What Fragrance Do You Wear On Public Transport?

So I am running INCREDIBLY late with stuff for this holiday and my mind has turned to mush. By the time you get to read this we are now in South Korea and having a ball. It’s spring here and the crew is amazed; it is totally beautiful. Instead of writing a post I thought I could ask you all for your input:

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What Fragrance Do You Wear On Bus, Train, Plane or any Public Transport? Are you careful and try to be considerate or do you like to give them all a lesson in olfactory enormity? Is it Jean Claude Ellena or Thierry Mugler that is most likely to get the spritz?

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My answer:
I love to travel and have a stable of frags that I like to enjoy in public transport, some CHANEL No 5 Parfum, L’Occitane Vanille & Narcisse, Ava Luxe Tubereuse Diabolique or Geranium Pour Monsieur by Malle have all been worn with great relish. Last holiday though I had a shower in the lounge at Bangkok and didn’t have my glasses on, not thinking therew could be a scent bomb in my travel frags I spritzed 5 healthy wallops of A*Men Leather. WOW!! I felt like a neon sign but nobody even noticed until the very end of the flight and Michael said he could smell me still as I sat across from him at dinner.

So, what do you wear close up?

23 thoughts on “What Fragrance Do You Wear On Public Transport?

  1. Hello Miss P!

    Gotta be honest, as someone who catches public transport all the time, I don’t really think about what to wear. I just put on what I want and sod it if anyone complains!

    M xx


    • You are so lovely Madeleine that no one would dare kill your buzz. I’ve also never known you to be an overspritzer either
      Portia xx


  2. I work in a spa and have gotten favorable comments about No 5 Eau Premiere and Atelier Vanille Insensee. The only problem, they remind me of work, so I hardly enjoy them anymore.


    • Oh no Katherine,
      That is a sad tale. Have you ever thought of buying a very simple vanilla oil for work? Then you could save the good stuff for your downtime.
      Portia xx


  3. I think I may have scentual paranoia!
    As one whose breakfasts in cafes have often been tainted by Eau de Nana, I now pick carefully when close proximity to others is imminent.

    Cologne pour le Soir
    La Pausa
    Bottega Veneta
    These all wear close to my skin and I feel fab
    wearing them.
    And my latest craze, Sleeping with Ghosts.


    • Hey there!!
      Ginger negates motion sickness? Wow, I learn something interesting many days. Thanks for the tip.
      Portia xx


  4. I usually wear what I wear to the office which frowns upon BIG scents so by extension, what I wear on public transport tends to be discreet. There are times, however, when the perfume starts with large sillage and then quiets down…in these instances, I try to find the right dose so as not to suffocate my fellow commuters 🙂


      • Hi there Hajusuuri,
        Yes, there are plenty of fireworks openings that calm in half an hour, the best of both worlds.
        I think I am one of the only people on earth who likes the smell of sweat, fresh clean hard earned sweat not the build up of days of poor hygienic care.
        Portia xx


  5. For flying I usually wear Bottega Veneta, Penhaligon’s Iris Prima or Chanel 31 Rue Cambon. All applied judiciously. I have some vintage Vol de Nuit that I love to wear on longer flights, just because it seems so fitting. When I’m on the subway, it’s usually just the scent I’ve chosen for the day. My husband always tells me not to worry about my scent. He says my nose is so sensitive that what I consider a heavy application is barely perceptible to others. I hope he’s right. 😉


    • Bottarga Veneta. It is Jins signature and I love it. Excellent staying power too, I can still smell it on him after a full days work.
      Portia xx


  6. Some iris frags are good for public transport. AdP Iris Nobile, both edt & edp (they’re different) work well, as does no 19 poudre. Noticed my hair had taken on a stale aura during a recent flight. Came home & spritzed Iris Nobile edt through my hair–perfect antidote.


    • Sadly Iris Nobile is eaten by my skin in under an hour. There is an unopened Iris Poudre on my desk awaiting moderation when I’m home from Korea.
      Portia xx


  7. This winter, very surprisingly, I heard a rousing chorus of approval when I spritzed Serge Noire. Years ago, my go-to frag was JCE’s Green Tea. It made me feel serene & ready for the day. Also, Prada’s original got a good reaction. Now… hmmm? Violet scents are my springtime be-kind-to-the-public choices. After the bottle of Bois de Violette ran dry, I’ve been trying a variety of others, new and old.

    For future long haul travel, your pic of air travel looks like me. Can imagine trying some scents that people describe as being wrapped in a cashmere shawl. The dream-me would love to be so together that I could consider The Non-Blonde’s note to self — drenched with abandon in Vol de Nuit, of course.


  8. I usually wear some eau de cologne-ish, light citrusy. Or a vanilla-based scent like Tocca’s Colette. I try to be thoughtful of my fellow travelers – I’ve had painful experiences myself with enforced closeness to someone doused in Eau de Yuck. 🙂


  9. On buses, I just tend to wear my fragrance of the day. But on planes, nothing. Just my under arm deodorant. I strongly dislike people that wear perfumes on flights. The smell makes me nauseated.


    • Hey Meta,
      Yes, up close and personal with a scent bomb can be hell. A fragrant oil is quite good for lose wear.
      Portia x


  10. I’m in the I-wear-what-I-wear camp. I figure by the time I’ve gotten dressed and made up and walked the half-mile to the bus stop, it’s had time to settle down. Also, better perfume than the clouds of body odor or urine you occasionally get.


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