HOLIDAYS!! Japan 2016: Photo Essay


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Hey Hey APJ,

Jin and I are in transit from Japan to South Korea. I was hoping to have the post written and organised long before this but, bloody hell, it has been non stop. We are having a ball and wish you all were here with us. 3 nights and 2 full days was a great taster for Jin and a lovely reminiscence for me. Sadly we didn’t get to see everyone on the list but next time we are going to make it a fortnight and travel around a bit.

HOLIDAYS!! Japan 2016: Photo Essay


Korean Air = Roomy & cheap. Staff are amazing and food yummy. NOW I want them to sponsor my ass.


Our first full day in Japan is a public holiday so we get to share the perfect autumn weather with millions of families. Tokyo remains surprisingly roomy. We love the day in temples, parks and galleries.


We particularly loved seeing a few Korean National Treasures stolen during Japanese occupation of Korea. Jin couldn’t help but be excited when one of the most famous historic buddhas was on display.





That night we were taken to Torikizoku, a famously modern young Japanese hang where booze and snacks are the order of the night. Loved it. Thanks Luke. We worked out that we’ve been friends around 27 years. Amazing.



Jin is basically on a gastro-tour. EVERYTHING from street food to hand created sushi, fast food and VERY slow food was on the menu. I think he tried about 20 new dishes, or ate authentic Japanese versions of old favourites. watching him discover new delights was like living with a perfect sunrise.






Of course we had to do the obligatory fragrance shopping. Isetan in Shinjuku is a fabulous department store with the most unbelievable Food Hall in the basement. We spent a small fortune buying Japanese delicacies for Jin’s family in South Korea.

Because we spent so much time & money down there I wasadamant that we check the fragrance section. It was well stocked with a large range of masstige and designer fragrances. From CREED and Le Labo to Annick Goutal and MFK we were thrilled at the choice. I ended up buying the Hermès Jardin of Monsieur Li gift set and extra body wash and a 30ml Samsara parfum which I have put off buying until now they have DCd the fabulous bottle. Having bought the EdT for my Mum many years ago it’s the Parfum I have long coveted and my little vintage 2ml is just a gasp away from empty.




From back in the mid 1990s a lovely girlfriend that used to come watch the shows and hang out in the clubs with us, Miharu, came into Shinjuku for dinner. It was a magical catch up and Jin was on his absolute most hilarious behaviour. We spent the night laughing, eating, wandering and catching up. So many wonderful memories and now a new set of Japan 2016 with Miharu.



OK, so we are now on the plane for South Korea to see Jin’s family. Loaded down with booze, sweets, money and love to pass on to his parents. This is the first time I get to meet his Grandma too. She was a very clever young woman and studied in Japan in her youth. Now she is suffering Alzheimers and Dementia we are hoping the Japanese sweets and savouries will give her a jolt into the past and present.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very thin slice of Japan.
Where are you going for holidays next? Where would you go if money was no object?
Portia xx

22 thoughts on “HOLIDAYS!! Japan 2016: Photo Essay

  1. “watching him discover new delights was like living with a perfect sunrise.” – what an incredible loving statement. Enjoy Korea and take lots of pictures please.

    I am becoming homesick for my years in Japan and Korea.


    • Hey Tena,
      Yeah, might be a little smitten. Jin is fairly easy to love.
      There will be a slew of pics. Promise. I can totally understand your homesickness, we have to get Jin home every year or he becomes cabin feverish in Australia.
      Portia xx


  2. Thanks for sharing your trip, it’s obvious that you guys are having a fabulous time 🙂 it would be terrible to have a partner who didn’t love to eat, wouldn’t it? Congratulations on the Samsara too, what a gorgeous bottle.
    Where I would travel if money was no object is pretty subjective and would be a different answer at different times. At this moment, I would love to head to Canada, Banff, Alberta. It looks so beautiful in pictures and I want to travel as far north as possible before global warming ruins everything.


    • Poor Jin doesn’t have a foodie husband. Sure I love to eat but where Jin will eat almost anything and is absolutely fearless I am much more wary. I have to be really hungry to try anything new, and there has to be something I like close at hand in case I don’t.
      Alaska is one of my dreams.
      Portia xx


  3. Hey there Portia! What a fabulous trip you guys are on. I absolutely loved my trip to Japan and will have to go back one day soon. Korea will be next too. You two sure know how to travel and have fun! Take pots pf pictires and enjoy the sights and flavors of Korea. Hugs to you both. Sandra xoxo


    • Hey Sandra,
      Taking as many pics as possible while still trying to enjoy the moments. Fine line.
      Portia xx


  4. Oh, WOW! The sushi, the cream puffs, the incense burners, your friends! What a fantastic trip-one you and Jin will remember for the rest of your lives. I hope his grandma is able to enjoy her little treasures. Thanks for the update Portia


  5. Loved all the food pictures, and great choice with the Monsieur Li set. I tried the hand lotion the last time I was in a Hermes boutique, and I liked it a lot! Jin’s hair looks great, too, very hip 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the stories, pictures, and joy!


    • Hi Nemo,
      YAY! So glad you like Mr Li too. It only received luke warm reviews but I really love its citron and stuff scent.
      Glad to share,
      Portia xx


  6. I always love hearing your travel adventures Portia…the perfume the food your gorgeous Jin, nothing better than that xoxo


    • Hey Tora,
      Jin loved the experience of the sushi but it was only very good, not astoundingly different from what he has had before. The adventure though was worth it.
      Portia xx


  7. I adore your traveling posts Portia! All the funny pictures, smiling faces, new experiences…thanks so much 🙂 And I’m always happy to see the love you and Jin share.
    To answer your question – I’d love to go to a Caribbean island but it’s more likely that I’ll go for a European trip some time soon.


    • Hey Neva,
      Thanks, travelling is our major indulgence together. We are lucky to be so compatible at home and on the road.
      Ahhhhh The Caibbean! Yes, we want to go there one day too.
      Portia xx


  8. That sushi looks delicious not to mention that gorgeous bottle of Samsara.

    I hope grandma enjoys her sweeties. We went down the alzheimers path with my father-in-law, absolutely heartbreaking to watch.


    • Hi GailW,
      The Samsara is quite a treat. Really happy to finally have it in my collection.
      Bloody Alzheimers, what a shitty way to deteriorate.
      Portia xxx


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