really need to spend the money at the garden center and get my yard in order for spring and summer if they ever decide to happen.


  3. did you get a bottle, Portia? I put one in my cart earlier this week, but then deleted it. I’m not adventurous – cannot spend this much unsniffed. I hope you’ll review it if you did get it, then I’ll have the vicarious thrill. 🙂


    • Sadly i have not (YET) LaurenW,
      We are going to Korea at the end of next week and I cannot spend what is equivalent to 3 nights accommodation on fragrance, not till I get home anyway. If there is a bottle left then I will DEFINITELY be buying.
      Portia xx


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