Calvin Klein Women 2018


Kate Apted


How’s things, APJers?

Our summer is pretty much over, and as short as it had been, I found it one of my best summers yet. I discovered a wide range of hot weather loving scents that are not the usual citrus, cologne style or 90s breezy, aquatics. Needless to say, Chloe Nomade got a lot of wear, as did 34 Boulevard St Germain by Diptyque.

Calvin Klein Women 2018

Honorine Blanc and Annick Menardo


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Sniffs with Lola: My Cat


AF Beauty


Perfume’s toughest critic – Sniffs with Lola
Hello there perfume-ees.

As I’ve alluded to before, I am in no way as sophisticated with my perfume choices as you all are – I am not adventurous or brave and tend to wear the same perfumes or variations thereof. However, I share a house with a real-life being who, given half a chance, I think could get VERY into the perfume scene, and what’s more, she is not limited to just sniffing the stuff. Let me introduce, Lola!

Lola is a 4 year old Abyssinian who loves food and naps – in that order, and is also partial to perfume, especially licking people wearing perfume. Her absolute favourite is Coco by Chanel – she will lick my arm like I might lick Ben and Jerry’s.

Sniffs with Lola: My Cat

A Cat-centric Photo Essay

Her she is with some of my other favourites:
First, So Nude by Costume National. I really like this, it’s a strong scent and probably not daytime suitable, but I find it quite sexy and alluring. Lola likes it also.

This is one of my all time favourites, Elle by Armani, something I can wear daily without getting bored of it. Lola on the other hand couldn’t be less interested. I think the bottle (not being glass) didn’t interest her. Tough crowd.

This is a relatively new addition to my collection, Miu Miu’s debut perfume, light and floral which is definitely a journey away from my usual perfumes which are more oriental and musk. But it’s a lovely daily perfume, Lola had a sniff too, she quite liked it.

Ah, an oldie but a goodie, Tendre Poison by Dior. This is a perfume from my youth, I used to wear this daily from about age 18-25. Of course I had no idea Dior would end production – talk about devastation. I’ve been ridiculously lucky to be gifted two bottles of this last year and it’s as good as I remember. Lola is cautious and I understand, we don’t want to get too attached to a discontinued perfume.

And last but not least, a new iteration of the ever popular CK One, Gold. To be honest the bottle caught my eye more than the fragrance – but I like the fragrance too – a little alcohol-ly but it settles into a citrussy warmth on my skin – and Lola LOVES it, she gave the bottle a complete lick (yuck) – so I’ll know what to expect when I wear it. ☺

I hope you’ve enjoyed sniffs with Lola, until next time – what do your pets love you wearing?
AF Beauty

Office Friendly Fragrances Snapshot 22.10.16


Post by TinaG



I realised something this week – that my occasional slumps in fragrance enthusiasm could be linked to changes in season. I had been wearing Borneo 1834 and Cuir Ottoman (thanks, Val!), but then haven’t felt like anything & gone fragrance free for a week. Today, something clicked back in to place and I felt like something floral & airy. I’d never really put 2:2 together, but it makes sense.


So I grabbed something ultimately office-friendly, then I thought – I wonder what my colleagues are wearing today? I cheekily snuck around the office, asking the question, and found I was greeted with a big smile & loads of enthusiasm! Yay! Here’s today’s snapshot:

Office Friendly Fragrances Snapshot 22.10.16

Mandarine L`Artisan Parfumeur FragranticaFragrantica

C0 (me) – Mandarine by L’Artisan Parfumeur

I’m wearing this like lolly-water today, re-spritzing with abandon.

C1 – Pink Grapefruit – The Body Shop

This is the fragrance which triggered the conversation as I could smell it walking into the work area. It was not sprayed in the office, had been wearing from home. Beautiful.


C2 – CK One – Calvin Klein

I used to wear CK One, and can smell it in public at 60 paces, but this didn’t strike me so hard. It had settled a bit & had a predominant peppery note. Great stuff.

C3 – NIL

But yesterday was: Bel Respiro (EdT) – Chanel. I gave C3 this sample and this was its first wearing. Jury is out, it’s a bit intense compared to other fragrances she wears but she’ll give it a few more try’s to see if it might work.

C4 – Rose The One – D&G

This fragrance is now discontinued and it’s a fav of C4. She keeps it close by, bottle & box in her desk draw.

C5 – Oscar – Oscar de la Renta

This is C5’s signature office scent, wears it all the time. Cool!

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker FragranticaFragrantica

C6 – Lovely – Sara Jessica Parker

Yay! SJP getting some air time. This made me happy.

C7 – NIL

Nil today, but I know Trèsor by Lancôme is a fav of hers, a mini is close at hand. I had sent her an article on Isabella Rossellini & the fragrance’s history back in June.

C8 – NIL

C8 said he used to have time to wear cologne to work, but since his son came along priorities have changed in the morning routine. Colognes come out now for special occasions only.


C9 – Orchid Soleil – Tom Ford

I didn’t actually have the conversation today with C9, but I’m adding her in because we discuss perfume often. Before this she wore Black Orchid, both are fab on her but I do know when she walks into a room without me looking! Hehe.

I’m so glad I asked! Made for some fun conversations and I got to know my workmates just that little bit better. We’ve got a great crew.

What is the fragrance you reach for the most in a professional environment?

Have a fantastic start to the week.
Tina G xx

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016


Post by Portia


Hello Perfume Junkies,

Do you have an area where you put your current high rotation fragrances? Mine is my desk. At any given time there may be 20 odd fragrance bottles scattered about it, a dozen or so samples and general perfume paraphernalia. It can get quite crowded so every couple of weeks I do a stocktake of what’s there and what will stay.

This fortnight I’ve been pretty addicted to a couple of frags and they have seen a LOT of wear, the others are mostly seeing a few spritzes but a bunch will be going back in the cupboard. Some things go back in the cupboard after every use: Guerlain’s Shalimar and Mitsouko, CHANEL No 5 and YSL Opium. I have a few iterations of each and rarely know which one I’m going to feel like so it’s easier to have them all together in their cupboard space. Also, I will happily go looking for them particularly if the mood strikes so it’s good to have them accessible.

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #1

So here’s the whole crew. A couple of them I also thought about selling so they have been on the desk and were saved from the chopper by my wearing and loving them again.

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #2

From left there is Gucci Pour Homme 1, Vitriol d’billet by Serge Lutens, Guerlain Mitsouko EdC (arrived this week and is fabulous, really fresh smelling), Eau de DIOR, Dubai Next To Me by Ramon Monegal, Mitzah DIOR (yes, I have bottles but I saw this decant going in someone’s sale and grabbed it), Paw Paw ointment (I’m trying a new brand), Fendi donna (25ml & 50ml I just bought the 50ml and have been assessing it against one of my other bottles. It’s real), Youth Dew vintage

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #4

From left Hermès Cuir d’Ange, Calvin Klein Contradiction Woman (Can’t stop spritzing this metallic, cold, wet, tart, aloof rose. Something about it drives me wild), Carillon pour un and by Tauer perfumes, Tubéreuse 3 by Histories de Parfum

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #3

From left we start with the newest DSH Perfumes, Rendezvous, that I’m yet to try, the Cult Of Scent sampler, Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford, Shea Butter Fabulous Oil by L’Occitane, Be Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy (suddenly we are getting a load of melon and lily of the valley fragrances, this is a good $20 dupe for the new Hermès Muguet Porcelaine), Guess by Marciano Woman (when I haven’t been wafting a cloud of Contradiction this fortnight it’s been Guess. This crunchy vanilla amber citrus bomb is disgustingly good), Capricci by Nina Ricci

What is staying till the next cleanup?

Eau de DIOR
Mitzah by DIOR
Cuir d’Ange by Hermès
Contradiction by Calvin Klein
Cult Of Scent Sampler,
Guess by Marciano

The rest are back in their boxes and in the cupboard till I call them out again.

What’s in your high rotation and where do you put them?
Portia xx

Embarrassed and Blue? What Do I Do?


Post by Portia


Hey Crew,

I’m blue. Yes, having a crunchy, grumpy, blue day. Mainly I’m sore, embarrassed and filled with un-named self loathing. The black dog is visiting again. Rude on a sun shiny, warm and perfect autumn day which makes me feel even more depressed because now I’ve added guilt to the mix. Then the spiral worsens because I start getting angry at myself because I am so lucky I have no right to be down. All this happening in my head while coming to full awakeness, already before I even opened my eyes the spiral had begun.

Depression Low_pressure_system WikipediajpgWikipedia

So, I’ve come to the keyboard to tell you what I’m feeling. Sharing, doing something, anything to change my course, halt the spiral, redirect myself. Thanks for being here, if you’re bored already then sorry, go about your day. Even getting to the computer and writing this much has chipped away a little at the thick morass.

Embarrassed and Blue? What Do I Do?

OK, why am I sore? Last night at work I was returning my plates to the restaurant, walking past some diners and the bar. Floating around in drag, doing the right thing of returning my plates so I could thank the chef. My shoe caught on something, maybe carpet or frock or itself. One second I was upright and the next on all fours, the left over food scattered everywhere and people laughing, shocked intakes of breath, staring and talking to me. I was there in that position for about 5 seconds going over my body to see if anything was really hurt and doing a body count. Everything seemed OK except my knees were already starting to throb. Stood up, and looked down, knees out of stockings, looking like I’d been dragged across asphalt and one already bleeding. It was a mess. GAK!



Thank goodness the staff and punters are my mates. We got me sorted, cleaned up as much as possible, disinfected, bandaged etc and I went on and did my nights work of Trivia Hosting. Embarrassing but all OK.

Why am I grumpy? This is not so easy to assess. Maybe I didn’t sleep well because of the pain. Maybe I’m feeling dumb. Maybe I was just due a blue day.

How am I going to react? Well, I got out of bed and cleaned my teeth. Then I came to the computer to write to you all. Already I feel better. Not perfect but better. I have stepped from the abyss. Now I’m going to make an instant coffee with sugar & milk. See you in a moment.

Embarrassed and Blue? What Do I Do? red-coffee-cup-mug PexelsPexels

Heya, it’s about 30 minutes later. I made my coffee, went onto the balcony and folded Jin & my washing up, cleaned up my knees and re-applied antiseptic and Band Aids, took my shirt off and sat in the sun to drink my coffee. Coming back into the room I gave myself 6 blasts of my current fragrance addiction Calvin Klein Contradiction.


Contradiction Calvin Klein FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Lily, Lily-of-the-valley, Orchid, Mock-orange, Peony, Rose
Heart: Pear, Blackberry, Eucalyptus, Lilac, Jasmine
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka bean

Sitting here now in my office, typing in a cloud of Contradiction, and though I am not fully functioning in joyful mode I have derailed the train of depression-spiral and now I’m going to write 10 things I can be grateful for.

  1. I am grateful for my home. It’s no mansion but it’s comfortable and functional.
  2. Grateful for food in the fridge, there is even some double cream brie and a few olives. So there’s lunch sorted.
  3. Super grateful for my friends. The handful of really close ones and the wider stretch of buddies and mates.
  4. Grateful for my continued good health. Yes, I’ve had a fall but these bones are strong and I’m already healing.
  5. Grateful I have work. Trivia will never make me a multi millionaire but I enjoy the work, love seeing players every week and having a laugh with them.
  6. Thankful for my parents who gave me so much and left me educated and self assured.
  7. Grateful that I have a kettle, coffee, sugar & milk.
  8. Grateful that I have somewhere to come every day and chat about fragrance, APJ and all of you are a lifesaver. Thank You.
  9. Grateful for my fragrance collection. Yes, it’s ridiculous. No, I’ll never use even 1/20 of it. Yes, it brings me joy.
  10. Grateful for Jin.


Righto. I feel like I’m ready to face the day now.
Thanks for coming on the journey with me. If you suffer from depression try these simple tricks, sometimes they work a treat. If your spiral continues, please seek help. Try a friend but should they all be busy or sleeping there are plenty of Help Lines you can call 24/7.

LifeLine Australia 13 11 14

Beyond Blue Australia 1300 22 46 36

My best advice is to take some positive action for yourself. Even cleaning my teeth can help restore my thought pattern and taking this small bit of care of myself can change the colour of my thoughts. This next meme works for you as well as those around you.

Depression Dalai Lama

Wishing you all healthy minds and bodies,
Portia xxx

ck2 by Calvin Klein 2016: New Ad


Post by Portia


Hey Gang,

New stuff from Calvin Klein is always enough to set my heart aflutter. Though I was never a big wearer of the Calvin Klein range I was surrounded by it and once I did discover them, either through memory or their general bonhomie, I really enjoy them. There are quite a few in the collection now. Some vintage, some new, all worn with enjoyment.

ck2 by Calvin Klein 2016

CK2 Calvin Klein FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf
Heart: Wet cobblestones, concrete, pebbles, orris root, rose absolute
Base: Vetiver, sandalwood, incense

They are saying available 2016 but I think it might be already available some places. Cool bottle.

CK2 Advert Calvin Klein FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

ck2 by Calvin Klein 2016: New Ad

The ad is cool. MOST of Calvin Klein’s ads are cool, this one goes a step further. Even hinting at same sex couples. I love the gritty fun rawness it captures, like remembering a summer of love in the depths of winter.
Portia xx

Calvin Klein: Making Fall 2015 Campaign


Post by Portia


Hi there Fashion/Art?Fumies,

Here’s in an interesting piece about Calvin Klein bringing in visual artist Charles Atlas to create the Fall 2015 Campaig. What happens in a beautiful and quirky fusion of artistic vision. Perfectly focused and something lovel. I like it when the huge multinationals give an artist free reign to make their own mark.

I hope you enjoy this little look into the process.

Portia xx

The Making of the Fall 2015 Campaign Calvin KleinPhoto Stolen Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein: Making Fall 2015 Campaign