Calvin Klein 2014: Christy Turlington and Edward Burns

Hi There APJ,

There has been a lot of talk about NECRO-Celebrity. The use of dead celebs images for advertising for many reasons: nostalgia, budget, no news worthy diatribes, mistakes or faux pas and best of all no 100% gold plated asshole of a celeb to deal with. I understand the lure of the dead, especially in a marketing game where one wrong sentence in an interview, or even said with friends and distributed, can cause millions of dollars in collateral damage and rebuilding.

In stark contrast to all other marketing trends Calvin Klein has gone for a living, mature couple to front a brand new launch and in one of their cases to re-front one of the Calvin Klein stable of fragrances 26 years later. That is longer than most alive frag models have been on this planet, by about 10 years. 45 year old Christy Turlington with her her husband Edward Burns. This needs a serious BRAVO for Calvin Klein’s marketing team. Still as unattainably gorgeous as ever but selling to a market who have been long neglected in the marketing departments of the big fashion houses: 40+. I think it will reap BIG rewards and I’m surprised the ads weren’t released a month ago for Mother’s Day.

Enjoy them, real; beautiful; people.
Portia xxx

I stole this stuff Lock, Stock and Barrel from art8amby

Calvin Klein Eternity Night Fragrance 2014 Ad Campaign

Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in Turks & Caicos, the campaign is exactly what you would expect from Calvin Klein; passionate, intense but always understated. However admits Turlington, “it’s also funny to be intimate with your life partner and have people around.” (source)

Calvin Klein Eternity 2014 Ad Campaign

Christy Turlington and Edward Burns are also fronting the latest campaign image of Calvin Klein Eternity perfume.  (source)

14 thoughts on “Calvin Klein 2014: Christy Turlington and Edward Burns

  1. It makes me want to buy the frag to support more ads like this! Hello! We still love and buy frags! Yes, I’m 45 and proud!


    • Katherine,
      I will be purchasing the one I like best at the duty free on the way home in appreciation.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    NECRO-celebrity! That’s a great way to put it! I, too, am happy Calvin Klein has resurrected the LIVING! No more zombie frag pushers…but where is the grey hair? I need grey hair (and something that sags) to push me into a purchase!
    Ancient Azar xx


    • Hi there Azar,
      It will happen but I am merely glad that someone has seen fit to sell to my age group at last.
      What a turn around from the man who has done so much youth oriented stuff.
      Portia xx


  3. How nice to see real people (albeit beautiful people) being used to promote this fragrance. Even nicer is that it’s a real couple. Here’s hoping we see more ads like this in the future.


  4. I’ve just turned 4X (the number is the answer to life and the universe and everything…) this week and I certainly appreciate about 40+ to be the front of the big name frag. 🙂 Eternity was my signature scent for about 4 years when I was in my 20s.


  5. Hey Portia!
    Great to see. Thanks for highliting it!
    Interesting how she is beyond comfortable with the camera & he is so awkward. A real life couple. Makes other images extra plastic. She’s still extraordinary. Extra kudos to Calvin Klein for breaking the age barrier. Isabella Rosselini was fired on her 40th birthday by l’Oreal. Today’s a better day!
    Safe & Happy Travels, Jackie
    ps. Poured on Liberte as an antidote for the blues… and it worked!!!!! xoxoxox


    • Just remembered… Charlotte Rampling, 68! & of so fab, is going to be the new face of Nars. Think the campaign comes out in September.


  6. The advertising campaign is really clever, especially as I wore the perfume in my 20’s and again maybe in my 40’s try again. They look really good and take care with yoga etc…better start my oomm practice its not too late is it?
    Have fun in Korea Portia!


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