Office Friendly Fragrances Snapshot 22.10.16


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I realised something this week – that my occasional slumps in fragrance enthusiasm could be linked to changes in season. I had been wearing Borneo 1834 and Cuir Ottoman (thanks, Val!), but then haven’t felt like anything & gone fragrance free for a week. Today, something clicked back in to place and I felt like something floral & airy. I’d never really put 2:2 together, but it makes sense.


So I grabbed something ultimately office-friendly, then I thought – I wonder what my colleagues are wearing today? I cheekily snuck around the office, asking the question, and found I was greeted with a big smile & loads of enthusiasm! Yay! Here’s today’s snapshot:

Office Friendly Fragrances Snapshot 22.10.16

Mandarine L`Artisan Parfumeur FragranticaFragrantica

C0 (me) – Mandarine by L’Artisan Parfumeur

I’m wearing this like lolly-water today, re-spritzing with abandon.

C1 – Pink Grapefruit – The Body Shop

This is the fragrance which triggered the conversation as I could smell it walking into the work area. It was not sprayed in the office, had been wearing from home. Beautiful.


C2 – CK One – Calvin Klein

I used to wear CK One, and can smell it in public at 60 paces, but this didn’t strike me so hard. It had settled a bit & had a predominant peppery note. Great stuff.

C3 – NIL

But yesterday was: Bel Respiro (EdT) – Chanel. I gave C3 this sample and this was its first wearing. Jury is out, it’s a bit intense compared to other fragrances she wears but she’ll give it a few more try’s to see if it might work.

C4 – Rose The One – D&G

This fragrance is now discontinued and it’s a fav of C4. She keeps it close by, bottle & box in her desk draw.

C5 – Oscar – Oscar de la Renta

This is C5’s signature office scent, wears it all the time. Cool!

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker FragranticaFragrantica

C6 – Lovely – Sara Jessica Parker

Yay! SJP getting some air time. This made me happy.

C7 – NIL

Nil today, but I know Trèsor by Lancôme is a fav of hers, a mini is close at hand. I had sent her an article on Isabella Rossellini & the fragrance’s history back in June.

C8 – NIL

C8 said he used to have time to wear cologne to work, but since his son came along priorities have changed in the morning routine. Colognes come out now for special occasions only.


C9 – Orchid Soleil – Tom Ford

I didn’t actually have the conversation today with C9, but I’m adding her in because we discuss perfume often. Before this she wore Black Orchid, both are fab on her but I do know when she walks into a room without me looking! Hehe.

I’m so glad I asked! Made for some fun conversations and I got to know my workmates just that little bit better. We’ve got a great crew.

What is the fragrance you reach for the most in a professional environment?

Have a fantastic start to the week.
Tina G xx

16 thoughts on “Office Friendly Fragrances Snapshot 22.10.16

  1. This was brilliant, Tina! I love hearing what people are wearing. They all sound very office appropriate. Is Mandarine still available? I shall have to get some if so, as it’s my happy scent.
    I feel bad for C8 but good on him.
    Bless C3 for finding Bel Respiro too intense. Got to love non-perfume people, ha ha.
    I don’t wear generally wear sillage bombs so wear whatever I fancy to work. I absolutely do match my perfume to the season so right now it’s Passage d’Enfer, Tobacco Rose and very soon, Coromandel.


    • Hi Tara!

      Mandarine is becoming harder to find. I got my bottle from one of those discount frag sites. I’ll have a look, see if they still have some.

      It was such a fun excercise! I can’t even begin to explain how busy we all are, and yet everyone took the time to stop & chat for a few mins about what they were wearing. I was so pleased. We’ve got a great crew. 🙂

      I love your autumnal fragrance choices. Passage d’Enfer I have a bottle of and I find it gives me a nice grounding/calming headspace.

      Tina G xx


  2. It’s great to have colleagues you can discuss frags with! I tend not to wear anything to work…ballet studio, close contact, sweat etc.
    When I am feeling rebellious maybe Cuir Beluga in cleavage!
    BUT a fellow teacher recently had a holiday in Doha and came back with wonderful oud-centric oils which has opened up the conversation about culture and perfume.


    • Hi Jackie b,

      You’ve made a great point about what is work-space friendly. Everyone has different daily interactions and choosing a fragrance, or choosing not to wear one, can be important for professional relationships. I had a giggle at the rebellious Cuir Beluga! Hehe.

      Holiday in Doha! Awesome. Sounds like a fab conversation re: the oils. So much to learn… 🙂 Lovely.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Tina G xx


  3. I really enjoyed this post Tina. I love interrogating workmates about their fragrance choices. I once worked with a lady who wore Dolce Vita by Dior, which in my opinion, is the least office friendly fragrance ever. Detectable from 50 metres. When it ran out she wore Fracas…


    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, not only what people are wearing but how willing they are to happily chat about the day’s fragrance and the story behind it. I really enjoyed chatting too.

      OMGoodness, Dolce Vita and Fracas? Wonderful! Good on her! 🙂

      Tina G


  4. I love people who wear perfume….and the reasons for choices great conversation starters you can learn a lot. I have never sprayed my cleavage though only wrists and behind ears.


    • Anna Maria I don’t often spray my cleavage either – I find it bring the fragrance too close and becomes irritating, and you can’t get away from it! Only well known faves get a generous spray….

      xx Tina G


  5. What a great idea, to poll your colleagues! I haven’t done that (yet!) but I have had very positive responses from colleagues and graduate students to Blasted Bloom by Penhaligon’s. One student announced halfway through our meeting that my office smelled SO GOOD and she had to know what it was. I finally held out a wrist and asked if that was it, and she beamed at me. Yes, that was it! “It” was Blasted Bloom. I’ve also had positive reactions to Hermes’ Un Jardin Apres La Mousson and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.


    • Hi Old Herbaceous,

      Oh I’m really keen to try Blasted Bloom, good to hear you’ve had such a positive reaction from it! That’s great. I often wear Hermes to work because I find them elegant and rarely could you say they were in the NSFW category. (ie: too bold/big/stinky). Nice choices.

      Tina G xx


  6. Hey Tina,
    Love this peek into office life. I’ve never worked in one and find it fascinating.
    Obviously for my job I wear what I like in amounts definitely not allowed in offices.
    Excellent post.
    Portia xx


  7. One of my colleagues is a man who does not wear scent, one of the other two ladies is wearing my (once loved but not any more) La Vie est Belle and i am introducing her to many other scents such as La Fille de Berlin (which i am wearing today) or Moonlight Patchouli (courtesy of your lovely self 🙂 ) or perhaps Rose Noir tomorrow. I’m always making little decants for my colleague and showing her where all the best bargains are!


    • Arg Sorry Pats, such a delay in responding…

      It’s really fun to hear that you’ve got some fragrance conversations going on in the workplace. Love that Moonlight Patchouli is one of those, yay!

      xxxxx Tina G


  8. Irises. Heeley Iris de Nuit, Prada Purple Rain, McQueen My Queen, Prada Infusion de Iris, and Diptyque Do Son, Penhaligon’s Lavandula


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