Celadon: A Velvet Green by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2007


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It’s no secret that my favourite colour is green and for Dawn to have chosen Celadon, a colour I’ve always associated with the inside of our family home through the 1990s, seemed so coincidental that I was immediately drawn to it. Here’s an edited version of the sites take on The Chroma Collection: Created through a synesthetic approach, this series explores distinct “artist colors” (color pigments or paint that an artist would buy for their work) and a rather obscure textile color (that was all the rage with the 17th Century Paris – Versailles crowd). The CHROMA Collection was a top 5 Finalist for the 2015 Sadakichi (Experimental Use of Scent) Award given by the Institute for Art and Olfaction.

Celadon: A Velvet Green by DSH Perfumes 2007

Celadon: A Velvet Green by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

The Chroma Collection

celadon-a-velvet-green-dsh-perfumesDSH Perfumes

DSH Perfumes gives these featured accords:
Balsam Fir, Clover Leaf, Cucumber, Green Grass, Hay Absolute, Liatrix, Lime Peel, Narcissus Absolute, Orris, Orris Root, Tonka Bean, Violet Leaf Absolute

A soft focus green fragrance that is refreshing, smooth as the pale green pottery it’s named for, delicious as freshly laundered sheets and as comfortable as your favourite hoodie/jumper. A barely there whisper of spring that sings around you as ethereal as air, yet you are quite fragrant. I also smell some very low level ripe humanity down the back end of Celadon and I’m not sure where it comes from, maybe the Liatrix whose scent profile is said to run like tobacco, hay, coumarin and the narcissus absolute?

Dawn has a way with green fragrances, she works from Celadon which feels like the smoothest, lightest touch of green, like cutting hydrangea heads for the house to Giverny In Bloom which basically blasts the back of your head off with florists air-conditioned fridges.

Celadon is prim, elegant and refined. Imagine arriving at CHANEL No 19 after the top notes have burned off but before the oakmoss dry down appears.



From Wikipedia: Celadon is a term for ceramics denoting both wares glazed in the jade green celadon color, also known as greenware (the term specialists tend to use) and a type of transparent glaze, often with small cracks, that was first used on greenware, but later used on other porcelains.

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DSH Perfumes starts at $6

Could you imagine yourself in the softest Eau de Nil green fragrance?
Portia xxx

6 thoughts on “Celadon: A Velvet Green by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for DSH Perfumes 2007

  1. I’m determined to explore Dawn’s green fragrances in time for next spring and Celadon is at the top of my list after this great post. A soft focus, green velvet sounds perfect for me.


  2. Dawn is amazing! I’ve been buying from her for years, and she always has something special in store for you. This one I haven’t yet smelled, but it’s on my list.


    • Howdy JanLast,
      Yes, I agree. Never a bad or boring fragrance from Dawn. She seems to have created her whole range for me alone.
      he He he.
      Portia xxx


  3. This sounds just right for me and I’d love to try it. Your mentioning Chanel 19 makes me even more curious. Unfortunately DSH fragrances are not available around here…


    • Hi Neva,
      I think it’s such a shame that the worlds post offices have taken against perfume sending. It has narrowed our choices and experiences.
      Portia xx


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