CHANEL featuring Kristen Stewart: Making of

Lovely APJ Peeps!

Here is a sneak peek at the creating of CHANEL’s newest Kristen Stewart advertising. Though I am no great fan of Kristen in this particular piece she shines and Mr Karl Lagerfield taking the shots and art directing make the whole piece feel like a historical event. I am loving the Americana in the fashion and enjoyed the video immensely.

I hope you do too.

Portia x

chanel-designer-fashion-zipper Jerine Lay FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

CHANEL featuring Kristen Stewart

Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas advertising campaign: Making of

6 thoughts on “CHANEL featuring Kristen Stewart: Making of

  1. Thanks for sharing, Portia! Well I am a fan of Kristen, and I was disappointed that these silhouettes and styling were used on her as they did not do her justice IMHO. Although she WAS perfect the way she held that toothpick in her mouth. Will see how it all comes together in the end before my final judgement 🙂


    • Oh no. What a shame you didn’t like the Americana and tribal indigenous crossmix. I thought it bold and daring and an excellent retrospective brought up to date, also surprisingly wearable.
      Portia xx


  2. Hey Portia I did like it! I agree it was bold and daring. Just not fond of the shapes on Kristen – I know her figure and face too well and was just thinking of what suits her 🙂


  3. I…kinda hated it. I like Chanel, and I like Kristen Stewart’s looks, if not her work. This was just…blech to me. Maybe it was the braided mullet-hair.


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