Sniffs with Lola: My Cat


AF Beauty


Perfume’s toughest critic – Sniffs with Lola
Hello there perfume-ees.

As I’ve alluded to before, I am in no way as sophisticated with my perfume choices as you all are – I am not adventurous or brave and tend to wear the same perfumes or variations thereof. However, I share a house with a real-life being who, given half a chance, I think could get VERY into the perfume scene, and what’s more, she is not limited to just sniffing the stuff. Let me introduce, Lola!

Lola is a 4 year old Abyssinian who loves food and naps – in that order, and is also partial to perfume, especially licking people wearing perfume. Her absolute favourite is Coco by Chanel – she will lick my arm like I might lick Ben and Jerry’s.

Sniffs with Lola: My Cat

A Cat-centric Photo Essay

Her she is with some of my other favourites:
First, So Nude by Costume National. I really like this, it’s a strong scent and probably not daytime suitable, but I find it quite sexy and alluring. Lola likes it also.

This is one of my all time favourites, Elle by Armani, something I can wear daily without getting bored of it. Lola on the other hand couldn’t be less interested. I think the bottle (not being glass) didn’t interest her. Tough crowd.

This is a relatively new addition to my collection, Miu Miu’s debut perfume, light and floral which is definitely a journey away from my usual perfumes which are more oriental and musk. But it’s a lovely daily perfume, Lola had a sniff too, she quite liked it.

Ah, an oldie but a goodie, Tendre Poison by Dior. This is a perfume from my youth, I used to wear this daily from about age 18-25. Of course I had no idea Dior would end production – talk about devastation. I’ve been ridiculously lucky to be gifted two bottles of this last year and it’s as good as I remember. Lola is cautious and I understand, we don’t want to get too attached to a discontinued perfume.

And last but not least, a new iteration of the ever popular CK One, Gold. To be honest the bottle caught my eye more than the fragrance – but I like the fragrance too – a little alcohol-ly but it settles into a citrussy warmth on my skin – and Lola LOVES it, she gave the bottle a complete lick (yuck) – so I’ll know what to expect when I wear it. ☺

I hope you’ve enjoyed sniffs with Lola, until next time – what do your pets love you wearing?
AF Beauty

15 thoughts on “Sniffs with Lola: My Cat

  1. Hilarious AF Beauty,
    So Paris has two reactions to my fragrance. He’ll either burrow his head into my chest, particularly cute if we are having a cuddle, or turn his whole body away from me and sneeze. I should be making a list of dos & don’ts but I never do.
    Portia xx


  2. What a gorgeous cat! I am familiar with the feline lip curl and filthy look, not much perfume love going on here. But my dog loves to lick body lotion off my legs, I have to get dressed very fast or put up with sticky dog spit!


    • Me too! Except she also goes for my face. Not sure if she likes it or she is trying to be helpful getting all that nasty stuff off my face.


  3. Lovely Lola! My cat Symmie was a Somali – a long-haired Abyssinian – with the same colouring as Lola and he was absolutely obsessed with perfume. Any perfume. He would lick the fragrance off my arms and legs with his rough tongue and virtually glue himself to me. He was indiscriminate and never favoured any particular scent. My other cat (not a Somali) hates everything and will turn his nose up and walk away if I am wearing perfume (he just likes eating plastic!).


    • I cat sit for friends. One of the cats is a Persian, and like yours is interested only in plastic. (Will also accept food, water and Temptations cat treats 😀 )


      • The plastic obsession is weird – I even wrote a poem about him riffing on one of Hilaire Belloc’s cautionary tales – “The chief defect of Casper Cat was chewing bits of plastic tat ……”. Caspie is related to Persian cats, so maybe it’s a genetic thing!


  4. Lola is gorgeous!! And her little hidey hole is snuggly. Ohhh. 😍

    Our cat hates all my scents, except one. Maduro by Firt & Manle. He came in for my wrist to be rubbed all over his head!! Unheard of!


  5. Don’t have a cat but my dog is a serious licker! She loves any body lotion or oil but goes absolutely crazy when I’m wearing anything with coconut, be it perfume, lotion or oil. She’s especially partial to Hawaiian Tropic Sun oil, she doesn’t care about its SPF content😉 I have to keep pushing her away when I’m out sunning myself otherwise I’m sure I’d end up with long red streaks of burnt skin.


  6. Your cat is beautiful! I had a cat, just a regular ginger moggie who didn’t like strong scents unless it was tuna. I wish I still had him, I’d trade my whole collection for him.


  7. My inherited cat is named “Stinky”! I say inherited, because she belonged to my partners grandmother, and despite being a fragrance fanatic, I did not name her.
    She’s very picky and like Hermes Bel Ami and a few other I wear.
    The big deal for her thought is Philosophy’s “Snow Angel”. She goes crazy when she smells this and we even spray a bit on a small pillow for her. (She also like’s Creed’s “Himalaya”, but that’s a rare treat for both of us.


  8. Perfume and cats – what more could anyone ask of a post 😉

    I haven’t noticed Miss Lily reacting strongly to anything I’ve been wearing around her except Musc Ravageur which she was keen to clean off my wrist. Hard to tell if that indicated approval or disapproval of the staff’s choicr of fragrance. Generally though she seems pretty indifferent about perfume. I generally with a fairly light hand so perhaps she just doesn’t care.



  9. What a gorgeous cat!! I recently found out that my dog finds 10CC body oil quite tasty 😦 I only have a small sample of it, so I have to make sure he doesn’t like it all off right after I apply. Otherwise, he has not expressed any opinions about my perfumes or scented products!


  10. I LOVE Lola! What a sweetie! My pets do not care about my perfumes. They don’t even care about SSS Rose Musc, which saddened me because I hear many cats really like that one.


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